Pakistan to believe in the footprints of China

Monday, March 16, 2009

There is a stretch of hundreds of miles of border area between one of the most advanced manufacturing super power houses in the world and the most fragile economies of scale. Internal and complex policies that lay paralyzed in the hands of friable leadership across the world and yet there are nations that are building more advanced cities of permanence in the world. The instability of the general world market can be quantified by the benchmarks of last two decades. The price of basic ingredients of life has increased 1000%. Electricity and gas supply to industrial areas are at a halt. One can only imagine what goes on in the local communities.
All third world countries that have been struggling for their optimal success in the market do not have to work for the magic anecdote of success. The think tanks do not require the Harvard touch to manifest their current scenarios into an enriching experience. Millions of people do not require comprehensive analysis to cement principles and processes that can deplete the poverty levels and exponentially increase the industrial prowess. The unthinkable has been achieved by China. It has now become one of the greatest industrial countries in the world. China has risen beyond the expectations of even the greatest critics and has endorsed their existence as one of the most sophisticated players in the international market. And there is justifiable belief that within the next decade almost 75% of all house hold items; utensils, portraits and even dishwashers will be coming from only one country in the world. It has shut down factories all over the world and is gaining momentum at a pace that many of the industrial giants like Germany and Japan are now considering new tax benefits and strategic policies to align their products with the growth potential of just one country alone. One has to understand the industrial arcana of China to fully fathom what the leaders and communities have done for the nation and their impact on the world civilization. China is without a doubt the most fierce and determined upcoming super power of the world creating jobs for millions of workers, garnering skill sets through a local market and instilling in the entire nation a determination that has never been truly sketched in the annals of history.
Countries that seek such prestige and international growth require using the blue prints of china to hone their skill set and drive them into the millennium. China has the entire plans laid out that are all now fabricated in their cultural, social and even moral veneers. People are now justifying their presence as individuals as well as nationalists. These ingredients are missing through out the world. No other civilization in current standings has enlarged their presence with such magnitude and significance. The roads to China are now complete. Industrial cities have been created and people trained extensively to man their factories and facilitate change. China can and will become the legend of all legends in regards to their ample resource management.
One thing that the world has not utilized to their benefit is the overall benefits associated with a simple learning experience from china. Countries can benefit from simply admiring the tax benefits given to the masses to set up local manufacturing units and quality checks since the inception. The climate was extremely aggressive in demonstrating excellence across the board. Dreams turned into reality.
Many nations including Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan that have never left their nascent habitats of corruption and despair have a lot to be won regarding the primal advantages that the policies of china has done for the nation. People have become more stable and the work ethics have changed. Crime has decreased and people tend to live longer. Competition anywhere in the world drives excellence.
China faced millions of hiccups that any other country might face. Irrespective of the disastrous avenues that could have hindered the overall courage and magnitude of the work load, leaders came forth and provided the elements of change. There was nothing astonishing about tax cuts and the beating heart beat of capitalism.


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