Maybe it might be too late?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have we often thought about where we would end up as a nation? Some of the most drastic events have sparked riots and convuluted nightmares among the masses. Millions have died over the last decade include the ex prime minister of this country. We as a nation must ask ourselves what we are to expect in the future. Are we going to have dreams left? Is this what we all bargained for.

Lets remember the history of how we got created. One man called Muhammad Ali Jinnah took upon this daunting task to carve a nation for us all. A man who was left in darkness and despair. He was not escorted during his ambulance ride to the hospital. His precious sister lost the elections. Is this what the vultures of this land anticipated?

This country has had their share of thugs and looters. Almost all the politicians boasts of their deads and harrassments ideologies. Imagine. I have come to believe that the people who created Pakistan died in its attempt and left it to be burnt by the looters and rapists. If this is not true, what picture do you see when you open your eyes?


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