Innocent Ahmedi community massacred during worship – insane and barbaric acts of terrorism

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today Pakistan cries over the deaths of 90 of her children. Innocently massacred during prostration and veneration to Allah. Another moment that will be written down in history with tears and broken hearts. Beautiful faces wiped away from the surface of this earth without reason and meaning. Martyrdom for all those that die in innocence.
Though I am not Ahmedi, nonetheless, my closest friends and certain family members belong to this noble segment of the community. And I have found them to be well versed, educated, decent and the most sincere and revered citizens of Pakistan. And for me that is the most important aspect to consider. This community is the only segment of Pakistan who has given us leaders, scholars and scientists of international repute. The only organized religious affiliated group that provides medical and healthcare free of cost to millions of people irrespective of the variance of their religion. Is that commendable? Should be not take pride in the most constructive asset that we have?

Remember that recently Pakistan was bombarded with nightmare events. Hundreds of people have died. Millions of families devastated. Fate changed the course of events for thousands of people due to this war on terrorism. Sad that our families and friends have died in this tragic incidents. I have lost several important friends today in this bloody bath of uncivilized crime. This is the most heinous crime that can be committed. For the souls, we pray. For the people who leave us, we offer our humble condolences.
I am saddened to know that the newspapers are writing that Ahmedi community massacred. Why not state that another 90 innocent Pakistani lives taken. I have written a poem for the martyrs.

When the devil entered the house of worship
His heart beats turned to stone
As his bullets pierces souls
Prostrating in veneration to their lord
Our Lord!
Children, youth and grandparents line up for heaven
Our beloved friends and family have died
In a blood bath that will be written in history with tears
And broken hearts
Innocence brutally massacred
Hopes, futures, and dreams shot down without remorse
Pakistan looks on
Injured and shaken
Fainted by the smell of our blood on amputated hands
We long to say our goodbyes to another color of Pakistan
Diminishing as we bury our bodies tonight
Our emblem burnt
In the name of Islam
Someone commits a crime
A crime that no religion acknowledges
Our innocent graves will testify
That we speak of peace and tolerance
Ahmedi’s is the star of our flag
And you rip us apart
As we pray?

Tonight all of Pakistan is united in the regretful and heinous sin. May Allah rest their souls in peace.


Facebook ignites Muslim Hatred - But does the answer lie within?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The value that the Prophet of Islam has cannot be communicated by the simple orchestration of ink and paper. The Prophet of Islam is the most revered soul that has ever existed and his entire life on earth is the true path that has been set forth for all mankind.
One of the abiding principles of Islam is to love the Prophet of Islam more than any other human being. To ensure that this affiliation is instilled in mankind, the Prophet of Islam gave huge sacrifices to be claimed as the most notable and respected among all civilizations. He is the man who went to his enemies to inquire about their health. He is a man who cherished children and commended his soldiers not to kill innocent lives doing war. He was very vigilant in communicating the message of peace and tranquility in society. Even today, this message lives on in the hearts of millions of Muslims across the world.
The Muslim community stands at the most crucial and disheveled cross-roads. is propagating satanic composition of the most revered icon in Islam. Several countries are in the process of banning this website. Banning websites might not be the ultimate solution to this horrendous activity taking place by the haters of Islam.
All communities and religious affiliations should have one moral principle abiding their daily lives. It is inhumane and uncivilized to propagate and ignite hatred among the respective worship communities. Putting to flames a mosque is an inhumane an act as burning down a church. Respect and decency of people is a required code of conduct. Millions of people have disagreements and variance in their belief system. The beauty of life is to accept variances and let all segments of life have their share. Never in the life of the Prophet or the reign of the caliphs were religious communities completely annihilated. In fact, the Jews and Christians were more protected during peaceful times.
The concern that the Muslim community should have today is a realization that other communities are not tolerant of their belief system anymore. Irrespective of being one of the largest religious segments of the world, other smaller religions are not taking heed of the consequences associated with blatantly insulting our beloved Prophet. Digging deeper into the current sequence of events, it comes as no surprise that the Islamic community has reached the lowest ebb of civilization and the onslaught of the reaction will have no impact on the perpetrators. No longer are there times where the Muslim armies would unite to fight against such atrocious and hideous crimes against Islam. No more are the days where Christians and Jews will think twice about the impact of a complete revolt by the entire Muslim communities. Our enemies have now realized that the only impact that the Muslim communities can now do is to ban websites and not become part of the international highway of information.
Disengagement has never been a solution. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan propagated the message of tolerance and fostered an environment in which Muslims can compete with the Hindus and Sikhs on an educational turf. This was during times where the Muslim community believes that disengagement was the best policy. If it was not for the vision of Sir Syed, the Muslims were ready to boycott education. We would have been centuries behind today.
A similar crossroad exists in-front of us. How dare our enemies even fathom of humiliating our most revered icon? How dare they even imagine magnifying an insult and proudly placing it on the internet community for millions to view and cherish? The answer lies within. We as Muslims are defeated. Look around us. Presidents pardon culprits of the state. Liquor and woman are part of the social activity of many leaders. We have Jews and Americans bombarding rockets into Muslim areas and hundreds of innocent lives have been buried testifying that we are lost as a nation. Yet, our history proclaims that caliphs existed who once said “if a dog dies at the banks of a river of thirst, I will be held accountable”. We live in a world where dogs now govern humans and let humans are dying at the banks of rivers due to thirst and starvation.


