Pakistan Army slaughtering their own race

Saturday, April 17, 2010

General Kayani apology
General Pervaiz Kayani publicly apologized to the Kukikhel tribe for slaughtering over 50 innocent bodies during an air rampage against enemies of the state. Hundreds of newspapers around the world applauded how the brave Pakistan army general openly apologized to the community. Many army officers celebrated this event as open dialogue between the tribal area members and the army. In my book, the men whose jobs were to protect us have shot us. This is the reality of the situation. Imagine a world where you believe that your military will protect you from the atrocities of the enemies. A world where the soldiers of your own land eliminate your own existence. My nation and my supporters were completely baffled and perplexed over this grave situation. Just a few weeks ago, NATO forces brutally attached pregnant women in Afghanistan. And now the Pakistan army deceivably massacres an entire tribal area. The chief of army staff declared this an “unfortunate incident”. Here is the poem that can communicate my true feelings of this deplorable situation:

My village turned into an abattoir
My parents slaughtered
Sisters and brothers drenched in the fumes
The river has turned red
My hopes, dreams and future all turned to dust
The bullets piercing my soul
Were of the soldiers of my land
The hands that trigged the bullets
Scattering among the innocent
Were Pakistani hands
A beautiful array of bullets
Turned my village into a graveyard
The soldiers that were to defend my existence
Came to annihilate it
As I bury my parents and family
The general camouflages the incident as “unfortunate”
If this was in the realm of any caliph of Islam
Men, soldiers and generals would have been hanged for such open genocide
If my prophet of Islam had witnessed such insanity
He would have taken me into his shelter
But we live in terrible times
Generals apologizes
Death tolls increase


Our children line up to school, our adults haphazardly queue up at banks – what happened to the teachings of childhood?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Children in Line
I was lucky enough to study at one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan. I remember vividly how we used to walk to the assembly in groups and communities. Recitation of the Koran used to take place and we used to on line up in a long queue to move towards the educational edifice after the daily assemblies. While studying in Canada, I saw a very similar pattern among schoolchildren. In fact everything was in perfect queue. Cars were being driven in straight lines and buildings were actually at the same distance near the foot paths. Taking out the human equation, everything that actually was made of brick and mortar had symmetry to it.
Any nation that actually has perfect symmetry of processes, people and infrastructure has finally made Babylon. The mesmerizing ingredient here is how can a complete community of people automatically forget what they have been taught for 15 years of their life? How can schoolchildren who have known nothing more than to stand in line for their entire academic careers turn out to become our vagabonds of society? The same people who cut lines and have haphazard patterns be the same people who once were in lines as children and students? Either the school system is wrong or that the home system is flawed. Anything that is imbedded with such brutal force cannot be forgotten once someone leaves the college gates. This is insanity. This is Pakistan.
Honestly speaking, I once lived in one of the most beautiful parts of New York City. In any civilized and decent community of people you would see bankers, lawyers, engineers, and businessman living in the serene environments. But you will not see the meter readers, electricians, milkmen, and the overall regular government officers who would not be able to buy such land and homes in the regular government salaries residing in the best to do places of America. This is the complete opposite in Pakistan. I live in one of the most posh areas of Lahore and one would contemplate that a similar pattern of civilized and ethically responsible people would reside. As I look around my community, I see people who worked as clerks in WAPDA and Sui Gas built huge homes. I have majors who have retired from the army who have magnificent homes. Isn't it intriguing that people if you actually look at their salary infrastructure would not ever be able to build even a small unit for themselves reside as kings as if they owned the place and their ethics completely forgotten? It is impossible for majors, colonels, grade 18 officers, grade 19 and even grade 20 DMG officers to purchase homes worth millions of rupees. According to the salary slips they earn no more than Rs. 60,000 which they can hardly have ends meet.
Let’s talk about my three neighbors. The first one is actually a customs inspector. He actually owns four homes and two plazas in the vicinity. My next-door neighbor was a milkmen who was able to get extensive money after his lands became a part of the Defense Housing Authority. When you have people who are uneducated and morally corrupt live next door what to expect from society and the benefits of a community? A society that is being built for conniving thieves and thugs. Imagine the morality and insanity I live with knowing that the man next door has the same lifestyle as myself whereas I have two Canadian degrees and he works as a customs inspector at the airport. My salary is 0.4 million per month on the record of a private company and his salary is Rs. 25,000 per month. Yet, no different life styles. Ironic? This is Pakistan.
Somewhere something beautiful has slipped into the crack. The children who were once fooled by their teachers to be in lines grew up to be more corrupt and fabricate lies. I am still in search of the root cause. Can anyone explain to me why is a nation so corrupt that our political leaders are not only liars but they have lied about their education degrees and bank balances? The ex-prime minister of this country claims that he has paid only one lakh rupees in taxes whereas his Mercedes millions of rupees? This is a nation where the governor is opening known for drinking Liquor in an Islamic country? This is a country where the Chief Justice of Pakistan is able to close down streets as he passes. And the ambulances have patients awaiting the opening of the roads as patients die in ambulances? This is a country where half of its years have been dictated by military rulers. We have tried all the types and forms of governance. I've come to realize it's not the type of government that should run Pakistan that is the question. It's the type of people that have come and looted us. I've not met one man and one soul who has been morally decent with his job. The entire bureaucracy of Islamabad is on whiskey. If you do not believe it, go to any government office and try to get to work done. It would not be possible without wine, women or bribery. What happened to the lessons of the caliphs we had learnt as children? The hadith we had been so actively pursuing as children? Anyone with answers?


