Government needs to come up with answers

Monday, December 28, 2009

President Asif Ali Zardari
The President in his speech at Garhi Khuda Bukh stated that non state elements are preventing the government from fully functioning. If this is true, then let’s be clear and open with the public. Who is our enemy? This is not a top secret that the President, ISI Chief and Rehman Malik should only be privy to. We as a community of people need to finally get an answer. Too many lives have been scattered in ignorance. The time has come. Pakistan wake up. We need to get a hold of these corrupt politicians by the horns and shoot out the failures. I demand answers to this terrorist acts. Who is it? Why have they started now? Who are the catalysts? Is it the Deobandi school of thought with their madarasas? The Jihadi groups created by clerics? India. In all truths, we need to comprise a truth with these men. War cannot be won. We need to know what they want. If they want to oust Americans, then oust them. We can live without donations and grant. If the Supreme Court gives the verdict, NRO culprits to return the money, we have enough. I commit on behalf of Pakistan to the president that if law and order is restored, we will build Pakistan together. We do not need foreign aid. We need domestic peace. Can you handle this?

Time we spread the word. Time we take issues on our turf. This Pakistan is bleeding. Talk to the nation. Give names. PPP, PML, or any other sects, come out with evidence. You are breathing your last. And so are we.


Poem for Karachi Martyrs

Dear Enemies of Peace,
How dare you bombard my people on the most delicate and remarkable days of our faith. Before you bombed the procession, did you even realize that the procession was in the name of the grandson of the greatest man on Earth? This procession was to salute the greatest martyrdom in the history of the world. You have not killed peace; you have deleted it from the annals of Pakistan history. I am a Sunni but love all elements of my beloved Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hussain. To me, today, someone took the initiative and killed my prestige and honor. They have violated my peace. For the martyrs of Karachi, I write this poem

The procession of the grandson of the greatest man on earth
You bombed it and shattered our trust, loyalty and faith
Martyred many in this inhuman act of violence
Burnt down Karachi as if it was just bark
Destroyed our sanctity and our benevolence
Yet you forget
We are martyrs the day we were born
We will march on with our songs, love and understanding
Long after you have died and rusted in the sun
Our children will tell stories of our victory
And your pyrrhic losses
Time will write you as a devil
History will convey your disasters to generations
You will die a million deaths
And hell is your abode


Afghanistan Refuge Crisis and the Deobandi School of thought

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Deobandi School of thought

Pakistan is going through one of the most difficult times. The political system is incomplete decay. The NRO has not been completely banished and criminals are still free. What can one say regarding the leadership steering this country into further chaos and doom. In times like these, one only wonders when his or her time will come. People ask me when I would be leaving this country. The answer to this is scarier than the reality that abides in this country. If I choose to leave this country now, I've made a choice of burying my past, present and even future. I would let go of a Pakistan that I actually want. There is no respite anywhere one goes.
This article is to shed light on some of the elements of political jurisdiction that many of you might not even have fathomed. One of the greatest tragedies that are barbaric leader General Zia Ul Haque administered during his president ship was allowing millions of refugees to invade Pakistan. This has led to a mass exodus of human mind set and people migrating into the veneers of Pakistan. I'm talking about more than 3 million a fund refugees have settled into Pakistan. Kindly refer to for further details regarding the atrocities and ill managed migration of people.
Imagine three new million people coming into your country without any unique representation, financial goods, opportunity, and any respect for your political system. These were people who feared slaughter and decided to volt out of anguished and torn Afghanistan. Pakistan was their haven. The kindest country that would house them till date. And what have they done as gratitude of our love and affection? They have sided with India, turning away the Kabul River, drowning our financial sectors by penetrating into them and creating havoc. This Pakistan was for the Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and proud Pakhtoons. They are not for the migrated asses who have forgotten the love and passion of this country. report will tell you of the blessings and the god gifted neighbor that the afghan refugees had. Without us, they would have died in the cold brazen winters. But what have they offered us as they returned back? No tower of love and understanding? No remorse as they infiltrate our soil and ambush our children?
Hundreds and thousands of Afghans fled the correct system thanks due to the Deobandi movement that incorporated the children into the madrassas and then taught them the wrong Islamic values. After the fatal education of explicit homicide and wrong teachings of Islam, these afghan children were again sent back to Afghanistan to shoot out the so called devil. The circle of life started by the profound determination of one of the most corrupt and devastatingly convulsive Islamic organizations that was created by Indian intelligence.
And instead of thanking the Pakistan government and taking pride in accepting that they were fed and properly taken care of during their worst days, they turn around and shake hands with our worst enemy India? And this to a nation that took their 3 million families into our own hands and given them the opportunity of a lifetime. And the return is that their forefathers and their countrymen surround us and attack us? Is this the payback after years of sacrifice that we gave for and to them? We do not want neighbors such as them? We never accept neighbors that actually take refuge with India.
Our people in our communities need to understand that one of the worst disasters that this country performed is open the Afghan Pandora box. Taliban’s are just an off shoot of the madarasas schools taught by Deobandi school of thought. If Taliban’s are just some of the segments of the Deobandi school of thought, we must ask ourselves what kind of teachers are they? In his book Jihad, Gilles Kepel clearly orchestrates the devastation and moral destruction that the Deobandi school of thought have placed on the afghan refugees taken during the refugee years.


How Imanae our princess bought us together

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Imanae bought us together

Another silent Saturday and the traffic keep on saturating the empty roads. People hustling back home and a few of us stand together on liberty chow to protest against the brutal attack on our little princess IMane. Friends and family all joined together to distribute pamphlets, papers and even stickers to the masses. We have been extremely successful in our continuous support and gather together. I have met some fascinating people over the course of our silent protest. People from all different walks of life joined together by a common goal. Malpractice has to end. This is the rudimentary disease killing us all. This has affected every single person and will be a catalyst if this is not stopped.
I met Aqeel again and was completely baffled to know that the police department did not take heed and rested the case. Lahore high court demanded for an update and there was none. The newspapers and online editions all covered the same headline. The police sold their hearts and souls and negated their duty. The police department stated the wrong criminal offense and did not present the entire case to the high court. After this unnecessary delay was communicated to the High court, the police team was immediately transferred and another police team has now given the case.
Morality is a lost cause in this country. With such a princess dead, you would expect that the police department who have their own children would cope and fathom what we all are going through. People would realize the impact and the loss of life. It is so heart breaking to know how we have lost hope and desire in this fatal blow. People cannot let dreams of their future die. Yet the police department wrongly accused the doctors hospital, delayed the investigation and then escaped by simple transfer.
Is this the Pakistan we have longed to build? How can we build morality? Justice is such a virtue that is seems to be hidden beneath the veneers of corruption and deceit. I long for the day when the hospital and its administration will be behind bars. Without bail. Without the hope that they will survive. Our princess is no longer with us but we need to keep on fighting. We need more people to volunteer and come to terms that this is a fight for our children. Yours and mine. And Imanae is leading the way. Look at us. Fighting our cause. Lets be motivated and keep our faith. We have a long journey ahead. The tears of our souls will not rust.
Imagine the pain we grow through. The jungle is full of corrupt politicians, police officers and then heaping the dirt is the foul play of people. Yet our dreams and ambitions will stand the test of time. We will win this for Imanae.


What kind of breed are these politicans ?

We kept the president of Pakistan in prison for many years and no final verdict came to closure. Some say that bail was granted and some indicate that the cases were dropped. In some corridors, people emphasize on the slow pace of justice in this part of the world. Irrespective of the outcomes and the results construing, one man was charged and placed in jail. The system had ample time to forlorn and maintains closure. This was not made possible. No one questions this perspective? Why a man is twice tried in his life? What consequences rule out the closure of justice once and for all? This is the same stance by the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is ruling out the verdict by clearly stating that the president testified against the cases and no outcome took place. So why to be placed into the same fate again? Where was the system when he was on trial and in jail. Why are keeping his life in the hands of the same system that will neither reward or penalize? Years spent in jail without meaning and remorse. Is this what we will expect?
The real issue is of morality. This is something we direly lack. They say that the foundation is built by mothers. Well, let’s examine our mothers. Our mothers lie, steal, connive, blatantly negate the truth and bewilder life itself. No one can come against their mothers but what occurs is a part of our daily lives. Every time someone calls and wants to speak to someone in the house and the person is present, we still ay” he or she is not at home”. Well this is the calculated response of our mothers that things are ok if we scrap it as a white lay. Our mothers tell us that fair-play is not profitable. I asked ten mothers who was Ayesha and her relationship with the Prophet and I got different answers. Is this the muslims we are generating?
Imagine the type of mothers that have created the type of ministers that do not resign irrespective of black-and-white evidence. What breed of children is reproducing today? The fruit seller’s measure using pebbles and our police officers take continuous and illegal amount of money to pursue cases. This is a country where billions of dollars have been spent on the refugee camps where the natural disaster took place and yet the devastation still remains. People have not been given their dues. This is a country where the people of Baluchistan still suffer from no availability of gas and they are the producers of it. This is a country that ships their best fruits and leaves behind the rotten and grade 2 elements for us to eat. This is a country where ministers can stop traffic and pass along where ambulances wait. Is this sanity? Is this the elements of our future?
Our mothers have cradled our politicians and leaders. A complete system of buffoons and culprits. Is this the monsters these mothers produce? Where have we failed?
I beg of the mothers today to stop teaching hatred, conspiracies and even jealousy among people. Let us control our future with dignity and pride.