US-Pakistan: Too Many Coincidences

Friday, May 14, 2010

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Saudi Arabia, (most 9/11 hijackers), Jordan (Maj. Nidal, Jordanian), Niger (Abdulmutallab), or Afghanistan (Zazi’s origin) were not threatened. Why Pakistan?

Americans turning against Pakistan again, the arrest of a Pakistani spy on the eve of renewed Pak-India dialogue, the Times Square bomb a day after reports suggested an Israeli-executed false flag operation on US soil, the role of an Israeli-American citizen in linking the NY scare to Pakistan, and how the US media resurrected Baitullah Mehsud from the dead, are all these coincidences? Maybe it is true after all that CIA did airlift TTP terrorists from Waziristan on the eve of Pakistani military operation.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Ever since the strategic dialogue in Washington D.C. in March 2010 and the deft presentations at the Nuclear Security Summit, Pakistan is being methodically targeted. Apparently anti-Pakistan forces with vested interests have joined hands to malign and chastise Pakistan.

Despite sacrificing thousands of lives and suffering tremendous collateral damage, Pakistan managed to stem the tide of terror attacks by attacking the miscreants boldly in their hideouts. Pakistan’s Counter Insurgency (COIN) operations, with an audacious combination of air and ground action backed by real time intelligence not only bore fruit but won the respect and admiration of the international community. Pakistan’s rising esteem, the military role being bequeathed upon it in post ISAF-Afghanistan, apparent tacit acceptance of the security of its nuclear assets, the marginalization of India was either a farce or the cause of Pakistan’s detractors’ ire.

Series of events in quick succession putting Pakistan in the dock merit examination.

Pakistan was keen to organize a meeting between the Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers at the sidelines of the Bhutan SAARC Summit to restart the stalled Composite Dialogue process. After the Sharm-el-Sheikh encounter last July in which the two had signed a joint declaration announcing the resumption of peace talks between the two estranged neighbours, Indian obduracy prevailed and its hawks scuttled the peace process by demanding the conviction of the alleged perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks prior to the resumption of the dialogue.

The Madhuri Gupta affair revealed on the eve of the SAARC Summit, failed to deter the two Prime Ministers from agreeing to the resumption of the dialogue process. Nary had a day gone by when a special court convicted and sentenced to death Ajmal Kasab, the lone survivor of the Mumbai attacks, naming him as the principal accused. Indian Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram told reporters after the court convicted Kasab for the Mumbai carnage that, “The conviction of Kasab and the acquittal of the two accused shows that India is ruled by law. That shows the independence, fearlessness and integrity of the court”. Mr. Chidambaram conveniently remains oblivious of the perpetrators of the 2002 carnage of Muslims in Gujarat, post Babri-Masjid demolition massacre of Muslims in 1992 and the 1984 genocide of Sikhs in 1984, remain at large. The Mumbai attacks have been used to scuttle the Composite Dialogue process bringing Pakistan under pressure, accusing it of abetting terror.

