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Monday, December 28, 2009

President Asif Ali Zardari
The President in his speech at Garhi Khuda Bukh stated that non state elements are preventing the government from fully functioning. If this is true, then let’s be clear and open with the public. Who is our enemy? This is not a top secret that the President, ISI Chief and Rehman Malik should only be privy to. We as a community of people need to finally get an answer. Too many lives have been scattered in ignorance. The time has come. Pakistan wake up. We need to get a hold of these corrupt politicians by the horns and shoot out the failures. I demand answers to this terrorist acts. Who is it? Why have they started now? Who are the catalysts? Is it the Deobandi school of thought with their madarasas? The Jihadi groups created by clerics? India. In all truths, we need to comprise a truth with these men. War cannot be won. We need to know what they want. If they want to oust Americans, then oust them. We can live without donations and grant. If the Supreme Court gives the verdict, NRO culprits to return the money, we have enough. I commit on behalf of Pakistan to the president that if law and order is restored, we will build Pakistan together. We do not need foreign aid. We need domestic peace. Can you handle this?

Time we spread the word. Time we take issues on our turf. This Pakistan is bleeding. Talk to the nation. Give names. PPP, PML, or any other sects, come out with evidence. You are breathing your last. And so are we.


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