Who are these men lining up to listen to the Political System?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Poor Pakistani Children eating fom Rubble and Trash

The newspapers are filled with the names of the bodies that have died in the ambushed streets of my country. The vagabond politicians keep on increasing the price of sugar and other commodities. Each day, we get a new scare. Today, I read that the scarcity of electricity and power will be exponentially increased over the next year. And the next heading is that hundreds and thousands of PPP workers gathered around Quaid Park to hear their leader and president speak volumes of Bhuttoism.
I am completely frustrated and humiliated. Everywhere I go I hear the defiance of life. I hear the tea boy complaining of how hard it is to survive with Rs. 4,000. And this young boy is only 12 years old. He has never played cricket because life never gave him a chance and neither did he have the money to purchase a bat. His father requires his money to pay off his loans that he has garnered after the marriage of his first daughter. His other sons play a detrimental part in revamping the house hold. So many mouths to feed? The question that haunts millions of Pakistanis. And then Bhutto committed roti, kapra, makhan. But where are the homes? The clothes and the roof tops?
I pass by the market place and over hear some Pathans speaking of the anguish of having their stores burnt due to the political riots. So many family members have died in the recent car bombs and their stores completely annihilated. “I have the moment. I have so much material in the warehouses. I never thought of insurance and now I am awake all night anticipating that someone might blow up this market” the other Pathan agrees with complete conviction. In their eyes, you can see the damages of an amputated soul.
Questioning the very sanity of the people, I meet a banker. Thinking that only the poor have a brutality syndrome against the government and the corruption that has enabled us to become the worst run government in the world. We have no electricity, power and water. And on television, people from the northern frontiers vote for the PPP? What promises have they been committed? Have the not seen the longest river fall of their promises since the inception of Pakistan? Wasn’t Bhutto responsible for the dislocation of West Pakistan or is that going to be added into the NRO as well?
The banker weeps. He makes Rs. 45,000 a month with 50 liters of fuel. “My daughter got sick and scared from the bombardment in Islamabad. She was at her aunt’s car and saw the Rawalpindi market collapse. She will now be afraid of people and faces all throughout her life. Her aunt died that day too.” Imagine giving hope to a child who has spoken to death.
The middle class man is stagnant and cursing his fate. The poor men waiting for an opportunity to reunite and burst into flames. I hear no one on the streets praising any Politican. And yet, as we see on television, hundreds of people line up to hear the same routine matters of the politicians. Are these the dump and illiterate classes who have been bought for a roti? Is this the commitment of Bhutto? You listen to my speeches and I will give you bread?
I cannot listen to the sounds of my country ending. I will become the Tipu Sultan. So keep the arrows targeted. I will leave no drops as we fight this war against corruption and humiliation. Stop the war on the northern frontiers. Stop the stupid and bizarre acts of cowardice. I don’t know why the terrorists don’t bomb the politicians. How is this possible?
What have we done to deserve this? Why can’t we unit and march on. So many things to fight about. Next year, we have no electricity. Want to read in the dark? I can buy you a roti? Please listen to me….


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