The Pakistan in my dreams is beautiful, The Pakistan you made is dirty, blind and ugly

Monday, April 12, 2010

Islam teaches us the very essence of moral conduct. Our religion predicts and evaluates people on the basis of piety. Money, honor and respect have no significance in the hierarchy of religious greatness. Some of the most notable pious men of our eras who have governed nations gave a clear example of the magnanimous impact that Islam has on the society. Unlike many theoretical practices that deny mankind the essence of life, Islam praises humility and brings out the significance of man in life. Respect of parents, loving of neighbors and taking care of family members are strong messages that have been coming across generations and generations only to further testify the beauty of Islam.
Islam reminds of the times of the caliphates where people like Hazrat Omer used to walk the streets in search of any person in need of time, energy, money or food. Hazrat Omer was so conscious of his duty towards his people that he was easily accessible and open to confrontations regarding his justice system. Islam of those years is only in books today.
Our leaders have changed drastically throughout the years. Disparity of the religious leaders of today and of yesteryears is an abomination of life. The variance is discernable to all. Today, we live in a society where the wife of the prime minister of Pakistan was able to waive off loans. What is she doing as a stakeholder of a business? Anywhere in the world, business partners have a strong understanding of the business and the mechanisms of making money. But what contribution would she have? Maybe able to get the national bank of Pakistan to waive off such hefty amounts?
We live in a society where people have forgotten the difference between right and wrong. Read the newspapers and search the world as you see it. It will blind you with the light of hate, anguish and fruitless efforts that the national leaders have done for this nation. Hundreds and thousands of people are on the streets without electricity. Food is rotting, manufacturing units have shut down and the entire edifice of the environment has become chocked because of the diesel pollution of generators. We have answers. we just don’t want to come up with the solutions.
We are reaching our end. A revolution is beginning. A revolution that has been migrated into action due to the abrasive ideologies of the illiterate legislature running the ministries of this country. A revolution that has been gaining momentum due to the lack of parks, libraries and think tanks. A revolution that requires justice and equality for all. The revolution that is running towards the same basic ingredients that Islam teaches us and were in practice when the caliphate was at full swing.
Today, we are just merely alive. A turgid style of living is prevalent. Imagine a world without food, electricity and safety of life. Is this what we pay our taxes for? The greatest sin is being silent. I wonder and pray for a day when our papers will talk about our achievements and our children will work harder to build more roads, colleges and societies of excellence. Our medical infrastructure will be a role model for others and our generations will be revered in the world.
Till that day, we have to fight the evil off. We need to sit down and ponder over our insanity. Hundreds and thousands of people have hit the streets and burnt tires in retaliation of non-availability of electricity. But that retaliation requires direction. We can’t have streets and roads closed down. We require that the MPA’s, MNA’s and the responsible government bodies being questioned and a legal system that completely hangs the corruption and false commitments. Is this not the Pakistan me and you dream of? So when I open my eyes, who made us dirty, ugly and blind?


NWFP name change to cost treasury Rs8 billion? Legislature in thier senses?

