Friday Prayers now an Abbatoir of Innocence

Friday, December 4, 2009

I remember going to the mosque with my father and enjoying the scintillating moments of joy and prosperity. We used to rejoice of being dressed up for the special occasion and anticipated anxiously the home cooked food at home awaiting us all. My mother made special chicken dishes to everyone’s delight. This was also an occasion of meeting and greeting friends and families from the neighborhoods. Friday prayers were not only a sentimental aspect but a moral and social amalgamation of love and understanding. During better days, the stores near the mosque were even kept open and the boys waited their turns to buy ice cream. Many of times, the older folks used to pay for the ice cream of the poorer kids. My driver, gardener and even gatekeeper always went with us on our car to the mosque every Friday. For 20 years of my life, my father instilled in me this desire and love for prayers and the value system of ensuring presence at a mosque at every Friday congregational prayers. My father always gave me some rupees to place in the box near the mosque gates. Seems like yesterday that I was holding the hands of my father waiting for the Azaan. My father kept his sons close and we were all excited to have a family bondage.
Irrespective of the message of performing prayers, I have been adamantly lazy and stupid not to perform all prayers. Later on in my life, I never did get to performing 5 prayers per day but on each Friday I would ensure that I am physically available in any available mosque to prostate and venerate to the lord. And the similar ambiance was seen there in all the mosques that I had visited as I grew up in Pakistan. I smelt the romantic aroma of love, understanding and harmony each time I entered any place of worship. Maybe I only went to the Friday prayers to go back into memory lane. Reminded me of daffodils and sweet honey. This is the memory of my father’s gift of a Friday sermon.
And today, I am scared of taking myself to the mosque and even have deemed saying prayers at home. My mosques are bombarded and the worshippers killed without reason and rhyme. Hundreds of people have died in terrorist attacks on mosques in this year alone. Leaving out the US sanctioned drone attached and the hallucinating verdicts of sectarianism violence; this is still a barbaric number. This is the playground for mentally disturbed people to give their bodies in the name of religion.
The Jewish media has done a phenomenal job in connecting the dots and correlating suicidal attacks with Islam. They have ordained this concept from the suicidal attacks against the Jewish community in Palestine. The reality of the issue is that like the seasons of life, self killing has many different veneers and colors. As a philanthropist, I detest all suicidal attacks and believe that it is not human to kill innocent lives specially the ones praying to any god.
The rules of engagement dictate that a war against targeted groups have a rational and can be comprehended but simply detonating a mosque by tying up explosives to a body is completely insane. This has to be the job of a satanic body and spirit to completely take up the task of shooting at civilian populations. It is the worst and most brazen sin that humanity can commit. The Jewish lobbyists and American propaganda dictate “Pakistan has more to do”. In such dire consequences, one can only wonder at the magical spell that the US wants Pakistan to perform. Irrespective of the fact that the US government clearly knows that the current and former governments have been saturated with the most corrupt and morally decayed souls and minds. Without spirit and integrity, how can these government officials save Pakistan?
The issue I face as a Pakistani citizen is how to give back to my children the same color, fragrance, and prosperity during Friday prayers. Who corrupted the timeless love of this nation and sold it at a price? Today, over 20 people have died in Rawalpindi because some hoodlums shot aimlessly at the souls busy in subjecting themselves to their lord.
I cannot even imagine how one can take up the moral and social responsibility of killing innocent lives. One thing is certain; this is the hands of external forces. No one irrespective of the religious bifurcations in Pakistan can shoot at fragile and unarmed community of citizens. I am a Muslim but protected the churches when people wanted to burn them. I protected them because I believe that they are remains of Pakistan. I often visit the Hindu temples in model town Lahore to give precedence that we are a nation of multi cultures and religions. There is no price I would take to shoot any Pakistani irrespective of age, color of creed. And I know of hundreds more who would do the same. They will not shoot at civilians and people who have families. We want our Pakistan to grow.
Lets us all shut down the western propaganda that these are Islamic terrorists. This is similar to saying that Christian act of violence take place each time a person is killed in the streets of New York. Religion does not teach innocent shootings. Humans do not perform such hideous crimes. Only venom of dogs, bastards and pigs has aimless ambitions like these. May the men and groups teaching this hatred feel the same turmoil and same reckless disasters? May they find themselves entangled without their knowledge and fight a battle in the dark.
For the Muslim world, I only cry and wonder how we have come to this juncture in our lives. What have we done to take this wrath? This is the time to stand up and be united. If I have to die, so be it. At least, my people, my children will not say I ran away or surrendered like the Pakistani army the day Dacca fell. They will remember me as a soldier who stood ground. Who died for a meaning of giving a better Pakistan to its generation? We all have this obligation. We all have this emblem to keep each other safe. Will you not join me?


Anonymous said...

strong content - this is good stuff. kindly keep writing

Anonymous said...

in times as bitter as these....there are only shadows! but within these murders, within these massacres, destinies are me the men who are as satanic as these men, who conduct such attacks,will suffer a greater wrath! the time has arrived!

Anonymous said...

anyone who blows up mosques is insane!!!!!

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