The have and the Have nots

Friday, December 18, 2009

Poverty of Pakistan

Ever wonder at the financial difference in this society?
Our one tank filling is equivalent to the salaries we distribute to our drivers.
Our monthly bread, egg, butter, sugar and rice accumulative are equal to the entire salary that we distribute to our maids and cooks.
Our monthly electricity bill amount is equivalent to the entire family support of 5 living in the most rural areas.
The food that we typically throw away the children of our country search for it in rubble
The school fees of our children could teach 500 students in the rural areas

With such major variances, I wonder when will the revolution begin? The poor are silent. The rich are magnifying their wealth. I wonder how this will last and till what time. We all need to comprehend how this society began. People do not want to hear the truth. I live in a posh neighborhood. And one of the reasons why is that I lived abroad for many years and took that money to construct my home and bought my cars. My neighbor is a customer inspector. His official salary is 23,000 Rs. Yet he drives very expensive cars and entertains lavishly. He smiles when I ask how we garnered such wealth. Another neighbor of mine works in WAPDA as a meter reader. These are the same people that have bicycles and check meters. His son drives a Mercedes. Imagine where the money is coming from. This is not just here but in all neighborhoods. Why are we silent?


What else could go wrong? Is this really true?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ladies in Gentlemen, we are living in hell. There is no substitute to ignorance and cowardice. We live in Pakistan where value systems of integrity, honor and responsibility are even combated. Imagine a world where people have sold their souls and the nation’s spirit to the enemies and have convoluted the minds of the innocent Pakistani’s. Hundreds of marches have taken place and yet the desolate affairs remain the same. Here are just some of the glimpses that have occurred over the last few days that show the nemesis of this nation.
• Fatima Jinnah Medical students revolt against coming under proper check and balance. All medical institutions in Pakistan should never be given the authority to give medical degrees out. Similar to US, all medical colleges can facilitate education but one board takes the exam and endorses the degree. Here the world has changed. Different colleges are now granting medical diplomas and certificates. Imagine what occurs when these ferocious animals treat others. These are doctors without the proper training and education.
• No clear verdict of NRO – in a world like Germany, USA and even South America, people who have been placed in the ousted and corrupt list should be immediately sacked and within days inquiries to take place and case closed. In Pakistan, we are still lingering on. Like many cases, this will end many years after the politicians have looted the foundations of this nation.
• Imanae verdict – the police have done no immediate action against the culprits. More daughters are dying. Somewhere no one is taking heed of such profundities of human life.
• Political turmoil – USA President claims to bombard Quetta with the aerial combat and no one stands out and declares this unconstitutional. What is this? On one hand US states that the sovereignty of Pakistan is intact and then they fly their planes at their own whimsical desires?
• Mr. Kosa who was investigating the NRO cases has been transferred with immediate effect. No one is shouting out?

The saddest element of our society is simply this. Our enemies have killed our fathers; mothers, daughters and sons, and we are silent. The common man is silent and speechless. The issue is that the sons of generals and army officers have done but there is no voice from their end. The bureaucracy enclave is sending out their families and money abroad but no check and balance. The financial reserves are at an all time low. Electricity is short and water is scarce. And yet we see people nominating and fighting the war of who is the better of fewer evils PPP or PML? All political channels endorse and substantiate crimes. No agency or channel has come forth with the conclusive reporting on the NRO and trace the money from one source to another. We are silent. We are dead. If we want Pakistan to survive raise your voices. I have a pen so I testify that I will die with this nation. But will be fighting. What about you – the generals who have lost their sons? The people who have lost their mothers? The people who have been ambushed? Will you not speak? Who has cut your tongue?


How Medical Malpractice Killed A Father

Friday, December 11, 2009

Will we not wake up now? Our homes are burning and our roads covered with dust.
Every single moment, there are people around the world that are fighting for their lives against cancer, AIDS, and other perilous diseases. Patients realize that the doctors are doing the best they can and medical insurance and malpractice will immediately kick in if any error occurs. Due to the extensive monitoring and control of hospital processes and surgical procedures, doctors in the West team up to ensure availability of the best medical solutions possible irrespective of the odds.

Hundreds of doctors are sued annually and medical licenses canceled for life. Though these blatant actions can never revive mankind, they at least provide a controlled environment in which human error due to neglect and miscalculations are penalized. A proper and controlled hospital system will always keep the doctors on their toes, improve medical processes, hone surgical procedures, give birth to new technology and drive easier methods to diagnose disease and ailments.

Man can now rest assured that his life will be given the due attention if at any time his heart beats stop or his body shivers into a state of perplexity. Maybe one of the reasons behind the exponential increase of health care in the United States is that they realize that the human spirit and mind is something worth cherishing. America is the only country in the world where a handicap can become a president and a black man whose father once toiled the fields is elected. It is a world that commits its solemn pledge to mankind and hopes and believes that each child has in him the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln and the drive of Thomas Edison. Each child has the opportunity to become a hero. Each individual is priceless. Anybody saved might have the cure for AIDS, cancer or rebuild America. Is that not something worth a national commitment?

Pakistan has an abundance of children laying aimlessly in the streets and dying each day of malnutrition. Hundreds of people die without a root cause and are buried under the precipice of religious dialect. Pakistan has one of the highest malpractice deaths in the world. The major cause is that there is no control on the hospital methods. The ministers of Health have either constructed their own pharmacies or ensured that their relatives have become permanent employees of the government institutions. Any minister ready to challenge this? Can anyone give me an example of a hospital that has ever suspended its doctors due to malpractice and shun the worst root cause of death- human stupidity?

I don’t believe that Pakistan realizes what dies each day. It is not another innocent bystander or another poor soul. That boy perishing away in the hospital due to the fake medicines could have been another Allama Iqbal or even Tariq Bin Waleed. That girl who died yesterday since no one attended her in time could have been the next prime minister of this nation and rebuilt it. But why do we not see these stars shining and believe in the spirit of Pakistan? Who has allowed us to bury our tomorrow? Our priceless heroes die each day whereas our villains are kept alive. Why would any nation do this?

My father walked to the Punjab Medical Institute. He was a professor at a very prestigious university in Pakistan. They wrongly diagnosed him and gave him the wrong injection. His liver ruptured and that was the last day I had with my father. That day I had met him again after coming home from work. This time he was sleeping and could not hear me. Imagine how my soul felt. Imagine how my world dissipated. These doctors had no remorse. My shouts and screams did not have any effect on the staff at the institute. Now I realize that hundreds of men and women shout at them each day and they have become prone to it. We can only voice our anger. There is no institute or governance where we can show them the pieces of the puzzle and suspend the licenses.

Once the doctors at Punjab Cardiology realized that they have injected the wrong injection, they gave excuses and told me to run to Service Hospital and bring forth a liver specialist. All the doctors were off to their private clinics. Imagine how low I felt. I begged some doctors to visit me. All of them refused. They wanted me to come to their clinics. I had even requested one to take my car but come. I kept on shouting "he does not have anytime left".

I ran back and forth multiple of times to Service Hospital to bring a doctor. And each time to no avail. One of my friends rushed him to Doctors Hospital. My father was breathing that day. He kept on telling the doctor that he feels pain. They gave him dosage and he went into coma. This is against medical norms. You cannot put to sleep a patient that is perfectly breathing and lull him into the worst storm of his life.

He had trepidations as we played him in the CT Scanner. I had tears rolling down my eyes as I saw his body pulsate with pain. He was afraid. Maybe he was talking to death. Hoping that we live on.

My beloved father stayed at Doctors Hospital for a few more days. He was placed on the respirator without any intimation. I found out that this process is a delicate one and should be performed in the presence of a specialist. In my fathers case, he was treated by a nurse and a vagabond cat who kept on pacing the intensive care unit. Imagine my frustration. The depth of my anguish. I was loosing the man who taught me how to walk.

The saddest story begins here. As I paid the dues of my father and anticipated him to come out of the hospital, the entire scene was delayed. Irrespective of immediate payments, he was left unattended because one nurse never gave the slip to the intensive care.