According to the recent update by the government of Pakistan, it will cost them an approximate Rs. 8 billion rupees to simply change the legal documentation. How is that possible really? Are they planning on going back to the creation of Pakistan and changing the documentation since inception? If that is the case, someone really needs to ask the right questions. I am sure that the people of NWFP would love to see the amount of Rs.8 million being used in creating a new infrastructure of roads, homes, hospitals and parks.
The real issue here is of sanity. How could anyone even come up with such a mammoth number for such a minor change of name? If you dig deeper you will see the broken glass of the decency and morality of our parliamentarians. You will liquor on the shelves of our politicians instead of books on morality and social conduct. Insanity prevails. Who in their right minds came up with such a number? What is the pretext?

No one even stood up asking the same questions we are now asking each other? The treasury of a nation is filled up by the amalgamation of taxes and exports. The people of this nation need to wake up and realize where the money is being diverted to.
The name of NWFP does not scare me. It is the thought that we have done nothing to bridge the differences and give them a verdict of their own. Due to the governments cynical policy of inaction, suppression and deceit has caused millions to be left unfelt and unheard.


NATO Forces shooting down pregnant women in Afghanistan. Pentagon apologizes. Muslims Wake Up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

killing Afghani Pregnant women
Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman said officials of the US-led International force in Afghanistan would “reconcile” the differences among various versions of the “most unfortunate incident” and “correct the record”.
I live just across the border. I love life and have a pregnant wife expecting our second child to this world. I know of many friends who have lost a child during birth and still see the anguish and resentment in their eyes. Taking away motherhood is the greatest sin of all. Incidents like these are completely cataclysmic in nature. Something that goes beyond the veneers of imagination and thought. God wanted it that way when a premature baby dies without reason. And the mother keeps on wondering the fate, face and life of that child. This is the nemesis that comes with the price of being human. But what ruthless category do we call soldiers explicitly killing pregnant women any part of the world. This is the most barbaric scenario that one can even fathom of. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely.”
Imagine being the only soldier in the world that becomes invincible. I mean you have a magnanimous record. Defeated the Russians, Iraqis and now Afghanistan. Have backed wars to defend Israel and other veracious allies. I just watched the movie “Hurt Locker” in which one soldier tells another “you don’t throw the ranch at the afghan people, you just shoot them. That is what you should do.” I shut down the movie. How could I watch such ruthless momentum of force being communicated to the world? I have various American friends and their children look at my bizarre. I guess I resemble the massive people that they see walking aimlessly in the streets of Peshawar. One of my best friend’s son shot me with his toy pistol and asked him mom for the sword of honor. I was appalled. My child kept on asking me why Jamey hit you. Is this the war America wants to propagate? If that is the case, we Muslims, need to realize the extent of the damage done.
Millions of Muslims have died in the last 5 years due the bombardment of bombs and wars in different regions. With such an astonishing record, the American soldiers now realize the semi god experience. Any man who realizes that they can get away with murder, will certainly murder civilizations.
Who really kills innocent pregnant women? YouTube once showed a movie of an American soldier molesting an Iraqi teenage girl. I never found the video again. Once media is governed and controlled, you change the very thought process of man.
I don’t who are where this article will reach. I hope that it reaches the kingdom of S. Arabia and the Muslims in the most farfetched places and realizes that it can now be their daughters that are shot point back range when they are carrying your grand children. Imagine that the enemy will reduce your stance by “correcting the record.”
In the times of Hazrat Omer and Hazrat Ali, events like these would have triggered a revolution. Millions of people would have annihilated the people along with their ambitions to hurt again. Long gone are the days of the caliphs. History has ensured that our memories are washed away by the eraser of western thought. Feb 12, 2010, 5 civilians were killed by American soldiers. Among them two were pregnant. Happened across the Pakistan border in a small town near Gardez, Afghanistan. “We deeply regret the outcome” said brig gen Eric Tremblay. Would this general be accepting the same words if the soldiers of the east annihilated his daughters in such fashion?


