We have no heros?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You will not regret leaving me in peace. The world will remind you that we once lived. These tragedies will keep you alive. We are not to be burnt alive and be buried in the gardens of our fate. We will live endlessly and passionately. You will remember our love and our understandings. We are the people of the world that will keep on enjoying the privilege of life. I bet this is similar to the words that the boundaries and death bodies can instill in us as we bury them into the graves. You have killed our children, our soldiers, our parents. But you have left alone the politicians and the corrupt? Why is that? What is the justice in this all?
I believe in peace and still believe that a settlement of life needs to be imbedded into the demolished social and moral fabric of this nation. Our melancholic stance on life is to remain silent. As if someone has zipped our souls and kept our breaths. This is no substitute for life. This is not the Pakistan I am going to leave behind. I will fight with my words. I will unite the sentences for generations to come to tell about the miseries of today. I will openly claim that we are not destined to such graphical horror and tragedies.
The entire system is corrupt. It does not leave behind a road for any man to walk on. Either you try to become a part of them and then when in, work from the inside out. That is almost impossible since it has never occurred before. This toothsome offer only exists in fairy tales. Nothing more. Where does it say that our lives and souls will be expropriated for social and moral injustice?
We have a million questions. Why did Nawaz Sharif allow sign off on the NRO on the condition that he be allowed to run the third time? Why have the senators agreed upon accepting the NRO? Is there no one to contemplate on the current situation? I have a pen. So I write. The men ruling the country should think of their mistakes and what they are doing to us all! We need to take accountability. But how?
Let us live! Let us be free! What have we done! Who are we waiting for ? Our deaths? Our dreams to sink into the abyss of fate? Our silence is our derogation. Oh Pakistan wake up!


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