Simultaneously, only days after a warning of an Israeli “false flag” bombing against the US being “in the works”, a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square!

Better yet, SITE Intelligence, an Israeli source, a group rumored as the “voice of the Mossad” placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban. In the milieu, Hakimullah Mehsud, the slain leader of the Tehrik-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) is mysteriously resurrected from the dead, rising through the US media, to also announce that the TTP will now target the US to vindicate the drone attacks on Pakistan. It may be noted that prior to Hakimullah Mehsud’s being targeted by the US drone attacks, and being successfully declared dead and buried, as soon as Pakistan’s Armed Forces started advancing towards South Waziristan, there were strong rumours that Hakimullah Mehsud and other Taliban leaders of his ilk have been airlifted from their hideouts by their sponsors. Little credence was given to the news then, but it now appears plausible.

As the intricacies of the Time Square bombing plot unravel, it becomes clearer that it was a botched affair: the makeshift bomb so shoddily rigged, the SUV parked in a “no parking” zone, as if to attract attention, its engine deliberately kept running, the ignition key left in the vehicle; conclusively it appears that the planner wanted the plot to fail but get apprehended. The deliberate clues left to lead the law enforcing agencies to Mr. Faisal Shahzad and his exclaiming after being asked to disembark the Emirates Air flight, which was on the runway for departure, that, “I was expecting you; are you FBI or NYPD?” His waiving off his Miranda Rights and continuing to sing like a canary is all too convenient.

Moreover, the bombing plot is discovered over the weekend and on Monday “Wall Street Journal” and a host of other US dailies come up with articles implicating Pakistan. No second guesses for the authorship of malicious op-eds, yes all Indians. Sadanand Dhume’s piece ‘Why Pakistan Produces Jihadists’, Fareed Zakaria’s earlier: ‘Pakistan is the epicenter of Islamic radicalism’ and scores of others spell the same conspiracy theories.

A week later, the normally suave Hillary Clinton abandoned niceties to threaten Pakistan with dire consequences, increase the drone attacks and raise the level of US troops in Pakistan. The question is if Pakistan is facing a serious problem of terrorism, which was not entirely brought upon itself; would threats of naked aggression resolve the problem?

The 9/11 bombers were Saudis, U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan of Fort Hood, Texas, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who attempted to blow up a flight as it approached Detroit in December 2009, Najibullah Zazi, who planned to blow up New York City subway, Colleen R. LaRose (Jihad Jane) and now Faisal Shahzad are all US citizens.

Isn’t it the responsibility of the US government to keep its citizens under watch rather than threaten Pakistan with severe consequences unless it is part of a greater game plan?

After all Saudi Arabia, (most of the 9/11 perpetrators were Saudis), Jordan (Major Nidal was of Jordanian origin), Niger (Abdulmutallab’s home), or Afghanistan (Zazi’s origin) were not threatened thus. The too many coincidences are concluded in the NYT story Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement that Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack, should increase pressure on the Pakistan military to attack the organization in its bastions in the lawless tribal region of North Waziristan.

The cat is thus out of the bag but requires adroit exterior maneuver by Pakistan to parry this fresh assault on its sovereignty

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The Letter that defies Humanity

Bhutto letter
When the leaders of state write such horrendous and atrocious mails, one only wonders at the loyalty levels. Attached below is the Benazir Bhutto letter to the US administration. If this letter is true to its core, we as Pakistanis must ask why we have not burnt down the flag of PPP. History tells us that PPP was involved in dissolving the Kalastan issue and ensured that we set ourselves back. Oh my country, read what your leader wrote. Their pen, their thoughts, our dreams, our death.


