Tribute to Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi was one of the most loved Urdu poets of his time. Generations have been mystified by his elegance of words and clarity of thought. He gave to the generations of Pakistan an indelible imprint of thought, devotion and conviction. He beautifully once said “my words will be my testament of my existence in this life". And how true this is. My father told me the secret of eternal life - Publish or Perish. With these thoughts I construed various articles and published many in various newspapers. I am and will remain a great fan of Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. He once wrote a scintillating poem for the nation. I translated it into English

Poem for my Nation

God Willing
the season of spring
to blossom on my land
that cannot decay

God Willing
Flowers that bloom
bloom till centuries to come
And autumn never to have the audacity
to pass by

And the greenery that blooms
remains green till eternity
and such green
that has no substitute

God Willing
Never should the pride
of my nation prostrate in vain
And its beauty never
to be touched by age and time

Each individual to be full of talent and promise
And no one to be in shambles and low spirits

God Willing
And never to have life
be painful or a crime
for any of my countrymen

God Willing

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another step in the frontiers of technology. CIO magazine and have joined hands to create a stimuli in the telecom market of Pakistan. This is an excellent site where the great minds of the telecom boom can mix and share thoughts. The best part is that the site has categorized the various factions and you can easily search the ones that you predict are good and the ones that you negate.
I have added my site and would recommend that people do visit the site and rank the sites that you search. It is not only a moral booster but allows for a massive influx of knowledge sharing. Enjoy surfing.


jialas are killing us

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I want a peaceful Pakistan. Similar to the peace that is rudimentary and easily felt in the streets of the USA and Australia. Each day, I long for a day where we can realize how much colossal damage we have done over the years and throw away the anguish and guilt. Our papers are filled with flamboyant arguments between PPP and PML. A headline communicating what was violated and how many have died. But how did this all begin? Who allowed criminal activity into this nation? But what astonishes me the most is that the electricity, gas and life are all short in this country. People who are rich and poor have the same commodity issues. Yet, when these rallies take place, hundreds and thousands flock the streets in solemn commitment to their leaders irrespective of the history.
People ask me why you don’t vote. I guess 3.7 million people here have the same answer. There is no one to vote for. If there was negative marking then yes, I would vote and ensure that the PPP or PML never do get elected. But this is not in my hands. The fate of the country lies with the jilas of both parties. Bodies that have been allowed to plunder the government jobs and take refuge in their power gods. Recently I ventured with seagull communication and spoke to 50 different activists from the PPP and PML-N. These are the people who are seen carrying the banners and shouting slogans. Here are some of the astonishing answers I got from the simple question alone – “Pakistan has no electricity, water or power. And doesn’t seem like we might have it in the near future. We all know the governments that have ruled have done the damage. Why do you still believe in them and not by cot them?”

Amjad – 22- welder – “I believe in Nawaz Sharif since he gave my father a job. And then he was kicked out due to PPP government. I am a poor man. I get money from the party if I participate in their functions and give them vote.”

Saad – 33 – driver – “ I come for the thrill. Free food. Nothing to do. Shout and scream. Not bad. I go to all functions if I know I will be given food. I would rather wait a few hours then work hard to earn the same amount for the day”

Abbas – 19 –“ I stopped studying and did not like education. Benazir Income gets me going. Who else gave me money?”

I clearly realized that we are molesting the souls of our poverty stricken people. We need to give them homes and opportunity. I once gave a report to Asjad Ali Malhi who was the ex federal minister for IT to capitalize on the telecom market. The objective of the presentation was to bring all cell phone industry vendors into Pakistan and ensure that we build the phones in-house. This implies that our people will build each and every component. Manufacturing and the complete assembly line. Imagine what we could have accomplished by giving this nation a magnanimous push into the economies of scale. Hundreds and thousands of people would have been given jobs and people would have loved to become a part of the community. We would have built a world where people have jobs and could secure their futures. People would find time to build play grounds and entertainment zones. Not keep our youth orchestrated in the veneers of doubts and ambiguity. This is not the Pakistan we had thought to build. Yet these young untalented individuals who we interviewed fail to realize that the promises are luke warm and that the world has seen Pakistan fail and fail again due to bad governance.