Peshawar attacks remind us of our incompetency and the governance in which we live- Wake Up Pakistan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peshawar Bombings
To the world it is another sad incident that occurred in Peshawar. President Obama and the US government states that they are “gravely concerned”. PPP government comments on the brutality. But we have a different picture that no one is ready to acknowledge. I talk about the hundreds and thousands of lives that will be affected by such barbaric acts of violence. The entire social edifice of Pakistan has collapsed. Only in a state of nemesis do innocent bodies rot away in amputated forms and shapes. Only in cataclysmic reactions do people die without reason and rhyme. The hell that the world and bible predicts takes place each day in the streets of Pakistan. The responsibility matrix is completely saturated with corruption and deceit. The police, army, and legislature who is responsible for the well being have gone astray.
According to anthropologists and historical evidences from prior races, times like these go through the litmus test. Nations transgress into the fateful limens where all the measures and resolve of people get tested. In our day and time, the political advisors and parliamentarians have foreign passports and will migrate once colossal damages start building up. The ruthless and underprivileged people will be left in the dark without light and the ambitions to move forward.
Our society had deciphered into thin air. Elements like morality, care, kindness, and temperament are lost and gone. Read any newspaper. You will find papers filled with hideous crimes and volumes of baksheesh incidents. Government officers caught red handed bribing officers to local police authorities violating their own laws.
I find lawlessness not a crime. People and societies will always build reasons to justify their claims. Since the time Adam came to earth, his sons murdered each other. Our DNA perpetrates the crimes we spend years in eliminating while giving our lives to jail. A dishevel state of society is a common attribute to all civilizations. Question lies in the implementation and execution of justice on laws made to save and protect.
We are miles away from a justice system. Each day small and large acts of crime go unnoticed. Value of human life completely disintegrated from social and moral fabric. Veneers of hope and understanding long evaporated. The erratic heartbeat and pulse of Pakistan is fading to a near mortal death. The people responsible for the uplift are cascading more fury, corruption and inflation into the very tiers of life.
Seagull publications recently performed a survey to understand why the basic morality and human values have decayed. Problems are many. Our bellwethers are our images. Our politicians have lied about their education, financial and taxes. Where is the system that hangs people for these idiosyncrasies and diluted inputs?
Wake up Pakistan. Time is now to align our so called forgotten value system. When we realize the value of our generations we will march on the streets forbidding violence and corruption. We will hang the people who are responsible to give us security and safe havens as we walk to school and parks. We can no longer live in Pakistan that has people dying innocently. We can no longer live without the unknowns. Who is the enemy?


The highest result of education is tolerance. Pakistan illiteracy fostering intolerance

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pakistan Kappa!!
Why is it that no one speaks up in this country? No one takes the time to consider that we are living in a tragic time and era where the deaf and dumb live together. Helen Keller once stated: “The highest result of education is tolerance.” Which this country has a lack of.
Read the papers and it is will tell you the true story of intolerance. Doctors beating journalists and journalists ransacking hospitals because an old woman died. The son of the Rangers department gets into an argument with the police and the police are locked up in the rangers office. Daily talk shows decipher how senseless are our politicians.
When people and friends visit my home I decorate it to the quality of people visiting it. I ensure that the house is well maintained, ample food on the table and that there is sophistication in the air. I recall of many events at home where I had been busy cleaning and dusting to ensure that the home is spick and span before the arrival of guests. Imagine hours of toiling in the kitchen and in the bathrooms to ensure that people would love being a part of a clean environment. How is this connected to the visit of the Head of Turkey to Pakistan? Simple. Pakistan is the home of the president and Prime Minister. It is their duty to clean the house and ensure that it looks beautiful. The interesting part is that according to the government decorating the streets with pictures is the set trend and the best methodology. I think it ridiculous and insane to place pictures of people who are to visit my home all around. I would rather want the president and prime minister to get the act together and show the due diligence. I mean the man coming from turkey has manicured lawn, orchestrated buildings, magnificent roads diverting into pathways, and infrastructures that are light without any fluctuations.
We show our guests the dirtiest roads of the country and allow him to enjoy Pakistani music. I felt ashamed to know that the president of Turkey was gifted a horse by the Punjab Chief Minister. I mean what was the logic behind it? Who paid for it? I did and you did. If I was asked I would have inquired more to the likes and dislikes of the man. There has to be a tolerance level of taking so much money out of the funds.
The president of turkey had to view the current situation of Pakistan before visiting. We are at war without knowing our enemies and frustrated beyond doubt. Electricity and oil prices have drastically increased and we live with the fear that water will soon evaporate. With such aggressive issues, how can we be busy in entertaining guests and giving them horses? I mean shouldn’t each hour and every second be dedicated to the issues we face?
When would this all end? I wonder why we don’t have Hazrat Ali, Abu Bakr, Usman and Omer as role models. Wasn’t it Hazrat Omer who said “I am responsible for the death of a dog who dies on the river banks due to thirst”. Hazrat Omer was questioned regarding extra sheets that were given to the community. Since he was a tall man he required two sheets. On investigation, his son had given him his share. The Caliph was so pleased to know that he is questioned and people are asking about rights. Our president hides behind the constitution when the Swiss cases get questioned. People beat the WAPDA officers when in fact the ministers of power and electricity need to be questioned.
Irrespective of the governments that change, stance on sugar, oil, petrol and electricity need to be the same. Cheap and readily available. We have gone a long way in our lives and this country has seen three generations. Out of which none challenge the system? No one questions that Nawaz Sharif hardly paid any taxes and we call an ex prime minister as “Shaheed” when in fact he was hanged to death? Our army officers call us “bloody civilians” and the noises we here each day is of generators running our businesses.
Question really is why?


