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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lt. Gen said to salim bukhari (journalist) when Musharaf was in unifrom,a person who took Musharraf to kholo (blouchistan) for Jalsa was not Musharraf true friend bz at that time (state between insurgency).After that visit Gen vs Bugti (persönal revenge start) - -means RAW Vs ISI. Bolta pakistan 11oct

870000 pounds VAT tax paid by Gallani's wife at london airport means 8 to 10 lac pound shopping done by her during flood in the record 14oct 

In karachi, 1233 persons kill in last 10 months.thousands meeting no result due to political parties not taking ownership(grt game).every local person knows the reality but he is helpless.(hasb hal 21 oct)

US is investing 50 million dollars in pakistan news channels to buy anchors & channels owners.(royal news 24 june) 

25 bilion Rs gven to stil mill by govt in 2010 budget.coruption done by zardari friend's abbas stil mill which was working with pak steel mill but poor ppl vil be charged to give bailout to pakistan still mil to overcome the deficit .(dusra pehlu 17 june)

Pepco new tariff rates , morning 7 Rs per unit , nights 11 Rs per unit.this is for 5 time zardari govt increase tariff in current yr of 2010.

Today All types of daals rates 10% increase , one more deaster on ppl of pakistan in the month of july 2010 , after electricity tariff increased & 6 trains stopped by ANP minister of railway.well done PPP & ANP.

Zardari another gift to ppl of pakistan IN July , Pak- Afgan transit trade agreement : give indian access to afganistan through air space & sea frm pakistan.And also indian stuff go to afganistan through waga border by afgan trucks.Agreement dne by US pressure.

Afganistan has 3 trillion dollars menaral , we hav plan to use it said by hamid karzai in afganistan today.This statement shows General Hameed Gul said absolutely right last night ,that US wil take menerals to his country through india by pak afgan transit trade.

This is for 4th time in july & 7th time in 2010 Electricity tariff 64 pasai / unit increase , Suger price 10 Rs / Kg.

 Flood & target killing in Pakistan & president sb is in france right now , go to cover his corruptions of kicks backs in ogosta ships cases.15 krore exp of his visit to france & UK , money of poor ppl.(VIEWS ON NEWS 4 augest)

Today Zardari sell out 365 acre Sara Mahal to india family in UK , when flood (40lac ppl displaced yet) & target killing (90 kill & 200 injured yet ) in pakistan.(hasb haal 6 augest

Adnan khawaja gave 35 krore Rs commision to PM Gallani for OGDC , hajj director gave 2 krore Rs for directorship. (ARY- 11th hour 4oct 2010)


Important SMS sent via the Political Channels

In karachi, 1233 persons kill in last 10 months.thousands meeting no result due to political parties not taking ownership(grt game).every local person knows the reality but he is helpless.(hasb hal 21 oct)

Gold & copper menarals of 75 billion dolars worth in Rocodik-(blouchistan),which is 6th largest stock in world.just need 1 billion dallor investment to get it , but pakistan Govt sell out it to jewish company for nothing.our external loans are 55 billion dollars.(royal news)

Zardari Govt is planning to take flood tax frm job holders From october :: 5% tax on ppl who earn 3 lac / yr or more. We shud oppose it bz no tax on jagirdar & wadaras & corrupt MNA's MPA's.why should we pay?

Million dollar question ! How many displaced ppl (2 krore) are intentionaly moved by politicians in sindh to other places ,so that to empty poor ppl land ,so to release water in poor ppl land & which ultimately save politicians lands.its a big conspirancy. (do tok 29 august)

Gen Zia era UN report on kalabagh dam 1982 -estimation 130 billion Rs ,estimation in 1998 was 332 billion Rs.pakistan invested 1.2 billion Rs on kala bhag till 1998 (Gen Zia , Banazir & Nawaz sharif Era's).In 2010, 7 billion dallors is estimated for kala bhag dam.Dams are important to save water & to avoid floods & to restart pakistan 70% stop industries due to energy crisis.
Agriculture tax is already in sindh so its a provincial subject, which mqm dnt focus for fully implementation.Then why MQM go for land reforms.why dont MQM come out from ppp Govt ,it may due to US pressure.(sawal yai hai 3 sept)

We protest against the statement of FOUZIA WAHAB about 'FAROOQ-E-AAZAM HAZRAT OMER-E-FAROOQ(R.A)'..,

"us waqt QURAN tha CONSTITUTION nai isliye Hazrat Omer(R.A) ko adalat main pesh kiya gaya tha aur ab constitution ki waja se PRESEDENT ko adalat main pesh nai kiya ja sakta, wo aam sheri nai"
She means to say constitution is supreme than QURAN and she is comparing ZARDARI with SAHABA KARAAM astaghfirullah. ALLAH ki maar ho iss orat per.

