I want to know my post mortem

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I want to know my post mortem

Over ten thousand bodies have been annihilated in the streets of Pakistan. Hundreds of people have buried their loved ones to dirt. Over a thousand mutilated extended families complete devastated from this ongoing turmoil. Our schools, shopping malls, police stations and even our worship places are all on the list of being incinerated without a price and without justification. Imagine, back into the pages of lost history, where Lahore was known for its botanic gardens and Karachi was the upbeat mesmerizing city of Asia. And today, the gardens are depleted and the magnanimous city without light and bodies.
Is this the Pakistan our parents fathomed for us? I weep as I leave behind the atrocious monster to eat up at our left overs. Our silence is remarkable. Every one of us is sitting idle and anticipating that tomorrow maybe this nightmare will wash itself away. Needless to see we are a part of this horrific nightmare. Every beautiful child that is born in this nation will now have its fate written in the slaughterhouses of unknowns. Our mothers will vanish by the collapse of buildings as the car bombs keep on shaking our cities. Our fathers will be buried beneath the rubble as the vigilant sounds of terror vamoose into the mosques and offensively left them dead as their bodies were prostrating to their lord.
I will not believe for an instance that these great martyrs died in vain. I will not bury my loved ones anticipating more to come. I vouch that I will write. I testify that I will not let go of the dreamland that has given me meaning and my identity. I will write till my heart bleeds no more and I perish into the night. My words are for my country. My sentences the veneer of hope and understanding. With these walls I will build my palace and raise the silent into a vehement voice. No governance and law can become a detriment in our journey to salvation. Will you not join me and communicate the message of tolerance and liberation? Will you not write with me the testifying moments of brutality? Will you not walk on the streets when we speak up against violence?
Our government has been deciphering different messages since the inception of the terror bomb. Pakistan might have created the atomic bomb, but the greatest nemesis bomb that can obliterate entire nations is the terror bomb. Both bombs being manufactured by the western ideologies. Question is are we ready to take its toll? Why is our government not giving us the message? Who is behind the massacres? I want to know my enemy. I will haunt it down with my life. But who is it? Is it RAW? USA? Who really is it? Is it you? Is it me? I need a post mortem report.
What happened to the communication of the terrorists that were captured in different deadly encounters? Have we not allowed their tongues to speak? Give this nation a report. Give our enemies a face. Give my life meaning. Give me Pakistan.


natasha said...

Its high time that all of us break our silence of indifference or fleeting empathy towards the victims of such grotesque incidents- nonetheless, the question still remains...who can we really trust? who would be fair and brave enough to give us the 'post-mortem' that we desperately seek?

Anonymous said...

If all of us demand answers, we will get them.

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Anonymous said...

We will wonder at all the good things in life and never have them. there is a reality check and we need to advance and further instill. question is how though ?

bathmate said...

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