Political System killing the lifeline of economic progress – electricity

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poor Pakistani Children without electricity
Nawaz Sharif - He has electricity
Zardari - President House never faces electricity
Without electricity, the entire nation is going into a whimsical whirlpool of disaster and destruction. The entire nation has been crippled into a state of annihilation. Electricity is the heartbeat of all economical momentum and expansion. It provides the essential ingredients to support life and its surroundings. The entire universe revolves around generating and maintaining its electrical supply. In 2010, electricity became easily available even in the most remote places of the world. The rigid snow terrains of Alaska to the brazen sun deserts of Arizona, electricity is easily available to the masses. People in China boast of the cheapest electricity in the world. One can even see glittering cities of china as other places of the world are resting in pitch darkness. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that is still thriving for breath. Its entire economical edifice has been uprooted from its foundations. Millions of jobs have been given away to India and Bangladesh as the spinning mills, IT software houses and hosiery units have all shut down. Imagine a world where the entire economical cycle is shattered and the government is spending millions of bullet proof cars for the justice department. Where is the justice? Where is the dream that Quaid had? Where is the Pakistani community that lies awake at night wondering when the electricity will come on? Awake Pakistan. We are breathing our last!
Hundreds and thousands of social and moral fabric pieces have been diluted because of the non-availability of electricity alone. According to a recent survey by Siegel publications, approximately 10,000 small enterprise corporations have been shut down. This includes small manufactures making pieces for carts, bicycles and car engines. Imagine people who have purchased equipment and industrial tools in the desire to earn an honest living. Without electricity their entire lives have become full stops. Umar who works in a telecom company states “I go home and my two children are breathless. No electricity. My hands shake. I cannot fan my children to sleep for hours at end. What has this country come to!!”
We can debate if this is actually an Indian intervention or that US wants to ensure that we delve into financial quicksand for years to come. Irrespective of the root cause, the political system of the current regime should be smart enough to understand that without cheap electricity the entire nation has gone back about 50 years. With the economy of the world going at such a massive pace, third world countries cannot be still in search of solutions. Without electricity to the consumer and corporate markets, the entire life line of Pakistan has been clogged. The political system is creating another God's acre for the millions of people that want to thrive in this beautiful land.
The issue of electricity would be a meager paper tiger in the eyes of the MPA’s, MNA’s and other officers who have all foreign bank accounts and passports. The dilemma is that we have solutions that are easily available. China is ready to provide us with the massive influx of electricity. We already have an agreement in place with Iran to provide us with a substantial amount of electricity. The greater question is with such a potential base of opportunity in this country, the scientists and engineers should have thought of many other methodologies to generate electricity. In fairness, electricity is being generated by filth in Paris. And in other parts of South America the electricity is being generated by wind turbines. Nuclear reactors are also creating a huge amount of electricity in many other leading countries. The question really is why it is so impossible for Pakistan to come up with a solution. Just a couple of days ago a couple of people died in local hospitals and bucks on because of no availability of electricity. Can you imagine what we are doing to this beautiful race? Government and the political advisers not taken heed of these dire consequences that are facing this nation? Without electricity in the few weeks to come, we will go back another 50 years. We can only beg the political system and elected representatives to ensure that they commit their fulfillment! it is pathetic to know that we don't have an answer from the government regarding the reasons of delay. Wake up Pakistan for the world is enlightened and we are kept in the dark.
Hang the political advisers and the people who were responsible to advance this country into the next millennium. The political system that elected people who were responsible to provide bucks on with electricity into commodities for the next 50 years need to be questioned. We need to be adamant in getting solutions and questions from the current and previous critical systems. Approximately 8 hours a day there is more electricity in the major cities of this country. Can you imagine what happens in the rural areas where there is no check and balance? Schools and colleges are closed because of no availability of electricity. WAKE UP Pakistan!


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