I had dreams of evening perishing. Sometimes I idolize dying for a cause greater than myself. Maybe in old age when life can no longer breath into my body a single breath. Or maybe when I have seen my grandchildren. But never would I have even thought of walking to a hospital and dying. This is how Doctors Hospital killed my father. They wrongly diagonised him and went against norms and sedated him for no reason.

After my fathers death, I went to Punjab Cardiology. That doctor has now been promoted. Though he had apologized once he realized that we were influential people but the sad part is that there is no verdict for malpractice. My father walked to the hospital. Not on a wheel chair or in an ambulance. But walked by himself with a smile embarked on his aged petal lips. Do you know of any hospital that kills its patients that walk in?

I told my stories to my friends. Hundreds of new stories were communicated to me in tears and sad hearts. Someone had a similar incident. A nurse had given an overdose of sleeping pills to my neighbor’s sons who died at 18. My aunt’s father died after he was wrongly diagnosed for cancer. My friend’s mother died in service hospital since it was a strike and the doctors did not attend. I have kept all the stories in a dairy.

I will publish this book one day. But till that day, I write this story with an empty heart. What can we do? Should we burn the hospitals and shoot the doctors on our own? Should we create the institutes of governance? But how? The ministry of Health is heedless of this story. It has been sent to them multiple of times and still we see our tomorrow being injected with wrong medicines and people dying without a cause.

Each day Pakistan will kill its stars of tomorrow. If Pakistan had saved my father, he would have taught another generation. He might have met his grandchildren. Maybe my angel could have met her grandfather instead of staring at his pictures. Maybe I could have had time to say I love you and given him hope and love. Maybe the hundreds of people like me could have had another moment of solace and tranquility. Can I blame my country for the death of my father? I have written a poem for my father; please visit my blog

Note - this article was submitted to us from one of our readers. We do not have any affiliation with the person or the deceased. We welcome contributions.


Faces We Have Left Behind

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pakistani Child Dead to Terrorist Attacks
Amputated bodies lying in the rubble
Scared faces massacred in the diminishing lights of defeat
All of these fragmented ligaments had my resemblance
Eyes of my life shattered in the dusty nemesis
My palpating heart ripped open in the apocalyptic reaction of insanity
Camouflaged men self destructing themselves
Burying my loved ones in tears of remorse
What have we done?
Who is this enemy?
I have died too many times
In the once hustling and bustling streets of Peshawar
In the long queues in front of the bank in Rawalpindi
In the mosques of my city
In the parks of Quetta
To the shopping centers of Lahore
They have killed my innocence, soul, integrity, speech, ambition
And now my silence.


Medical Malpractice is a silent killer

I recently had the opportunity of meeting Aqeel the father of Imanae who recently succumbed to death due to dire malpractice at the Doctors Hospital. His entire family is on a rampage against the institution and the very principles of immoral medical conduct. Being a victim of this nemesis myself, I realized the pain and anguish that this family was going through. The detrimental difference between the death of Imanae and the hundreds and thousands of others who have died because of mismanagement and malpractice is that the family took the stand against this evil. No one has been able to successfully launch a campaign against the Doctors, hospitals, nurses and especially the institutional management. Times are now changing. A family has finally stood up against the prosperous and indigenous management would have been extremely successful in constructing more stories at the cost of deceiving millions from all people alike.
It is a known fact that the healthcare industry and the quality of Medicare is directed proportional to the economic and social well-being of that nation. Nations that have placed their future in ensuring lives have given birth to new technologies. Technologies that speed up diagnosis and eliminates or at least drastically reduces the human error. The greatest battle lies within the realm of diagnosis. The objective of life and death revolves around the basic understanding of what the doctor perceives at that given time. Human atrophy is caused by the wrong perception and understanding of Doctors all across the world. The only difference is that in Pakistan there is no checking balance. There is no institution that governs the moral and social obligations that Doctors have to this nation and its people. And if there is such a thing as an institution than it is not executing and monitoring its domain. A dead dog is simply of no use to its master. And this is a very similar scenario of Pakistan's medical industry.
“I pledge to shut down the institution that has given my daughter that was caused because of simple negligence” speaks out Aqeel. His voice completely shattered by the turmoil that he is gone through over the last 10 days. He has lost his only daughter to the hands of one of the most corrupt and unchecked institutions of this land.
“We have spoken to the chief minister and believe that case will be immediately taken up” speaks the grandfather of the three-year-old that died tragically in the hands of her father. The father has recently started a major and massive campaign against Doctors hospital. He is also set up a portal so that the world can realize and feel the pulsation of a dying heart. One cannot even start imagining how one can even out live an incident like this. How can you be prepared to bury your only angel because some nurse gave the wrong injections? Where else in the world to children as adorable as this one die? Where else in the world do quacks practice so openly? Where else in the world does medicine have so many different types of quality? Where else in the world do you see millions of people silent as they bury their loved ones?
My father also died because of malpractice in this country. He was a professor. Many of the current political brass and bureaucracy prowess have been taught by him. I will always have impressible memories of my father. He was one of the few foreign teachers that decided to come back and serve this nation. And yet, he died because doctors at Punjab Cardiology gave him the wrong injection.
These are just not numbers. These are dreams, ambitions, and hopes that have died and have been buried deep within our own lives. These are faces that we will always be in search of. These are hands and smiles we will be forever in need of. These are loved one that we will cherish till our own last breath.
People tend to forgive god as one buries ones loved ones. This is the plagiarizing defeat of life. One has to come to terms with it. But without reason and rhyme, this is insanity. Hundreds of people die in the medical hospitals today, no doctor or staff has been reprimanded. Nothing has come to date. I admire Aqeel and his bravery. He has given meaning to the long journey that no one was ready to take on. With such dilemma against one, one takes to a simpler and calmer road.
Today, many are with Aqeel. I guess many are with him because they are fighting their own battle. They are in search of peace with their own souls and the injustice that took place. Justice is blind. But so is malpractice.


A poem for Imanae

Friday, December 4, 2009

Imanae - Our princess
Imanae - Our princess

Angels go to heaven. Only a place as beautiful as heaven could cater to smiles so vibrant and laughter so magnificent. Maybe heaven loves children. Maybe heaven rejoices on seeing such animated characters pursue the rivulets and the ever changing butterflies. Question is never their presence in heaven but how they got there. Unfortunate incidents of fate, unforgettable mistakes and sometimes divine intervention all leave behind answers of how our children moved on to the heavens. But this incident alludes to the disorder and mismanagement of the medical industry in Pakistan.
Imanae is no more with us. She was a lovely soul and the heartbeat of her father. You can see pictures of her and her family at Simply glimpsing at her pictures brought tears to my eyes. I would have loved to meet her. And listen from her the stories of snowmen, daffodils and even nursery rhymes. I am sure her father loved her voice and her sounds.
What hurts me the most is that my daughter is her age. I could almost anticipate them being friends. But one of the little angels are no with us. She died tragically at Doctors Hospital Lahore due to malpractice and mismanagement. She is a part of the long and tedious number of poor individuals who lost their life due to the maltreatment of doctors in Pakistan.
Since the inception of Pakistan, the doctors and nurses have enjoyed certain repute in the market. They have been extremely successful in camouflaging their mistakes with the veneers of religious jargon. Internet has played a pivotal part in releasing construed information regarding diseases, ailments and treatments. Even the laymen now search and calculate the variance between practice and medical excellence.

Where there are no rules of check and balance, these doctors will perform surgeries and medical treatments without realizing the repercussions. They are completely void of the nemesis effects of their actions and plans. My mother had a towel left in her stomach during her stomach operation. And my father died while given a wrong injection at Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences. And later wrong and immoral behavior of Doctors Hospital cost him his life. I have buried my father like Imanae father buried her. We have left our loved ones to dirt.
I had the pleasure of talking with Aqeel the father of the princess. I salute and admire his journey towards completely shutting down Doctors Hospital and also taking a stance against malpractice. I and others will join him till death for a cause that has made us suffer so much so long. People forget how beautiful fathers and daughters are till they are long gone.
In Pakistan, I am not fruitful of any verdicts. This is a nation of bastard politicians and foul play. Maybe if the daughters of the president, prime ministers and chief ministers are given wrong injections, they will realize the after effects. Maybe that day a resolution will be passed. Maybe that day, we can be assured that no one will die because of a doctors' wrong verdict. And till that day, Aqeel and many many others will fight this war. If you have any comments or cases against Doctors Hospital, please contact the website -