Lyari Killings and Karachi Clean UP

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lyari Karachi Violence
The newspapers and the politicians never seem to disappoint me. The recent surge of sporadic and seamless killings has again shocked and devastated the ex capital of Pakistan. Over a week of random killings have made Lyari area a very angry and pissed off area. Interestingly enough, the government took a strict stand against the deaths of innocent people and immediately cordoned the statements with an amalgamated venture between PPP and MQM. Irrespective of the glossy glue associated with the patch work, veneers of doubt and ambiguity lie in search of eruption. No one can deny that loss of innocent lives leaves an indelible imprint on society. But the greater aftermath is really the lack of prevention and the nonexistence of counter measurements. Imagine a society that gets used to killings of their own loved ones and do not declare any form of agitation.
Against the norms of Pakistan, the Lyari community was ransacked and people taken hostage. The army went into military mode and captured many volatile and enemies of the state. The reason behind such a powerful stance was to eradicate the area from trouble makers. One minister indicated that this was high time where the land mafia groups were disengaged and culprits finally taken into account. In the early hours of the morning, the army stormed into the area and captured the declared culprits.
Soon after the community came to the streets and progressed towards the Chief Minister's house. Instead of warding off the community and communicating the reason behind the dire reasons of capturing fugitives, the culprits were released. The dawn news clearly indicated how the community won.
Imagine how this all took place. Waste of energies, time and reason. Why would the government want to shun the evil and then release it again against unknown odds? We need to clean the streets and determine how we can make it a more beautiful place. And how we go about doing it? Take the army into our domain and ransack the area. Obtain the culprits and then release then soon after? Pakistan wake up!!!
We live in a society where life can be undone. The rules of engagement do not commit to reason. As a nation, we must realize what these actions allow us to do. We live in a society that is at a brink of disaster. And how we claim our fame is to damage the trust of the community and declare these atrocities as unfair?


The most vulnerable naked nukes of India

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More than 80% of India’s nuclear and missile infrastructure based in the insurgency-hit areas or extremists’ dominated region

Article By Makhdoom Babar in Islamabad & Christina Palmer in New Delhi
While the western media and the western governments keep shouting about vulnerability of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and keep expressing the fears that these are likely to fall in the hands of extremists like Taliban, they have kept their eyes wide shut regarding the state of affairs of the nuclear weapons and nuclear capable missiles of neighbouring India where the situation is highly alarming, reveal the findings of our investigations into the matter.
According to our investigations, the Indian government, in bid to keep it maximum possible away from the striking capabilities of Pakistan that lies across India’s northern borders, decades back decided to install all its nuclear and missile facilities in the Eastern zone of the country. However, with the passage of time, the eastern region of India emerged as the most disturbed, fragile and ungovernable region of the country with a variety of insurgency movements including that of Naxal rebels, emerging in that very part of the country.

According to a map, graphed by India’s own security agencies, the eastern region and some other parts of the country have been declared as “ The Red Corridor” of India due to being unstable,ungovernable and being highly fragile, security wise. According this “Red Corridor” map, there are some 51 districts that are very badly hit by the rebels while the total number of rebel struck districts remains around 164, ranging from Dehradhun to Kerala.