India is making world 3rd largest dam in Kargil.india invested 25 bilion dalors on 62 dams yet. but pakistan is sleeping instead protest against it zardari took 50 million aid from india. (terkish-royal news 24 august)
Pakistan has 60 atomic warheads & pak has stuff of 100 atomic bomb,so pak can make bombs within no time.(Stock-home international peace research foundation report)..India has 70 atom warheads as per sweedish think tank.. (point blank 5 oct)

Barham dadh Bugti is in Kabul & regular visits to dehli (india) with family , RAW personnel recieve them on airport . (Gen musharaf , sawal ya hai 10 oct)


Electricity Tariffs Again Increasing!

Again 2% electricity tariff per unit & 3-5 Rs per litre oil , diesel prices increase frm 1st november due to imf pressure. (dunya news)


Saudi Flood Aid to Pakistan - Report by

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This article is taken from - Excellent Resource and Information regarding how much money is being poured into Pakistan.

Monday, 30 August 2010.

· Washington’s aid is politicized and arrogant; Riyadh’s aid is compassionate

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Saudi Arabia has quietly bypassed the United States as the single largest aid donor in real terms so far. Riyadh’s commitment to helping the victims of Pakistan’s devastating floods has crossed US$140 million.

The Saudis have also outdone themselves. The Saudi military and air force set up a back-to-back air bridge between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, sending thirty large cargo planes carrying hundreds of tons of relief goods. The air bridge continues to operate.

With more than $120 million sent in cash, the first 3-day international telethon to raise funds, and 30 major air relief shipments to land in Pakistan in what is the largest air bridge in support of flood victims, Saudi response was better than any other nation.

The only exceptions are UAE sending six helicopters when the United States initially provided only five, [later increased to 15]. After its initial reluctance, US surpassed any other donor by providing three large cargo planes in addition to ten more helicopters. Most of the pledged US aid money is, however, 'recycled' from earlier aid commitments to Pakistan and is not new. And, according to Ahmed Quraishi, Project Pakistan Senior Fellow at Project For Pakistan In 21st Century, an independent Islamabad-based think tank, US help is politicized, meant to shore up a pro-US govt. in Islamabad in the face of better performances by the Pakistani military and Pakistani charities in responding to the humanitarian disaster.

Mr. Quraishi told “Despite frosty relations with the Zardari-Gilani government, Riyadh's aid was massive but received little media attention in Pakistan. Unlike the US embassy’s clamor for publicity and attention, the Saudis and others worked quietly. At one point, the Saudi ambassador is reported to have told Pakistani reporters that the Pakistani media failed to highlight the fact that Riyadh was the first country to respond to Pakistani help request after the floods.”


Within the first week of the flooding that started on 29 July, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered a massive kingdom-wide fundraising and aid collection campaign. Official aid collection camps were set up in all major Saudi cities. The Saudi royal family set an example when several princes donated $20 million on the first day, encouraging Saudi citizens to follow suit. More than $107 million were collected in the first three days.

Saudi Arabia established the largest air bridge to air lift relief supplies to Pakistan, sending more than 30 cargo planes so far to Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber-PK and Punjab. Saudi Arabia is the only country so far to have established such a large back-to-back air bridge to Pakistan.

Eight more planes have landed in Pakistan over the weekend carrying two field hospitals, complete with equipment and medical staff. The Saudi ambassador Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim al-Ghadeer hardly visited his office in Islamabad in the past two weeks because of his constant field presence in Lahore, Multan, and Hyderabad, in addition to the Chaklala Air Force base in Rawalpindi, to receive Saudi cargo planes. On the recommendation of the Pakistani military, which suggested the hospitals focus on Sindh, one Saudi field hospital has already become operational in Thatta. The second field hospital will also probably be set up somewhere in Sindh considering the urgency there.

Two Saudi rescue teams, which Saudi Arabia has raised according to international levels of training and performance following repeated floods in some Saudi regions, have also arrived in Hyderabad where they are active in several parts of the Sindh province.