A poem for Imanae

Your face speaks a million tunes
I would have loved to cradle you in peace and love
Hold you and tell you stories of life and spirit
Yet I see you dancing in heaven
I am sorry I could not defeat the corrupt governance of Pakistan
I am sorry I could not give you processes and safety
I am sorry I could not whisper you tunes
And give you parks to play in
But I promise you
You will live longer than my generations
Your spirit will be remembered time and time again
Fathers like me will love daughter like you
Even when we are no longer alive
So as you look down upon us from heaven
And smile
We are working hard
To commit our promise to you
No more children will die without reason
We will bring back smiles to our generations lips
We will bring back the spirit of our daughters
We will bring back the life that we wanted you to live


Friday Prayers now an Abbatoir of Innocence

I remember going to the mosque with my father and enjoying the scintillating moments of joy and prosperity. We used to rejoice of being dressed up for the special occasion and anticipated anxiously the home cooked food at home awaiting us all. My mother made special chicken dishes to everyone’s delight. This was also an occasion of meeting and greeting friends and families from the neighborhoods. Friday prayers were not only a sentimental aspect but a moral and social amalgamation of love and understanding. During better days, the stores near the mosque were even kept open and the boys waited their turns to buy ice cream. Many of times, the older folks used to pay for the ice cream of the poorer kids. My driver, gardener and even gatekeeper always went with us on our car to the mosque every Friday. For 20 years of my life, my father instilled in me this desire and love for prayers and the value system of ensuring presence at a mosque at every Friday congregational prayers. My father always gave me some rupees to place in the box near the mosque gates. Seems like yesterday that I was holding the hands of my father waiting for the Azaan. My father kept his sons close and we were all excited to have a family bondage.
Irrespective of the message of performing prayers, I have been adamantly lazy and stupid not to perform all prayers. Later on in my life, I never did get to performing 5 prayers per day but on each Friday I would ensure that I am physically available in any available mosque to prostate and venerate to the lord. And the similar ambiance was seen there in all the mosques that I had visited as I grew up in Pakistan. I smelt the romantic aroma of love, understanding and harmony each time I entered any place of worship. Maybe I only went to the Friday prayers to go back into memory lane. Reminded me of daffodils and sweet honey. This is the memory of my father’s gift of a Friday sermon.
And today, I am scared of taking myself to the mosque and even have deemed saying prayers at home. My mosques are bombarded and the worshippers killed without reason and rhyme. Hundreds of people have died in terrorist attacks on mosques in this year alone. Leaving out the US sanctioned drone attached and the hallucinating verdicts of sectarianism violence; this is still a barbaric number. This is the playground for mentally disturbed people to give their bodies in the name of religion.
The Jewish media has done a phenomenal job in connecting the dots and correlating suicidal attacks with Islam. They have ordained this concept from the suicidal attacks against the Jewish community in Palestine. The reality of the issue is that like the seasons of life, self killing has many different veneers and colors. As a philanthropist, I detest all suicidal attacks and believe that it is not human to kill innocent lives specially the ones praying to any god.
The rules of engagement dictate that a war against targeted groups have a rational and can be comprehended but simply detonating a mosque by tying up explosives to a body is completely insane. This has to be the job of a satanic body and spirit to completely take up the task of shooting at civilian populations. It is the worst and most brazen sin that humanity can commit. The Jewish lobbyists and American propaganda dictate “Pakistan has more to do”. In such dire consequences, one can only wonder at the magical spell that the US wants Pakistan to perform. Irrespective of the fact that the US government clearly knows that the current and former governments have been saturated with the most corrupt and morally decayed souls and minds. Without spirit and integrity, how can these government officials save Pakistan?
The issue I face as a Pakistani citizen is how to give back to my children the same color, fragrance, and prosperity during Friday prayers. Who corrupted the timeless love of this nation and sold it at a price? Today, over 20 people have died in Rawalpindi because some hoodlums shot aimlessly at the souls busy in subjecting themselves to their lord.
I cannot even imagine how one can take up the moral and social responsibility of killing innocent lives. One thing is certain; this is the hands of external forces. No one irrespective of the religious bifurcations in Pakistan can shoot at fragile and unarmed community of citizens. I am a Muslim but protected the churches when people wanted to burn them. I protected them because I believe that they are remains of Pakistan. I often visit the Hindu temples in model town Lahore to give precedence that we are a nation of multi cultures and religions. There is no price I would take to shoot any Pakistani irrespective of age, color of creed. And I know of hundreds more who would do the same. They will not shoot at civilians and people who have families. We want our Pakistan to grow.
Lets us all shut down the western propaganda that these are Islamic terrorists. This is similar to saying that Christian act of violence take place each time a person is killed in the streets of New York. Religion does not teach innocent shootings. Humans do not perform such hideous crimes. Only venom of dogs, bastards and pigs has aimless ambitions like these. May the men and groups teaching this hatred feel the same turmoil and same reckless disasters? May they find themselves entangled without their knowledge and fight a battle in the dark.
For the Muslim world, I only cry and wonder how we have come to this juncture in our lives. What have we done to take this wrath? This is the time to stand up and be united. If I have to die, so be it. At least, my people, my children will not say I ran away or surrendered like the Pakistani army the day Dacca fell. They will remember me as a soldier who stood ground. Who died for a meaning of giving a better Pakistan to its generation? We all have this obligation. We all have this emblem to keep each other safe. Will you not join me?


Who are these men lining up to listen to the Political System?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Poor Pakistani Children eating fom Rubble and Trash

The newspapers are filled with the names of the bodies that have died in the ambushed streets of my country. The vagabond politicians keep on increasing the price of sugar and other commodities. Each day, we get a new scare. Today, I read that the scarcity of electricity and power will be exponentially increased over the next year. And the next heading is that hundreds and thousands of PPP workers gathered around Quaid Park to hear their leader and president speak volumes of Bhuttoism.
I am completely frustrated and humiliated. Everywhere I go I hear the defiance of life. I hear the tea boy complaining of how hard it is to survive with Rs. 4,000. And this young boy is only 12 years old. He has never played cricket because life never gave him a chance and neither did he have the money to purchase a bat. His father requires his money to pay off his loans that he has garnered after the marriage of his first daughter. His other sons play a detrimental part in revamping the house hold. So many mouths to feed? The question that haunts millions of Pakistanis. And then Bhutto committed roti, kapra, makhan. But where are the homes? The clothes and the roof tops?
I pass by the market place and over hear some Pathans speaking of the anguish of having their stores burnt due to the political riots. So many family members have died in the recent car bombs and their stores completely annihilated. “I have the moment. I have so much material in the warehouses. I never thought of insurance and now I am awake all night anticipating that someone might blow up this market” the other Pathan agrees with complete conviction. In their eyes, you can see the damages of an amputated soul.
Questioning the very sanity of the people, I meet a banker. Thinking that only the poor have a brutality syndrome against the government and the corruption that has enabled us to become the worst run government in the world. We have no electricity, power and water. And on television, people from the northern frontiers vote for the PPP? What promises have they been committed? Have the not seen the longest river fall of their promises since the inception of Pakistan? Wasn’t Bhutto responsible for the dislocation of West Pakistan or is that going to be added into the NRO as well?
The banker weeps. He makes Rs. 45,000 a month with 50 liters of fuel. “My daughter got sick and scared from the bombardment in Islamabad. She was at her aunt’s car and saw the Rawalpindi market collapse. She will now be afraid of people and faces all throughout her life. Her aunt died that day too.” Imagine giving hope to a child who has spoken to death.
The middle class man is stagnant and cursing his fate. The poor men waiting for an opportunity to reunite and burst into flames. I hear no one on the streets praising any Politican. And yet, as we see on television, hundreds of people line up to hear the same routine matters of the politicians. Are these the dump and illiterate classes who have been bought for a roti? Is this the commitment of Bhutto? You listen to my speeches and I will give you bread?
I cannot listen to the sounds of my country ending. I will become the Tipu Sultan. So keep the arrows targeted. I will leave no drops as we fight this war against corruption and humiliation. Stop the war on the northern frontiers. Stop the stupid and bizarre acts of cowardice. I don’t know why the terrorists don’t bomb the politicians. How is this possible?
What have we done to deserve this? Why can’t we unit and march on. So many things to fight about. Next year, we have no electricity. Want to read in the dark? I can buy you a roti? Please listen to me….