Our investigations indicate that most of India’s top nuclear and missile facilities are located in the extremely Nexal terrorists struck districts of India, located deep down in the “Red Corridor”. According to our investigations, in the direction of Indian nuclear facilities, Uranium processing plant by the name of Uranium Corporation Of India Limited (UCIL) is located in adversely insurgency and terror struck region of Jharkhand where Nexal guerrillas are dominating and are on the rampage, Talcher Heavy Water Plant again in the same area, Institute of Physics(IOP) again in the same area while Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research(AMD), Ceramatic Fuel Fabrication Facility(CFFF), Special Materials Plant,though, is not included in the Red Corridor map of India, yet the whole world knows that Maharashtra is the hub of Extremist Hindu Militant Groups where Hindutva Brotherhood, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini and Sangh Parivar like terrorist organizations are on the rampage for past many years, without any check from authorities and all these Hindu militant organizations are very well known for their extreme anti-Pakistan policies and are full capable of getting hold of any of the Indian nuclear facility that exists in their respective state and region.
These Investigations reveal that out of India’s Missile facilities, Defence Electronics Applications Laboratories (DEAL), Metallurgical & Engineering Consultants Limited, Interim Test Range (ITR) and Semi Conductor Complex Limited (SCL) are located in Chandigarh where Six separatists are running the insurgency movement under the banners of Babbar Khalsa group and Storage Site for Pirthvi-1 Ballistic Missile is located in disputed territory of Jammu where Muslim separatists are engaging Indian Army and Air Force for the past many years.
Our investigations further disclose that around 90% of the Red Corridor areas are just a No Go Zone for the Indian troops and Air Force. In these areas there is no writ of the Indian government nor there is any proper implementation of State laws of India. The nexal rebels are enjoying full control and keep striking at will. Just recently they killed over a dozen officials of Police and even shot down a chopper of Indian Air Force (IAF). It is also evident from the record of IAF that IAF has now started having commandos, airborne on all IAF chopper sorties in the Red Corridor to protect the choppers from a possible Nexal attack. Similarly the police officials have also advised the politicians and other VIPs to avoid flying over the Red Corridor in chopper and also not to travel in these areas without appropriate security arrangements. Our investigations indicate that even a couple of days back, the Nexal rebels set ablaze three trucks and damaged a bridge in Jharkhand as they began their two-day Jharkhand-Bihar shutdown to protest against the Centre’s alleged effort to put down the CPI(Maoists) movement by force.
The Daily Mail constituted a team of freelance reporters and photographers, under the command of our Delhi Bureau Chief Christina Palmer. The team was given the test task of exploring the state of affairs at Jharkand which is considered to be hub of India’s nuclear energy programme. See what we discovered.
EAST Singhbhum district in Jharkhand, bordering West Bengal and Orissa, is the capital of India’s nuclear energy programme. It is rich in uranium that is mined by the Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) and converted later into nuclear fuel for the reactors. East Singhbhum is also rich in Naxalites who are active in the area and well aware of the mines that produce uranium. Little to no security separates the uranium ore or the processed yellowcake from the Naxalites, who are currently extending their control, with the local administration officials admitting that it is just a matter of time before they strike the mines.
These investigations reveal that During flash floods in June 2008, radioactive uranium waste dumped into a tailing pond of Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) in Jadugoda of Jamshedpur spilled over into nearby village ponds, wells and fields, and destroyed crops as well.
Radioactive wastes in Indian rivers is an undocumented environmental tragedy in India .This once-pleasing river originates in the Chotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand in eastern India and finally enters the Bay of Bengal after a 452 km journey. Along the way, it courses a picturesque countryside, plunging 74 metres at Hundrugargh.
In 2008 Bihar police arrested two persons carrying uranium ore reportedly worth Rs 23 crores. According to Shyam Kumar, the then superintendent of police in Bihar’s Saupal district, “The uranium was on its way to Nepal. The origin of the uranium is unknown.” Security experts, however, have little doubt that the uranium is from East Singhbhum, while it remains a fact that the area is the only source of uranium in India.
Ajit Doval, a former Director of India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB) says “The Naxalites can easily turn their attention to illegal uranium trade for their funding. This is a real possibility.” He further added, “The end user of this uranium can be a threat to the country. Hence, it should not be treated merely as a case of theft. Rather, the Government must conduct a serious investigation and identify the buyers.” The case has not made any headway even after a year.
The Investigations indicate that in 2008, Andhra Pradesh had a near brush with radioactive poisoning. The trucks carrying the yellowcakes from Jadugoda met with an accident and overturned on the NH 5 near Narsannapeta in Andhra Pradesh. Luckily, there was no leakage of radioactive material. But UCIL officials dismissed that as a “one off incident” and continued to use the same mode of transportation.
Our investigations also disclose that there are certain Nexal sympathisers in the ranks of Indian nuclear scientists who are secretly helping the nexal rebels to learn to utilize and transport Uranium. These investigations reveal that N Mahalingam an Indian nuclear scientist from Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant in Karnataka was one of those Nexal facilitators. Mahalingam went mysteriously missing in June this year. After a few days, his dead body was found from a lake and it was presumed that he had committed suicide. Indian Minister for Home Affairs P Chidumbaram, who recent showed his muscles to The Daily Mail regarding one of its investigative reports about Indian army, on the eve of the discovery of the dead body of Mahalingam, assured the public and the media that he will soon reveal the causes and reasons of the death of the nuclear scientist but as usual he has never come up with a single word over the issue since then. Our investigations reveal that Mahalingam was actually picked up by Indian Intelligence Agency RAW for doubts about his links with Nexal rebels but was killed due to a severe third degree torture during the interrogation. Later RAW people threw his dead body in a pond and informed police through an unknown call. The bruises on the dead body Mahalingam proved that he was tortured to death.
This also gives a shut-up call to all those Western journalists and Western governments that keeping expressing fears that neighbouring Muslim State Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was prone to fall in the hands of religious extremists. This state of affairs in the direction india’s naked nukes clearly proves that Indian Nuclear arsenal and the entire nuclear infrastructure is much, much more fragile and vulnerable to fall in the hands of militants and etreemists than that of Pakistan’s.


The World’s Worst Terrorists

Monday, January 11, 2010


The above-captioned article was written by John Pilger in the daily The Yumiuri Shimbun, of Japan, dated 30th August, 1998. He says “In recent years Muslims have been the greatest sufferers from state terrorism.” The excerpts of his above-mentioned article are as below.