What System Creates insane people like Faisal Shahzad NYC bomber

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There is no substitute to life. You can witness the gleaming sensation and pulsating heart of life as you see your children play in the open fields, as you tenderly kiss your wife before going to bed, or as you reminisce over childhood memories with your loved ones. Life is to be loved and lived to its fullest. This is what I have been teaching and have been taught throughout my generations. Life is a beautiful moment and every single second should remind you of how important and admirable it is to be human. As a teacher I have always appreciated different thoughts and ideas. Never disagreeing with the right of others to argue. I testify that life is a blessing and we should uphold its sanctity with our blood and lives. Sadly enough, this is not what I have witnessed in my recent years living in Pakistan. I have buried more children than I have taught. I have kissed more people last goodbyes than I have said hellos. And I have seen millions of people displaced in my country without them being a cause to the Taliban issue. I was there when my cousins were brutally scattered into a thousand pieces in Peshawar and I was there searching the limbs of my friends who died in the Moon Market Blasts in Lahore. Ask me now and I will still tell you how much I value life.
The average Pakistani loves life. For the west it is hard to fathom. Come and visit and you will see first-hand that the average Pakistani values life and culture. It is the agencies and ruthless policies of our governments who have amputated the soul of this nation. For any man to have the conviction to kill innocent lives like Faisal Shahzad in New York requires insanity. No religion teaches this doctrine.
What I ask the world is to find the root cause of aggregation that promotes this kind of violence? It is the US predators haunting down enemies and killing innocent lives in their endeavors or the vicious Indian agencies implanting their own within our own flesh and bloods? I tell you I have rode my cycles in this land and flew kites in the skies of Pakistan, and I remember it as a peaceful place. Who gave us the insanity? Governments of the world have the answers. Our corrupt politicians who have sold the social and moral fabric of this nation have the answers to our fruitless life. This is a nation where the prime minister wife is able to waive off her loans and the governors drink alcohol in their government premises. A country where the top brass are all testified culprits of the state. With governance like this, you can only promote insanity.


Letter to Malia Obama about her adamant stance of saving tigers

Sunday, May 2, 2010

savings tigers?
Important Disclaimer - We live in the hardest and cruelest of times. A world in which the value of humanity has come down drastically. Hundreds and thousands of people die each day in the streets of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. And yet, the daughter of the President of USA worries about the endangered species – the fearful tiger.
I told this story of how Malia Obama pleads to her dad about the plight of tigers. In America, this viewpoint is not only appreciated but admired among the millions of people who believe in animal rights. How sweet to have the daughter of the most powerful man on earth worries about tigers. When I told this to children of the same age as Malia in Pakistan, they were simply appalled. Worried faces. They could not believe what they were hearing. A young girl even wrote a letter to Malia. This is the letter she wrote. Don’t know if it ever got to her. But it will remind the world of how children across the world feel about tigers and the jurisdiction of the thoughts of Malia.

Dear Malia,
I looked up the word extinct. It means things that are dying. Thank you for caring about tigers. They are very beautiful. They live on the mountains and are very colorful. I have seen many tigers in zoos in my country. My daddy told me that you really care about dying things. My daddy told me that your daddy is a big man. I saw your daddy on television. He says good things. You have good ideas.
We are of the same age, but we go to different schools. Your school has parks and good teachers. My school is near polluted shops and bomb killed some teachers. School roof taken away. I have one question for you. Do you watch television? Do you read newspapers? Does your daddy value people that die each day in my country? Do you know that entire families have died in my country in just the last five months? My friend's father died of walking to buy fruits. Many graves of children are now in graveyard near my house. These children should be in parks playing. Now they are playing in dirt. Dirt above them. Graveyards of children not good.
Many Army people die fighting your war in Pakistan. But why? My uncle and brother have died as soldiers. They are extinct too like tigers. I hate extinction. I will support your tigers if you support my people. Can you tell your daddy? Would you value Pakistani people as you value Tigers? Will you allow us to live? Would you try to save us? We are becoming extinct. We can read and write. Tigers cannot do that.

I hope that this letter reaches you and that you save people. Tigers are important.
Love your extinct friend
Children of Pakistan


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