How Cheap have the politicans sold Pakistan?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rehman Malik the corruption leader

Our colleges and universities are being guarded by covert military operations. Our libraries and dormitories are no longer safe. We have buried our fathers and elders as they stand waiting anxiously for their paychecks. Our sisters and mothers have been scattered amongst the rubble as they were shopping with smiles embarked upon their petal lips. Our children have been shot at during regular school hours. This is insanity speaking in the true and vibrant colors of life. I can no longer remain silent. Words have to stem out of the silence to create a gesture of expression. I cannot withstand another day of innocent lives being sent to heaven and the crimes are still unknown.
If this was America, the entire nation would have stampeded into the senate demanding in writing a report deciphering the faults of the government and reasons of failure to host secure and prosperous measures. The American communities will be questioning each and every government official related to homeland security about the measures and action items. And in our part of the world, our federal minister for interior is pebbled with shoes and stones as he tries to enter the Islamic University after two consecutive bombs killed 6 innocent lives. Still he remains the unique ideology of governance.
Within the domain of Pakistan foreign planes bombard our own cities and the media keeps no trail of the accusations and the assaults. To the people, the dead bodies are only numbers. Participants who had to brutally die as they are negotiating with the west against the war on terror. Have the think tanks of Americans forgotten that the true enemies might not be the militant assailants of the north western frontiers but the clever and benign politicians who have sold the country at a dirt cheap price?
Where did this all begin? Who allowed selling the nation at such a price? I have buried my family due to the war on terror alone. My father has died of malpractice and my mom has faced road accidents due to people not caring of the traffic lights. Is this the social and moral fabric that Quaid left behind? We require answers now. Our generations will not sleep to the whispers of the night. Our generation will speak till our blood is spilled in the streets. My heart will amalgamate with the screams of the innocent lives that are left unburied. I am ready to die with the song of freedom in my soul. That cannot be killed with a cheap bullet. You cannot sell my aspirations for they are not for sale. Let us ring the bells of faith. Let us all unite.
Problem is that we have no outlet. The political system is so corrupt that honest liberations can not follow pursuit. The sun rays are trying their level best to succeed into the prism of darkness. But the political clout is placing their hands on every single nook and corner of the room. Sun rays are being diverted and left to remain outside the prism of life. And within these walls, I am trapped. You are trapped. And our senators, advisors, and the political system keeps on breathing poverty, terror and fear in our minds and souls.
Interestingly, no provincial government is taking precautions measures to streamline and improve the deplorable situation. Even the so called hero of Punjab sits ideally as the massacres in Punjab take place. All I read in the newspapers is transfers of the social political bureaucracy. I do not see legitimate and conducive action plans in full force. The same police officers at the road barricades are sipping tea and the dormant traffic wardens never trail down the ambushed calls pleading for assistance. The police force still has the same recruitment being fired at time and time again. No snipers within the college domains and no policy making of the nazims to garner people into building secure environments to fight crime. Is this the magnanimous work of the PML –N? We might have expected more from an educated governor and a profound and vocal administrator. Their promises mean nothing. I have buried my loved ones. When will they die?
Is this the Pakistan we are to give to our generations? Are we going to remain silent as these walls cave in? Look closely at your face today. This face might not remain on the surface today. Due to the political chaos and mayhem created by our forefathers. Sad is that I do not know who created this mess. Bhutto as he steered us into the complete nemesis or the vibrant colors of the dictatorial governance of Zia Ul HAQ. Instead of disengaging their families from the political systems we have blessed them with ministries and even the presidential chair.


The fatal laugh of the NRO

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Complete insanity. The NRO is the agreement that will allow all the corruption and deceit ever done by the current and previous predecessors and wipe the dirt under the carpet. All the illegal activity will be wiped away by a smear of political deterrence leaving behind a history of trial and errors that never went through correction. Imagine a world where criminals sign off on documents that legitimate their wrong.
As a nation, we need to stand up and confront the wrong. It is not acceptable to the nation and its people to let leaders commit drastic variances in the system and have a rule of engagement to vanish their devastations and remarkable mistakes. The impacts of their errors have been drastic in nature. Children have died. Parents have been buried. Hundreds and thousands of people have lost their jobs. Billions of rupees have been transferred into accounts outside of Pakistan. Are we to forgive them? And for what reason? How can scoundrels be let go without a price? Can we leave the corpse to be eaten by the vultures?
As a layman and a social number in the massive and populous network of Pakistan, I can only write and predict that history will not forgive the men and women who agree that washing away the sins will neglect and turning the other side will be the solution. How can we not agree to banish this law? Why is this law even in existence?
What teaching story will this have on the educational masses? Are we communicating that we are fine with corruption and we will always have an offensive analysis and forgiving mindset. A profligate government will not remain on the surface of the world. It will be obliterated into a million pieces. This is the stubborn associated with a race that is silent. Will we not listen to our hearts? Our prodigies are looking at us with the most perturbed and vehemently emotional eyes. And where we stand today. Again, on a cross road. Will we remain silent and let the corrupt walk on? Will we give a rebirth to our convictions and stand committed. Let’s walk.


We have no heros?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You will not regret leaving me in peace. The world will remind you that we once lived. These tragedies will keep you alive. We are not to be burnt alive and be buried in the gardens of our fate. We will live endlessly and passionately. You will remember our love and our understandings. We are the people of the world that will keep on enjoying the privilege of life. I bet this is similar to the words that the boundaries and death bodies can instill in us as we bury them into the graves. You have killed our children, our soldiers, our parents. But you have left alone the politicians and the corrupt? Why is that? What is the justice in this all?
I believe in peace and still believe that a settlement of life needs to be imbedded into the demolished social and moral fabric of this nation. Our melancholic stance on life is to remain silent. As if someone has zipped our souls and kept our breaths. This is no substitute for life. This is not the Pakistan I am going to leave behind. I will fight with my words. I will unite the sentences for generations to come to tell about the miseries of today. I will openly claim that we are not destined to such graphical horror and tragedies.
The entire system is corrupt. It does not leave behind a road for any man to walk on. Either you try to become a part of them and then when in, work from the inside out. That is almost impossible since it has never occurred before. This toothsome offer only exists in fairy tales. Nothing more. Where does it say that our lives and souls will be expropriated for social and moral injustice?
We have a million questions. Why did Nawaz Sharif allow sign off on the NRO on the condition that he be allowed to run the third time? Why have the senators agreed upon accepting the NRO? Is there no one to contemplate on the current situation? I have a pen. So I write. The men ruling the country should think of their mistakes and what they are doing to us all! We need to take accountability. But how?
Let us live! Let us be free! What have we done! Who are we waiting for ? Our deaths? Our dreams to sink into the abyss of fate? Our silence is our derogation. Oh Pakistan wake up!


I want to know my post mortem

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I want to know my post mortem

Over ten thousand bodies have been annihilated in the streets of Pakistan. Hundreds of people have buried their loved ones to dirt. Over a thousand mutilated extended families complete devastated from this ongoing turmoil. Our schools, shopping malls, police stations and even our worship places are all on the list of being incinerated without a price and without justification. Imagine, back into the pages of lost history, where Lahore was known for its botanic gardens and Karachi was the upbeat mesmerizing city of Asia. And today, the gardens are depleted and the magnanimous city without light and bodies.
Is this the Pakistan our parents fathomed for us? I weep as I leave behind the atrocious monster to eat up at our left overs. Our silence is remarkable. Every one of us is sitting idle and anticipating that tomorrow maybe this nightmare will wash itself away. Needless to see we are a part of this horrific nightmare. Every beautiful child that is born in this nation will now have its fate written in the slaughterhouses of unknowns. Our mothers will vanish by the collapse of buildings as the car bombs keep on shaking our cities. Our fathers will be buried beneath the rubble as the vigilant sounds of terror vamoose into the mosques and offensively left them dead as their bodies were prostrating to their lord.
I will not believe for an instance that these great martyrs died in vain. I will not bury my loved ones anticipating more to come. I vouch that I will write. I testify that I will not let go of the dreamland that has given me meaning and my identity. I will write till my heart bleeds no more and I perish into the night. My words are for my country. My sentences the veneer of hope and understanding. With these walls I will build my palace and raise the silent into a vehement voice. No governance and law can become a detriment in our journey to salvation. Will you not join me and communicate the message of tolerance and liberation? Will you not write with me the testifying moments of brutality? Will you not walk on the streets when we speak up against violence?
Our government has been deciphering different messages since the inception of the terror bomb. Pakistan might have created the atomic bomb, but the greatest nemesis bomb that can obliterate entire nations is the terror bomb. Both bombs being manufactured by the western ideologies. Question is are we ready to take its toll? Why is our government not giving us the message? Who is behind the massacres? I want to know my enemy. I will haunt it down with my life. But who is it? Is it RAW? USA? Who really is it? Is it you? Is it me? I need a post mortem report.
What happened to the communication of the terrorists that were captured in different deadly encounters? Have we not allowed their tongues to speak? Give this nation a report. Give our enemies a face. Give my life meaning. Give me Pakistan.