In neighboring Kuwait, the Kuwaiti government lifted a long standing ban on collecting donations in public. This exception was made on the orders of the Kuwaiti emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed in deference to the emerging humanitarian disaster in Pakistan. Donation camps sprung up in large and small mosques and shopping malls across the emirate. Interestingly, the wealthy Kuwaiti business community outshone the government in donating to flood victims in Pakistan. One Kuwaiti logistics company, Agility, mobilized 1,000 of its workers for flood relief effort in Pakistan.

Fundraising efforts outside of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are important but were modest in their outcomes. A German telethon attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel raised $10 million. British donations came largely from the British Pakistani and British Muslim communities, with the British magazine The Economist showing skepticism at reports suggesting ordinary British citizens have shown any passion to donate to Pakistan. Turkey has donated $10 million, China a little more, while India came up with a symbolic $5 million, probably because smug Indian officials were sure Pakistan won’t accept the money anyway [Pakistan thanked India and accepted the money but asked New Delhi to send through UN]. Iran has sent relief supplies and most other countries have also gave preference to relief goods because of lack of trust in the Pakistani government and politicians’ credibility or ability to utilize aid money properly.


One of the most endearing aspects of donations coming to Pakistan from the Gulf is individual donations from politicians and businessmen, which are enough to put the wealthy Pakistani politicians to shame.

On the first day of a nationwide Saudi campaign to raise funds for the victims of floods in Pakistan on Monday, 17 Aug. 2010:

- King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdelaziz Al Saud, donated US$5.3 million from his private money to Pakistan flood victims

- Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdelzziz Al Saud gave away US$2.7 million from his private money

- Interior Minister Nayef bin Abdelaziz Al Saud gave away two million Saudi riyals

- Governor of Tabouk donated one million Saudi Riyals

- Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdelaziz Al Saud [left] gave ten million Saudi riyals

- Businessman Eesa bin Mohammad al Eesa, president of the Samba Financial Group, donated two million Saudi riyals

Separately, and in addition to his $2.7 million in aid, the Saudi Crown Prince has also dispatched one hundred tons of dates from his private farmland to Pakistan.

The Saudi public’s response to the massive Saudi aid appeal has been amazing. Women were seen donating jewellery to makeshift fundraising camps in Jeddah and Riyadh.

A Saudi commentator left this comment on the website of the Arabic-language Saudi newspaper, Okaz: “What the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah protect him, has given to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is something that all the five permanent nations at UNSC and all the Arab countries could not have given. His Majesty’s stand with Pakistan will never be forgotten.”

Comments posted at the online editions of Saudi newspapers showed how deeply the Saudis are moved by the tragedy in Pakistan. “Pakistanis deserve our help,” wrote one Saudi. “They are our brothers.”


Iran has committed over 400 tons of relief goods so far as of 14 August 2010 out of which 180 tons have already been delivered by the Iranian transport aircrafts. These goods include tents, floorings, clothes, canned food, bread and medical supplies. Iranian Red Crescent society has also been on the ground along with Pakistan Red Crescent society as part of its ongoing relief operation inside Pakistan reaching out to more than 100,000 flood victims. In addition to the Iranian government help Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani has announced that one third of collected Khums will be donated to Pakistan for humanitarian assistance. Iran's chamber of commerce also donated US $1 million to the flood victims.

And on 17 August, senior Iranian cleric Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem-Shirazi [left] met the Pakistani ambassador in Tehran and announced donating $50,000 to the victims of flood-stricken Pakistan in response to Pakistan's call for more relief aid.


On 21 August, Kuwaiti government launched a nationwide fundraiser called ‘Kuwait Is With You’, in a message to Pakistanis devastated by the floods.

Kuwait’s official and private donations have crossed $20 million, half of them coming from the government. But most of the aid won’t reach the Pakistani government. The noisy Kuwaiti media, while expressing solidarity with Pakistan, has also seen several write-ups questioning the credibility of the Pakistani government. Some criticized the Pakistani government for ‘collusion’ with Washington in hounding credible Pakistani charities in the name of fighting so-called terror.

The emirate launched a national fundraiser for Pakistan on 23 August, collecting so far close to $10 million from the public.

