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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lt. Gen said to salim bukhari (journalist) when Musharaf was in unifrom,a person who took Musharraf to kholo (blouchistan) for Jalsa was not Musharraf true friend bz at that time (state between insurgency).After that visit Gen vs Bugti (persönal revenge start) - -means RAW Vs ISI. Bolta pakistan 11oct

870000 pounds VAT tax paid by Gallani's wife at london airport means 8 to 10 lac pound shopping done by her during flood in the record 14oct 

In karachi, 1233 persons kill in last 10 months.thousands meeting no result due to political parties not taking ownership(grt game).every local person knows the reality but he is helpless.(hasb hal 21 oct)

US is investing 50 million dollars in pakistan news channels to buy anchors & channels owners.(royal news 24 june) 

25 bilion Rs gven to stil mill by govt in 2010 budget.coruption done by zardari friend's abbas stil mill which was working with pak steel mill but poor ppl vil be charged to give bailout to pakistan still mil to overcome the deficit .(dusra pehlu 17 june)

Pepco new tariff rates , morning 7 Rs per unit , nights 11 Rs per unit.this is for 5 time zardari govt increase tariff in current yr of 2010.

Today All types of daals rates 10% increase , one more deaster on ppl of pakistan in the month of july 2010 , after electricity tariff increased & 6 trains stopped by ANP minister of railway.well done PPP & ANP.

Zardari another gift to ppl of pakistan IN July , Pak- Afgan transit trade agreement : give indian access to afganistan through air space & sea frm pakistan.And also indian stuff go to afganistan through waga border by afgan trucks.Agreement dne by US pressure.

Afganistan has 3 trillion dollars menaral , we hav plan to use it said by hamid karzai in afganistan today.This statement shows General Hameed Gul said absolutely right last night ,that US wil take menerals to his country through india by pak afgan transit trade.

This is for 4th time in july & 7th time in 2010 Electricity tariff 64 pasai / unit increase , Suger price 10 Rs / Kg.

 Flood & target killing in Pakistan & president sb is in france right now , go to cover his corruptions of kicks backs in ogosta ships cases.15 krore exp of his visit to france & UK , money of poor ppl.(VIEWS ON NEWS 4 augest)

Today Zardari sell out 365 acre Sara Mahal to india family in UK , when flood (40lac ppl displaced yet) & target killing (90 kill & 200 injured yet ) in pakistan.(hasb haal 6 augest

Adnan khawaja gave 35 krore Rs commision to PM Gallani for OGDC , hajj director gave 2 krore Rs for directorship. (ARY- 11th hour 4oct 2010)


Important SMS sent via the Political Channels

In karachi, 1233 persons kill in last 10 months.thousands meeting no result due to political parties not taking ownership(grt game).every local person knows the reality but he is helpless.(hasb hal 21 oct)

Gold & copper menarals of 75 billion dolars worth in Rocodik-(blouchistan),which is 6th largest stock in world.just need 1 billion dallor investment to get it , but pakistan Govt sell out it to jewish company for nothing.our external loans are 55 billion dollars.(royal news)

Zardari Govt is planning to take flood tax frm job holders From october :: 5% tax on ppl who earn 3 lac / yr or more. We shud oppose it bz no tax on jagirdar & wadaras & corrupt MNA's MPA's.why should we pay?

Million dollar question ! How many displaced ppl (2 krore) are intentionaly moved by politicians in sindh to other places ,so that to empty poor ppl land ,so to release water in poor ppl land & which ultimately save politicians lands.its a big conspirancy. (do tok 29 august)

Gen Zia era UN report on kalabagh dam 1982 -estimation 130 billion Rs ,estimation in 1998 was 332 billion Rs.pakistan invested 1.2 billion Rs on kala bhag till 1998 (Gen Zia , Banazir & Nawaz sharif Era's).In 2010, 7 billion dallors is estimated for kala bhag dam.Dams are important to save water & to avoid floods & to restart pakistan 70% stop industries due to energy crisis.
Agriculture tax is already in sindh so its a provincial subject, which mqm dnt focus for fully implementation.Then why MQM go for land reforms.why dont MQM come out from ppp Govt ,it may due to US pressure.(sawal yai hai 3 sept)

We protest against the statement of FOUZIA WAHAB about 'FAROOQ-E-AAZAM HAZRAT OMER-E-FAROOQ(R.A)'..,

"us waqt QURAN tha CONSTITUTION nai isliye Hazrat Omer(R.A) ko adalat main pesh kiya gaya tha aur ab constitution ki waja se PRESEDENT ko adalat main pesh nai kiya ja sakta, wo aam sheri nai"
She means to say constitution is supreme than QURAN and she is comparing ZARDARI with SAHABA KARAAM astaghfirullah. ALLAH ki maar ho iss orat per.

India is making world 3rd largest dam in Kargil.india invested 25 bilion dalors on 62 dams yet. but pakistan is sleeping instead protest against it zardari took 50 million aid from india. (terkish-royal news 24 august)
Pakistan has 60 atomic warheads & pak has stuff of 100 atomic bomb,so pak can make bombs within no time.(Stock-home international peace research foundation report)..India has 70 atom warheads as per sweedish think tank.. (point blank 5 oct)

Barham dadh Bugti is in Kabul & regular visits to dehli (india) with family , RAW personnel recieve them on airport . (Gen musharaf , sawal ya hai 10 oct)


Electricity Tariffs Again Increasing!

Again 2% electricity tariff per unit & 3-5 Rs per litre oil , diesel prices increase frm 1st november due to imf pressure. (dunya news)


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