Poem for the children who have died in Islamabad

Monday, October 26, 2009

She holds me tight
At the gates of her school
Armed military personal monitoring how a father kisses his daughter goodbye
Weren’t these soldiers to be deployed at the borders?
Shouldn’t the teachers be receiving my little princess?
She does not let go
Something deep within her
Tells her to hold on tight
Her eyes glistering with freight, despair and guilt
An inner reflection of my soul and identify
I look at people around me
The lurid clouds of a nemesis
Shadowing our future and our potential prosperity

October 27, 2009 – when terrorist attached Islamabad


To the Lives of Peshawar who died with me

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today they have bombarded me into a millions shreds
In my own homeland
On my own streets
With my loved ones watching
My children a part of my life’s tragedy
My voice buried beneath the rubble and dirt
I am now lifeless
But what makes you silent?
Wont you speak volumes of my tragic death?
Wont you take revenge of the innocent lives that have been taken today?
Remember as you remain silent
The empty graves next to me
Are awaiting your bodies
I will be waiting
I will be anticipating………


Our children died today in Peshawar

Friday, October 9, 2009

I held my daughter tight as the city shook with vehement force. Depilated buildings and mutilated bodies scattered across the open streets. Just minutes ago, there was a certain ambiance of speculated peace and tranquility. After all, Peshawar has been recently rocked by bullets, terrorism, sectarianism and violence. Innocent lives have been buried in the dusty graveyards and tears have still not stopped oozing out of red swollen eyes of loved ones. Is this the Peshawar that we recall of? Is this the face of the earth that is a glimmering and reflecting mirror of our own self destructive alliances?
I never did let go of my daughter. She kept on wondering how fright and despair embarked on her father’s superman eyes. To her I was her everything. A man who could make her smile on every rainy day and give to her flowers in the cold brazen nights of October. She insists that I have a superman cap and costume hidden away. She veneers my love with superhero talk. This time all superheroes are silent. Perturbed silence. If we stay ambushed like this, we will lose our voice forever.
To stay silent in times like these will mean that we accept and acknowledge the nemesis ahead of us. Memories of turmoil and desolation accentuate as we live off our lives second by second. Prayers breathe out with each passing of a breath and our heartbeats tremble when unknown noises occur. We live in a horror movie and do not know the outcome. This is the worst form of governance. The ultimate disaster of the human spirit. Now I know how the Jewish children felt as the lay aimlessly waiting for their execution. The nation of Pakistan is no different. Each day. Someone somewhere will be killed. There is a bullet that has your name on it. Time and speed are the only question marks.
I have dreamt a million times to devour myself into the political scene and become the hero that Pakistan badly needs. The political insignificance associated with an educated class is common ground. This is the country where false commitment and bogus votes are allocated to the government bodies. Elections are rigged and a fierce competition is associated amongst the mongrels. This is the only nation that has rapists, murders and people who have spent time in jail allowed to contest elections and further plunge this nation into darkness.
We are without electricity, water and opportunity. This is the world that has been carved after so many struggles and lives. I cannot allow this nation to be handed over to my generations without a fight. Another struggle remains. Gateways of hope will be built. Question is how. Will these words recall armies and multiply elements of good? Can I imagine that one day the people who have lost their lives can hail as one and communicate to the world that the real Pakistan remains silent? The world only knows of the bombarded Pakistan. My foreign friends have associated violence with my name and have marked me off of their listings. This is the price I pay for having this nation’s passport. I am humiliated at airports and struck off lines as I have a brownish skin tone.
Maybe someday my words will become a giant and take control over the despair and anarchy. But today, I write as my hands still tremble. My daughter is still close by. She is shocked at having witnessed such a massive explosion. Young children bodies lay ambushed in the fumes. She is only three. What would she think now? Can you imagine what would happen if it were your children? Is this not the end of innocence?
I met some of the men who lay crying on the streets and ready to forgive the men who have slaughtered these poor and innocent lives. Our mosques have not even been forgiven. Our streets have become grounds on which our bodies lay. These same grounds that were built for out pathways. Imagine a world that we live in.
Questions pound at the doors of the political system. Do these men not see the garbage on the streets and the empty factories and locked down furnaces? We should question everything from the contaminated rivers to the polluted cities? In the last 60 years, we were not able to build anything except our graves. This is not the Pakistan I intent to keep. This is not the Pakistan I have voted for.


In House Cell Phone Industry Manufacturing Units – Key to telecom growth

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some of the major and predominant economic powerhouses of the world have demonstrated that the Manufacturing has and will become the catalyst for economical and social growth. China and Germany have both ensured that their maximum influx of goods is created within the realm of their country especially the most important raw material for larger manufacturing plants. The true success of any nation is to imbed and construe the unique manufacturing units that harbinger other industries. An example of this is plastic, steel, iron and coal mine industries. All of these specific niche markets further grow other economies of scale and thus overall contribution to the GDP and the overall economical condition to the masses.
A similar trend is associated in the telecom market. All organizations and countries require telecom infrastructure to boost communication and speed of delivery of information from the world. Robust and reliable infrastructure ensures that countries are not only geared to connecting to the world but are also ready to produce new avenues of e-service and e-commerce.
Telecom infrastructure primarily is built off of fiber networks and sophisticated network elements. There exists only a random number of equipment vendors that can truly Foster and implement gigantic networks. Cisco, Nortel, Siemens and Motorola are the key ingredients to the success of any infrastructure network. The solution providers are able to provide the network components, integrated technologies and a complete turnkey solution for fiber networks that spans nations and further align with international bandwidth providers.
The cost for building of infrastructure is exponentially high and it is in the best interest of the nation to ensure that the maximum number of components that would be used will be manufacture in-house. Without this plan in place, millions of dollars can be lost and revenue losses can reach new heights.
Pakistan has been extremely unfortunate in terms of building infrastructure off of this plan A strategy. The government of Pakistan over the last decade has placed a huge amount of money in the overall investment, development and expansion of a nationwide network. Major cities are now connected through continuous fiber that is not only redundant but extremely robust in terms of speed and reliability.
The question is how much of that equipment was actually imported and how many of the network components manufactured within the territories of Pakistan? A similar example can take place regarding the cell phone industry. There are several cell phone providers that play a pivotal part in the cell phone arena in Pakistan. Nokia, LG and Sony Ericson are the key players.
With such a devastating market of people and opportunity, one would think that the government would rationalize and ensure that all of the cell phones that are distributed will be built, manufactured and circulated within Pakistan. There will be zero amount of import of cell phones. New make and models will be made within Pakistan and the servicing of older models will also be catered by the ongoing growth of service centers. Imagine a world where factories and manufacturing plants were constructed anywhere in Pakistan.
Just comparing the number of cell phone users and the circulation of purchase associated of new phones, hundreds of people will be employed in the assembly plants and hundreds of people will be enjoying servicing the markets through development of service centers.
A simple decision of ensuring manufacturing of cell phones would have kick started the economy and given at least a million people jobs for the long run. The one million number is based upon calculating the average time and work hours required to produce a cell phone. Benchmarking the best industry standards. This could have played a pivotal part in the overall success and stability of the country. Just imagine one million people who are currently jobless had the opportunity of developing their careers and legally adding to their family growth!
There are certain pros and cones associated with development and manufacturing of cell phone industries. Major disadvantage is the quality of equipment that is being manufactured. Poor cell phone quality would lead to dissatisfaction of service offerings. That is where the government has to ensure the proper check and balances associated with developing products that are quality driven. Proper organizations have to establish and the manufacturing plants have to be ISO certified to further obtain tax benefits.
Job availability to 1.2 million people
Social stability
Reduction of import
Capital savings

Degradation of poor output if no proper check and balance in place
Dissatisfaction if no proper check and balance in place

It is extremely critical that the Ministry of IT takes heed of the benefits associated with this strategy and build its cell phone industry from a broad spectrum of in-house manufacturing units. The benefits will certainly out way the disadvantages.


The Long Journey Home

Friday, August 21, 2009

Somewhere along these lines of life I have realized that there are two different worlds in which I live in. One world is saturated with opportunity and the momentum to ensure your dreams turn into reality. People and processes are deterministic and capitalism takes on a completely new rule. One of my greatest challenges living in the greatest city in the world was to conclude the stocks that I would be choosing at the end of the fiscal year.
Hundreds of miles apart exists the nation that has majority of its population in complete darkness. Imagine a world where electricity and water are as precious as gold and dollar. This is a country that has been kept alive by foreign ingredients. The political conundrum has existed since its inception and has created a cataclysmic reaction which has eaten into the social and moral fabric of the nation.
Though, like my father I am a fervid patriot, yet there are so many question marks lingering on. The Western world has still never been able to set the balance act of cultural variances and still eliminates people on the basis of race, and creed. Even today people get harassed because of their color and origin. Though the President of the United States is half black, this does not eliminate the racial profiling that exists in the Western world.
On the other hand all that is left on the eastern hemisphere is parents and family. How can one leave behind the most precious gems and take on new and challenging roles? How can one really live on knowing that the heartbeats of their parents are gradually deteriorating? I've seen many friends completely shattered by the simple fact that they could not assist their parents in the time of need. If it was the other way around I'm very confident that parents would have made the decisions in favor of the children.
Isn't it funny that mankind is completely amenable to flattery and love and yet this is the most difficult ingredient to give? One of my very good friends came back Pakistan to serve the nation and his parents. Yet, he had to rush within a couple of months since his house was robbed and his father-in-law killed in the streets of Karachi?
I wish that a day comes when safety and morality is valued. Wouldn't you want to live in the world where your belongings are safe and your life intact?


