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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ladies in Gentlemen, we are living in hell. There is no substitute to ignorance and cowardice. We live in Pakistan where value systems of integrity, honor and responsibility are even combated. Imagine a world where people have sold their souls and the nation’s spirit to the enemies and have convoluted the minds of the innocent Pakistani’s. Hundreds of marches have taken place and yet the desolate affairs remain the same. Here are just some of the glimpses that have occurred over the last few days that show the nemesis of this nation.
• Fatima Jinnah Medical students revolt against coming under proper check and balance. All medical institutions in Pakistan should never be given the authority to give medical degrees out. Similar to US, all medical colleges can facilitate education but one board takes the exam and endorses the degree. Here the world has changed. Different colleges are now granting medical diplomas and certificates. Imagine what occurs when these ferocious animals treat others. These are doctors without the proper training and education.
• No clear verdict of NRO – in a world like Germany, USA and even South America, people who have been placed in the ousted and corrupt list should be immediately sacked and within days inquiries to take place and case closed. In Pakistan, we are still lingering on. Like many cases, this will end many years after the politicians have looted the foundations of this nation.
• Imanae verdict – the police have done no immediate action against the culprits. More daughters are dying. Somewhere no one is taking heed of such profundities of human life.
• Political turmoil – USA President claims to bombard Quetta with the aerial combat and no one stands out and declares this unconstitutional. What is this? On one hand US states that the sovereignty of Pakistan is intact and then they fly their planes at their own whimsical desires?
• Mr. Kosa who was investigating the NRO cases has been transferred with immediate effect. No one is shouting out?

The saddest element of our society is simply this. Our enemies have killed our fathers; mothers, daughters and sons, and we are silent. The common man is silent and speechless. The issue is that the sons of generals and army officers have done but there is no voice from their end. The bureaucracy enclave is sending out their families and money abroad but no check and balance. The financial reserves are at an all time low. Electricity is short and water is scarce. And yet we see people nominating and fighting the war of who is the better of fewer evils PPP or PML? All political channels endorse and substantiate crimes. No agency or channel has come forth with the conclusive reporting on the NRO and trace the money from one source to another. We are silent. We are dead. If we want Pakistan to survive raise your voices. I have a pen so I testify that I will die with this nation. But will be fighting. What about you – the generals who have lost their sons? The people who have lost their mothers? The people who have been ambushed? Will you not speak? Who has cut your tongue?


sadia said...

we hope that we can win lets see

Anonymous said...

sad these idiots

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