Kuwait had banned charity fundraisers for the most part of the decade. But on the 23rd, the government lifted the ban to make way for a nationwide fundraiser for Pakistan, which began grandly at the Grand Mosque of the state, where close to 1,000 worshippers donated generously for Pakistan.
Equally impressive is the contribution from the Kuwaiti business community:

- Mohammad Hmoud Al-Shaya Company, which owns a series of upscale designer clothing and jewellery outlets across the Gulf, donated $500,000 to Pakistan
- Kuwait Finance House has dispatched $2 million to Pakistan

- General Secretariat of Awqaf has donated $1.5 million

- The Joint Kuwaiti Committee for Relief, a local charity, has donated $1.5 million
- The sons of the late Abdullah al-Mutawa, a businessman, have donated $100,000 to Pakistan

- E-Q8 Petrochemicals has donated $100,000

- The employees of the Bank of Bubiyan started an internal fundraiser for Pakistan

- Dalal al-Mudaf [above left], a senior officer at the Kuwait Investment Company, with offices in the Gulf, London and New York, has kicked off an internal company fundraiser for Pakistan as of today, Monday 30 August. In a statement, she quoted a saying by the Prophet [PBUH], ‘A Muslim for a Muslim is like a wall, pulling one another’.

Agility, one of the largest logistics companies in the region with operations in Pakistan, has mobilized its 1,000 workers here to get involved in relief work. According to Tariq al-Sultan [above right], Chairman of Agility worldwide, the company has offered its entire commercial warehouses full of foodstuffs and the space along with cooling facilities in Multan for use by United Nations in Punjab. In Peshawar, the company has donated several air-conditioned containers to transport food items to flood victims. And in Sukkur, the company has put its entire fleet of trucks in the service of food and aid distribution effort across Sindh. The company has also distributed urgent food items and medicines to 5,000 families in Sindh, and the employees of Agility worldwide have donated their one-day salary to Pakistan.
In another step of indirect support to Pakistan, one of the young members of the Kuwaiti parliament, Mr. Mohammed Hayef al-Huwaila, held a press conference at the parliament building last week and drew the attention of the Arab public opinion to massive human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir. He called on the Kuwaiti government to condemn Indian atrocities.
Data compiled and analyzed by the research team at


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Snapshots from History

The daughter of an Indian maharajah seated  on a panther she shot, sometime during 1920s

A British man gets a pedicure from an Indian servant
The Grand Trunk Road , built by Sher Shah Suri, was the main trade route from Calcutta to Kabul .
A rare view of the President's palace and the Parliament building in New Delhi
An aerial view of Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi , built between 1650 and 1658.
The Imperial Airways 'Hanno' Hadley Page passenger airplane carries the England to India air mail, stopping in Sharjah to refuel.

 And last one Just read what sub-continent was as per LORD MACAULAY on his statement on 2nd February 1835, in the last snap. That would really shock us.


Poem for the Children Hanged Brutally in Sialkot

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Kafirs of Fate

Oh the worshipers of the devil

You hanged our children brutally

Banged their bodies with stones and pebbles

Hanged them openly as if they were convicted and convoluted convicts!

See the pictures and imagine that being your loved ones

Imagine if this was your skin and texture being hung openly

Fathom that the world watches your children each day die on and

Look around us


Judges cannot close crimes

Police are accomplices

People are mad

Our children have been hanged

In the presence of police, in the presence of crowds, in the presence of justice

May the rope that hanged innocence

Hang the children of our politicians, judges and police officers responsible for this crime

And let not history forget

If justice does not prevail

their souls will wander into our dreams

fulfilling us with the guilt and remorse

that we were silent


Genocide of Pakistan Race

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We live in sad moments. The world within has collapsed. The water that has devastated us should have been in our reservoirs and in our dams. Our country should have been excited about the levels in our dams and adjust canals. Picnics should be taking place. Peace and tranquility prevailing. Birds chirping and children playing openly in the streets. This is the picture of Pakistan I had anticipated. But the papers and television channels show a different and horrid side. This Pakistan is equivalent to hell. Children die innocently and waters seep into homes and dreams. This is not a country. We now live in times and environments similar to the times when Hitler gathered millions of Jews and started the annihilation of a complete nation. Genocide comes to my mind. Sometimes it takes anger; sometimes it takes resentment and sometimes the lust of power and greed. Name in what you may, the people of Pakistan are facing genocide. And the people who are continuing this massive scale of innocent killings are unknown.

Imagine a world where children are flawlessly killed as police watches on

Innocent girls rapped in villages by feudal

Top politicians drunk each night in an Islamic city

Suicide rates are the highest in the world

People that run the government are the most corrupt in the world

Can we watch on? Are we like the Jews that have no destiny except death? Is this the end for us all?


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This is my pride, my emblem
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