The Price we Pay for Honesty

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Somewhere deep within the realm of our thoughts and idealogies lurks a creativity that knows that what we are planting for this nation are not trees but bushes of despair. We have elected the wrong people and fathomed hope on top of it. There is no electricity and the industries are shut down. Even the truths do not have the tranquility to survive. Where is our superman?


Maybe it might be too late?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have we often thought about where we would end up as a nation? Some of the most drastic events have sparked riots and convuluted nightmares among the masses. Millions have died over the last decade include the ex prime minister of this country. We as a nation must ask ourselves what we are to expect in the future. Are we going to have dreams left? Is this what we all bargained for.

Lets remember the history of how we got created. One man called Muhammad Ali Jinnah took upon this daunting task to carve a nation for us all. A man who was left in darkness and despair. He was not escorted during his ambulance ride to the hospital. His precious sister lost the elections. Is this what the vultures of this land anticipated?

This country has had their share of thugs and looters. Almost all the politicians boasts of their deads and harrassments ideologies. Imagine. I have come to believe that the people who created Pakistan died in its attempt and left it to be burnt by the looters and rapists. If this is not true, what picture do you see when you open your eyes?


how to have faith in such a desolate world

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We live our lives in the most dangerous times. This is a country where the assassinations of presidents and ex-prime ministers remain unsolved. This is a country where millions of people sleep without being fed. And only in this country can doctors get away with malpractice. We as a nation really need to think about where we want to have this country in the next 20 years. Do we still want to be in the political moribund state of affairs and always be differentiating between the pros and cons of the PPP versus the PML? Do we have no institution that create and develop are our future leaders? Can our educational edifices produce the think tanks that can muster the strength to facilitate growth and prosperity? Or will we have our prime ministers flown from other parts of the world? This is the height of poverty and deceit that our population is left in the dark and we try to penetrate even with hope and aspire. The writing is really clear.
Is this really the end of the room for all of us?
Currently a political and social uplift is massively required to maintain the sanity of this nation. Hundreds of people have already died aimlessly in the bombardment and thousands have been disbursed into the abyss. Our sick children have died in the hospitals and are elderly run down by drunken bus drivers. This is a nation that fleds a crime scene and a nation whose millionaires have laundered from banks and frauds. Is this what we intended to do with our lives and our future?
There needs to be an end to this. Any comments?


Crippled, molested and hunger driven children of tomorrow

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Internet never stops at amazing me. It always provides me with statistics and analysis of the most obscure and defeated purposes of life. Just recently, I was image googling for “Pakistani children” on the Web. Horrifying pictures of our beautiful children popped up on every single page that I clicked on. Each picture had moribund eyes and perturbed faces alluring the insanity and devastation that we often forget in our lives. Hundreds of pictures of broken down dreams, ambushed aspirations and convoluted ambitions. If hope had a graveyard these faces would have been tombstones.

Is this what the world sees? Images of our children begging for food outside of American trucks filled with rice and wheat. Crowded rooms of children that have not been fed washed and clothes for days. Innocent hands holding guns and aiming at the skies. Children weeping as they sit patiently in wired camps awaiting their return home. Is this the images that the world sees each day of my future generation? If you do not believe me, the images and the stories are just a click away. Let the pictures entice you with gruesome and malignant thoughts. Sallow complexion of our children demonstrates to you the damage we have done by our beleaguered policies and futile processes.

Though these pictures cannot speak any language or cry out their deaths, they still speak volumes of the deplorable condition of the social and moral fabric instilled in this nation. These images bemoan the tragedies of what lies ahead. According to a recent survey from the UN, more than half of the children of Pakistan are fighting common diseases and malnutrition aftermaths. Why are we all silent? This narcoleptic behavior of the governments, civil and human rights can’t continue. I write because those faces resemble the smile embarked on the petal lips of my daughter. The glow in their eyes formulates a similar romance as I look into the scintillating eyes of my princess. My daughter bathes from water from the same rivulets that pass through our cities and breathes from the same air that remains captivated within the boundaries of Pakistan. How can I let them perish into abyss? How can we have the world describe these lost souls as the future of Pakistan?

I then typed American children and wonderful pictures of love, understanding and smiles take a front stance. Hundreds of pictures of families, schools and joy are all approved pictures on the Google page. Is this America?
Generations of tomorrow will remind us each day of our faults and silence. I am a father of the children of tomorrow. I owe it to my daughter to give her an aspiring and promising Pakistan. So, I write and create a think tank. Kindly do refer to my think tank survey on what do we really do for poor and hunger driven children. The survey is on the bottom right hand corner. Kindly do vote.

Are parents like me ready to make a difference? Can we parents unite and remind the communities to stop littering on the streets and feed the children that are playing aimlessly in the garbage. Will we be resolute and communicate with fierce and vengeance to the department of child labor, health and social welfare that we need to know the vision and game plan for elevating hunger and remorse. There is a pill available for the migraines of these children and that is love. Care to share a little. I would want someone to throw my daughter a blanket if she was tired, lost, hungry and cold on a winter night and Pakistan. Wouldn’t you?


Psychological Disarray of the 1.7 million Pakistani Dispersed Families

Pakistan has recently witnessed 1.7 million Pakistani people migrate from their homes to camps and even graveyards as the war on terror continues. It is imperative that the world realizes the collateral as well as mental damage ordained upon the masses. Imagine a world where your playgrounds, homes, schools and shops have been demolished and now you have been asked to revisit the past. Within the last 48 hours, the government of Pakistan has announced certain segments of the northern areas as safe grounds and is vigorously moving back the massive influx of humans. The only ailment here is that these refuges are moving back to empty land. Their homes have been damaged and their properties completely destroyed. With no financial backing, we are allowing them to walk home empty.

Irrespective of international differences and irrationalities, a world calamity requires the indulgence and efforts of the communities at large. One needs to grasp and come to terms with the reality that is prevalent in that particular area of the world. Imagine the level of anguish, despair, hatred, and remorse that will be with the families. Millions of families will now walk aimlessly into their villages and cities and realize that the edifices and infrastructures are no longer there. Imagine a world that you and your forefathers have created and now you walk back into these same streets knowing that those buildings and infrastructures are gone. The 1.7 million Pakistanis are unfortunately a part of the uneducated mass and need to come to terms with the why and how the situation.

There is going to be a certain level of backlash associated with the migration to empty homes and desolate places. The world requires participating in revamping the mindsets of these people in creating an atmosphere of hope and tranquility. People need to be given the financial and moral support to rebuild their homes specifically for a war that they never started. I cannot even fathom how I would react if I had to be taken out of my home and brought back to an empty piece of land. Especially when I know that I was never a part of the entire equation. I was just simply going to school or working at meager wages. Was this the hope and aspirations that the world anticipates for Pakistan?

This news requires significant action. Psychological assistance is required along with medical facilities. We cannot create devastation in the minds of these people. Let the world realize that Pakistan has finally paid the price of going into war. We have made 1.7 million homeless and buried 200,000 bodies to capture and foresight an army that has been entangled in the web of political and social history. The question now is how will we build Pakistan without financial support?


How A Father Died

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My father walked to the Punjab Medical Institute. He was a professor at a very prestigious university in Pakistan. They wrongly diagnosed him and gave him the wrong injection. His liver ruptured and that was the last day I had with my father. That day I had met him again after coming home from work. This time he was sleeping and could not hear me. Imagine how my soul felt. Imagine how my world dissipated. These doctors had no remorse. My shouts and screams did not have any effect on the staff at the institute. Now I realize that hundreds of men and women shout at them each day and they have become prone to it. We can only voice our anger. There is no institute or governance where we can show them the pieces of the puzzle and suspend the licenses.

I will publish this book one day. But till that day, I write this story with an empty heart. What can we do? Should we burn the hospitals and shoot the doctors on our own? Should we create the institutes of governance? But how? The ministry of Health is heedless of this story. It has been sent to them multiple of times and still we see our tomorrow being injected with wrong medicines and people dying without a cause.