“By knowingly killing innocent people, for political ends, President Clinton is a terrorist. By supporting his actions, the Prime Minister and the Defense Secretary, of Britain, are accomplices. The dictionary meaning of terrorism allows no other interpretation; the rest is willful obfuscation, or propaganda. What matters now is our informed reaction.

In 1986, there was an ‘evil’ Colonel Gaddafi, whose country President Reagan bombed from bases in Britain, killing mostly women and children, including Gaddafi’s 16- month-old daughter.

Read the entire article at Pak Alert at


JJVL LPG company (Mafia)

JJVL LPG company (Mafia) All in All in pakistan.Total cost 9 Rs kg but sell out 72 Rs / kg to PEOPLE of pakistan.Profit earned yet 220 billion Rs. Atizaz ahsan's wife is working with this company. (Dunya News )


Karachi violence

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today some other beautiful people will rest in permanence. Another mourning day has begun for many families today. Innocent lives being buried in the ambush of self destruction. Another Pakistani dies without reason and perspective. Again, today, we are silenced. Tomorrow we will go to work and pretend nothing happened.
I wonder who really is alive? According to Dawn, several people died who belonged to PPP or MQM party. Irrespective of their ordeal and propensity, they died innocently and are no longer with us.
Security is of a prime deterrence in keeping the social and moral fabric ablaze. With such appalling incidents going on, one can only wonder what will occur in times of tomorrow. Who will be killed and who will survive? We need to realize that many Pakistani people are dying without reason and we need to question why.
The police department needs to focus on honing their skills and using the latest equipment for capturing the culprits. Innocent lives cannot be taken with such ease. Indiscriminate firing? Just one sentence? It has a magnitude impact on society! People die and live each day to see their families and loved ones. And simple stray bullets can end our lives? Is this the Pakistan we are building? Say something Karachi!! Say something Pakistan!!!


Moon Market Blast Victims

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims
Moon Market Blast Victims


Without Light Once again

Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of the most remarkable men have read under candle light. And many have become legends in their own rights. And history can name hundreds and thousands of salient scholars and sages who have mastered their arts only through determination of going on irrespective of no electricity. In the annals of history, all prophets and kings were without this common utility. These were all in disheveled timeframes and the world knew of no other knowledge to create massive electrical units.
Imagine the immensity and propensity towards learning when the digital era was light years away. The sole purpose of entertainment was books. Maybe that is the core reason behind the prior year’s having the most luxurious and exhilarating libraries and warehouses of books and knowledge. Libraries were a countries’ main possession and the ultimate harbinger for the next generations to come. Generations were built on quality books. Some of the critics of history even declare that the state of the country can be directly deciphered by the quality of books and the infrastructure of libraries.
We are hundreds of hours out of the candle light eras. Yet the government of Pakistan still has not been able to successfully illuminate our streets, homes, and offices. Without electricity, all elements of life get affected. Operations rooms, manufacturing and industries. Imagine a world where the situation is so dire that the rates of electricity have been raised 18%!!!! And we are still not on the streets. My decisions today are now a meal of to light my house. Where has this led us to? Who are we to blame? The onus cannot be left onto the ruling party alone. Every single ruler neglected the aspect and gave way to more ruthless tactics. Our country is without light. Is it that for the reason so that we can be blinded by the darkness and let go of our dreams?
The minister of power clearly communicated that 2010 would be the start of an electrifying era. Was he referring to the exuberant price hike? People who have made commitments to the masses need to realize that they need to come up to the podium and apologize. We have had too many promises broken and many dreams shattered. Why are we without sight and light? What have we done to deserve this? According to the political circle, our leaders need to reply back. We are anxiously waiting.
I guess the days are outnumbered. We are going to reach a time where people will burn down the homes and the offices of the government institutions. The presidency and prime minister houses need to face outages as well to see how the poor man lives. Imagine that the world has gotten rid of outages by investing in hundreds of different solutions. In Paris alone, garbage is burnt to give them electricity. We might be able to drive and create electricity by our piss and shit as well. This is the only thing in abundance. I am sure we would be glad to donate these items to our leaders for power generation.
People of Pakistan, enough is enough. Light or no light, we are going to build Pakistan. But take a deep breath and realize the damage that has been inflicted on us. Let’s not create these disasters again. Let’s vote these people out.
We need electricity to keep our hospitals going and our manufacturing units pumping. Our people need to realize this. Interestingly enough the politicans have their own factories and yet they pretend that solutions do not exist. The Cheema family who got the provincial ministry for industry has his own leather garments. How does he run it without electricity?


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