Afghanistan Refuge Crisis and the Deobandi School of thought

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Deobandi School of thought

Pakistan is going through one of the most difficult times. The political system is incomplete decay. The NRO has not been completely banished and criminals are still free. What can one say regarding the leadership steering this country into further chaos and doom. In times like these, one only wonders when his or her time will come. People ask me when I would be leaving this country. The answer to this is scarier than the reality that abides in this country. If I choose to leave this country now, I've made a choice of burying my past, present and even future. I would let go of a Pakistan that I actually want. There is no respite anywhere one goes.
This article is to shed light on some of the elements of political jurisdiction that many of you might not even have fathomed. One of the greatest tragedies that are barbaric leader General Zia Ul Haque administered during his president ship was allowing millions of refugees to invade Pakistan. This has led to a mass exodus of human mind set and people migrating into the veneers of Pakistan. I'm talking about more than 3 million a fund refugees have settled into Pakistan. Kindly refer to for further details regarding the atrocities and ill managed migration of people.
Imagine three new million people coming into your country without any unique representation, financial goods, opportunity, and any respect for your political system. These were people who feared slaughter and decided to volt out of anguished and torn Afghanistan. Pakistan was their haven. The kindest country that would house them till date. And what have they done as gratitude of our love and affection? They have sided with India, turning away the Kabul River, drowning our financial sectors by penetrating into them and creating havoc. This Pakistan was for the Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and proud Pakhtoons. They are not for the migrated asses who have forgotten the love and passion of this country. report will tell you of the blessings and the god gifted neighbor that the afghan refugees had. Without us, they would have died in the cold brazen winters. But what have they offered us as they returned back? No tower of love and understanding? No remorse as they infiltrate our soil and ambush our children?
Hundreds and thousands of Afghans fled the correct system thanks due to the Deobandi movement that incorporated the children into the madrassas and then taught them the wrong Islamic values. After the fatal education of explicit homicide and wrong teachings of Islam, these afghan children were again sent back to Afghanistan to shoot out the so called devil. The circle of life started by the profound determination of one of the most corrupt and devastatingly convulsive Islamic organizations that was created by Indian intelligence.
And instead of thanking the Pakistan government and taking pride in accepting that they were fed and properly taken care of during their worst days, they turn around and shake hands with our worst enemy India? And this to a nation that took their 3 million families into our own hands and given them the opportunity of a lifetime. And the return is that their forefathers and their countrymen surround us and attack us? Is this the payback after years of sacrifice that we gave for and to them? We do not want neighbors such as them? We never accept neighbors that actually take refuge with India.
Our people in our communities need to understand that one of the worst disasters that this country performed is open the Afghan Pandora box. Taliban’s are just an off shoot of the madarasas schools taught by Deobandi school of thought. If Taliban’s are just some of the segments of the Deobandi school of thought, we must ask ourselves what kind of teachers are they? In his book Jihad, Gilles Kepel clearly orchestrates the devastation and moral destruction that the Deobandi school of thought have placed on the afghan refugees taken during the refugee years.


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