How Cheap have the politicans sold Pakistan?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rehman Malik the corruption leader

Our colleges and universities are being guarded by covert military operations. Our libraries and dormitories are no longer safe. We have buried our fathers and elders as they stand waiting anxiously for their paychecks. Our sisters and mothers have been scattered amongst the rubble as they were shopping with smiles embarked upon their petal lips. Our children have been shot at during regular school hours. This is insanity speaking in the true and vibrant colors of life. I can no longer remain silent. Words have to stem out of the silence to create a gesture of expression. I cannot withstand another day of innocent lives being sent to heaven and the crimes are still unknown.
If this was America, the entire nation would have stampeded into the senate demanding in writing a report deciphering the faults of the government and reasons of failure to host secure and prosperous measures. The American communities will be questioning each and every government official related to homeland security about the measures and action items. And in our part of the world, our federal minister for interior is pebbled with shoes and stones as he tries to enter the Islamic University after two consecutive bombs killed 6 innocent lives. Still he remains the unique ideology of governance.
Within the domain of Pakistan foreign planes bombard our own cities and the media keeps no trail of the accusations and the assaults. To the people, the dead bodies are only numbers. Participants who had to brutally die as they are negotiating with the west against the war on terror. Have the think tanks of Americans forgotten that the true enemies might not be the militant assailants of the north western frontiers but the clever and benign politicians who have sold the country at a dirt cheap price?
Where did this all begin? Who allowed selling the nation at such a price? I have buried my family due to the war on terror alone. My father has died of malpractice and my mom has faced road accidents due to people not caring of the traffic lights. Is this the social and moral fabric that Quaid left behind? We require answers now. Our generations will not sleep to the whispers of the night. Our generation will speak till our blood is spilled in the streets. My heart will amalgamate with the screams of the innocent lives that are left unburied. I am ready to die with the song of freedom in my soul. That cannot be killed with a cheap bullet. You cannot sell my aspirations for they are not for sale. Let us ring the bells of faith. Let us all unite.
Problem is that we have no outlet. The political system is so corrupt that honest liberations can not follow pursuit. The sun rays are trying their level best to succeed into the prism of darkness. But the political clout is placing their hands on every single nook and corner of the room. Sun rays are being diverted and left to remain outside the prism of life. And within these walls, I am trapped. You are trapped. And our senators, advisors, and the political system keeps on breathing poverty, terror and fear in our minds and souls.
Interestingly, no provincial government is taking precautions measures to streamline and improve the deplorable situation. Even the so called hero of Punjab sits ideally as the massacres in Punjab take place. All I read in the newspapers is transfers of the social political bureaucracy. I do not see legitimate and conducive action plans in full force. The same police officers at the road barricades are sipping tea and the dormant traffic wardens never trail down the ambushed calls pleading for assistance. The police force still has the same recruitment being fired at time and time again. No snipers within the college domains and no policy making of the nazims to garner people into building secure environments to fight crime. Is this the magnanimous work of the PML –N? We might have expected more from an educated governor and a profound and vocal administrator. Their promises mean nothing. I have buried my loved ones. When will they die?
Is this the Pakistan we are to give to our generations? Are we going to remain silent as these walls cave in? Look closely at your face today. This face might not remain on the surface today. Due to the political chaos and mayhem created by our forefathers. Sad is that I do not know who created this mess. Bhutto as he steered us into the complete nemesis or the vibrant colors of the dictatorial governance of Zia Ul HAQ. Instead of disengaging their families from the political systems we have blessed them with ministries and even the presidential chair.


Pete Samprez said...

Agree. but what is there to do though ?

Anonymous said...

how can we speak up though ? this is the tantamount quesiton .

Anonymous said...

good article. i wish we could do more. still hang on and lets see the light.

Anonymous said...

"killed 6 innocent lives" in fact they were more than 40 young girls and one dead body were been hanged on with the iron rod in forehead for 3 days (eye witness.)
The article is really heart touching!!! Great job….

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