Crippled, molested and hunger driven children of tomorrow

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Internet never stops at amazing me. It always provides me with statistics and analysis of the most obscure and defeated purposes of life. Just recently, I was image googling for “Pakistani children” on the Web. Horrifying pictures of our beautiful children popped up on every single page that I clicked on. Each picture had moribund eyes and perturbed faces alluring the insanity and devastation that we often forget in our lives. Hundreds of pictures of broken down dreams, ambushed aspirations and convoluted ambitions. If hope had a graveyard these faces would have been tombstones.

Is this what the world sees? Images of our children begging for food outside of American trucks filled with rice and wheat. Crowded rooms of children that have not been fed washed and clothes for days. Innocent hands holding guns and aiming at the skies. Children weeping as they sit patiently in wired camps awaiting their return home. Is this the images that the world sees each day of my future generation? If you do not believe me, the images and the stories are just a click away. Let the pictures entice you with gruesome and malignant thoughts. Sallow complexion of our children demonstrates to you the damage we have done by our beleaguered policies and futile processes.

Though these pictures cannot speak any language or cry out their deaths, they still speak volumes of the deplorable condition of the social and moral fabric instilled in this nation. These images bemoan the tragedies of what lies ahead. According to a recent survey from the UN, more than half of the children of Pakistan are fighting common diseases and malnutrition aftermaths. Why are we all silent? This narcoleptic behavior of the governments, civil and human rights can’t continue. I write because those faces resemble the smile embarked on the petal lips of my daughter. The glow in their eyes formulates a similar romance as I look into the scintillating eyes of my princess. My daughter bathes from water from the same rivulets that pass through our cities and breathes from the same air that remains captivated within the boundaries of Pakistan. How can I let them perish into abyss? How can we have the world describe these lost souls as the future of Pakistan?

I then typed American children and wonderful pictures of love, understanding and smiles take a front stance. Hundreds of pictures of families, schools and joy are all approved pictures on the Google page. Is this America?
Generations of tomorrow will remind us each day of our faults and silence. I am a father of the children of tomorrow. I owe it to my daughter to give her an aspiring and promising Pakistan. So, I write and create a think tank. Kindly do refer to my think tank survey on what do we really do for poor and hunger driven children. The survey is on the bottom right hand corner. Kindly do vote.

Are parents like me ready to make a difference? Can we parents unite and remind the communities to stop littering on the streets and feed the children that are playing aimlessly in the garbage. Will we be resolute and communicate with fierce and vengeance to the department of child labor, health and social welfare that we need to know the vision and game plan for elevating hunger and remorse. There is a pill available for the migraines of these children and that is love. Care to share a little. I would want someone to throw my daughter a blanket if she was tired, lost, hungry and cold on a winter night and Pakistan. Wouldn’t you?


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