Each day Pakistan will kill its stars of tomorrow. If Pakistan had saved my father, he would have taught another generation. He might have met his grandchildren. Maybe my angel could have met her grandfather instead of staring at his pictures. Maybe I could have had time to say I love you and given him hope and love. Maybe the hundreds of people like me could have had another moment of solace and tranquility. Can I blame my country for the death of my father? I have written a poem for my father

He let go of his breath
His breath that could have catered to so many more beautiful years
Years that could have left indelible imprint on the minds of millions
Years that could have floated thoughts and ideas to generations to come
Years that could have saved lives
But if years were not destined, then months could have been bargained
Months that could have whispered last statements in incomplete books
Months that could have embarked memories that were upcoming
Months that could have allowed you to become a grandfather
Months that could have mystified at least my years to come
Months that could have rewritten history
Even days could have been anticipated as your breaths started fading away
Days that could have witnessed relentless goodbyes
Days that could have allowed travel to the house of god
Days that could have meant so much to so many
Days that could have allowed us time to rewrite your passions
Even in the darkness of the diminishing moments, I prayed for hours
Hours that could have penetrated our promises into reality
Hours that could have answered our questions
Hours that could have provided some more happiness in a deadly and dying world
Or perhaps minutes that could have nurtured our dreams
Completed our hopes
Manifested our emotions
Cemented our life
For only a second, I could have reiterated my life in your blood
And wrote the pages of my life in your veins
And captivated my entire soul in your wounds
And touched every atom of your essence
And kissed every emblem of your body
Only for a few seconds

For my dad July 10, 2007

Article -From one our readers. We have no affiliation with him or any party that submits.


Our prodigies begging for food on the Streets

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I would have placed his name on neon lights and had given him an opportunity to meet the President of Pakistan. Imagine in a world where the financial elements are gruesomely killing the very backbone of people, there is still hope and tranquility. Newspapers and televisions keep on reiterating the fact that Pakistan is a failed state and that there is hardly any good news associated with people. The industrial units are closed and people are hardly moving by.

However, the small little heading behind the gigantic billboard news in the Daily Dawn stated that a brick layer topped his matriculation examination from Multan Board. I could not believe my eyes and my mind took a while to comprehend. A wonder boy found in the most poverty stricken areas of this country. A talent that without the extra prowess of exceptional teachers and educational edifices became a star! Hundreds of good schools are available in Multan yet this under privileged lad became the harbinger for success. All in the city of Sufi saints. is a phenomenal newspaper who takes pride in communicating the achievements of the local masses. It is focusing on the pride and achievements of the local community and spreading the words of success and pride to the entire nation. This paper strives in educating China about the future stars, processes and new activities that can further enhance China. People read it daily and are inspired by the people that have made spectacular achievements. If this boy was born in any poverty stricken area of China, he would have made it to the front headlines. And if he was ever too lucky and born in any slump of States, he would have met the governor of that state and given free education in any university of the world.

An individual can carve dreams into reality and bring forth change for the entire nation. One of the most difficult infrastructures to build is the processes that highlight, segment, and hone talent. Hundreds of the leaders that are driving the American economy our scholarship holders that never had the financial backing to pursue medical, law, and engineers degrees. Yet, once they were finally selected, the government ensured that their dreams reach the pinnacle of stardom. Their world believes that the next president or scientist can be born of any age, creed, status and area. The objective of the nation is to find those individuals and create them into the legendary icons of sagacity.

Our child prodigy might never enter medical school or have enough resources to pursue an engineering degree abroad. His victory might be short left and he will never find his way home. These dreams will die within him. And in his graveyard, we will bury the future of Pakistan. Our own dreams and ambitions will never reach ripeness.

At least one thing would be guaranteed. Our governments will always have enough money to fill the petrol tanks of our senators and have the finances to send our governors to other countries for medical treatments. But our super genius stars that could stabilize the country will still remain on the foot paths awaiting their turn for a job to pay the bills.
Kindly refer to the following article to read more about how man power plays a pivotal part in the economy.


The price Pakistani masses pay for running the National Assembly

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The entire government infrastructure has gone into deep loss. The running capital is becoming depleted and more and more of the rupee are being bandaged on to the ailment. One of the most common rules and financial models is to suppress the running cost. Many examples and models exist in which governments, organizations, communities and even individuals have exponentially decreased the running costs both in terms of operational and management of expenditures. Drastic measures have to be taken when the expenditures are higher than the revenues.

A very easy and dignified approach to this ailment is to right-off the privileges and perks associated with higher ranking government officials especially the ones that make the electoral government. People can certainly live without extra miles and free phone calls but what the government cannot sustain is dictating their running cost and not coming to terms with the decline in revenue. Textiles and agriculture are both the backbones of this nation. Both have taken on a severe beating over the last two regimes.

The real question is that that why is the government not doing anything? The answer lies in the freedom of expenditures without caps and accountability. Who has given the government the right to run the operations without taking into perspective the true reality surfacing in every nook and corner? Here is just a glimpse of the financial goodies associated with elected national members:

Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (MNA)
Ø Monthly Salary: Rs. 120,000 to 200,000
Ø Misc Expenses per month: Rs. 100,000
Ø Office expenditure per month: Rs. 140,000
Ø Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km up to 6000 km/month): Rs. 48,000
Ø Daily BETA when Assembly in session: Rs. 500
Ø Charge for 1st class (A/C) in train: Free (For any number of
Times all over PAKISTAN). Charge for Business Class in flights: Free
for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)
Ø Rent for Govt. hostel anywhere: Free
Ø Electricity costs at home: Free up to 500 units (national avg. 350 units)
Ø Local phone call charge: Free up to 17,000 calls (national avg. 150)
Ø TOTAL expense for one MNA per year: Rs. 32,000,000
(320 million rupees).
Ø TOTAL expense for 534 MNAS per years:
Rs. 85,440,000,000 (85 billion & 440 million rupees)

And they are elected by THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN, through a democratic process. On their own they would be denied entrance to an exclusive restaurant. Many of these elected members hardly pay taxes and enjoy their freedom of speech. Read an article regarding what the Californian governor is doing to stop the excessive tax payer spending.
Let’s look at the Islamic ideology. Islamic ideology and era concludes that all the great caliphs lived off of their meager salaries and spend a very little amount from the tax payer’s money. In fact, all the people in the community had the right and opportunity to challenge the authority and the cost of keeping the government alive. History dictates that when once a Caliph was pointed out of taking more sheets from the tax payer’s money. He then got his son and he testified that he gave his father his share of the cloth. Throughout the entire Islamic era, the Caliphs were just reaching border line of financial expenses.
This is certainly not the case with the government of Pakistan. Millions of rupees are being spent on excessive expensive that only provide a lavish lifestyle. Image the romance and culture of a third world country.
This is a mockery of our taxpayer’s money and an adamant approach needs to take place to reduce this and come to terms with reality. All useless extravagant of money need to be depleted and make this law enforcers come on local transportation. Forgive them their rights and privileges. Let them walk with the common man. Create a system where they cannot utilize money on such expenses. Without these caps we will see further depletion of our financial resources and will eventually become a top worst ranking country in the nation. Is anyone willing to assist in having closure to this?


Pakistan map keeps on changing

As I was growing up as a child, I had seen so many different shapes and sizes of the Pakistan map that I was always puzzled about the boundaries of this great nation. Some maps had certain areas of Kashmir given to India and in some maps Pakistan was the rightful owner of the northern areas.
This image never left me. The sad part is that many of the government organizations and private sectors have the conflicted map of Pakistan allowing India to take full charge of their territory. Unfortunately, India never had a sporadic and convoluted image about its domain. All their maps are really clear. They own Kashmir.
It is really a sad state of affairs to know and realize that the Pakistani community has done nothing regarding the overall infrastructural image of the great nation. We have allowed maps to be circulated to the world that gives a wrong image of Pakistan. Imagine a distorted image of our own faces in the market. This kind of sabotage leaves a great nation crippled and scared. People start losing faith in their own ideologies and children grow up believing that their own identity can be scrutinized.
I stand up against the images that are on the walls of the UN buildings and other walls that allow Kashmir to belong to India. This territory belongs to Pakistan. Attached is the real picture of our great nation. These are the borders in which we will play, dance, love and eventually die.


A poem in dedication to the children of our Lands

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I will not let die aimlessly. There is a commitment that we will survive and go beyond our hopes and dreams. This poem is dedicated to the children that left home and never came back. This poem is to salute the ambitious stars of tomorrow that have now been buried in the dirt of political and social fabric of fools.

Suicidal attacks
Scariest dreams lurking in the alleys of hate
Perturbed eyes gazing for a tomorrow
if only today survives....

Dreams scattered in the dust
weapons driving home a message
Death is the univocal music in the air
Can you hear it?

It makes us deaf to our fears and hopes
This is the song ouf our Autumn
A lullaby for my children


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This is my pride, my emblem
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