Our prodigies begging for food on the Streets

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I would have placed his name on neon lights and had given him an opportunity to meet the President of Pakistan. Imagine in a world where the financial elements are gruesomely killing the very backbone of people, there is still hope and tranquility. Newspapers and televisions keep on reiterating the fact that Pakistan is a failed state and that there is hardly any good news associated with people. The industrial units are closed and people are hardly moving by.

However, the small little heading behind the gigantic billboard news in the Daily Dawn stated that a brick layer topped his matriculation examination from Multan Board. I could not believe my eyes and my mind took a while to comprehend. A wonder boy found in the most poverty stricken areas of this country. A talent that without the extra prowess of exceptional teachers and educational edifices became a star! Hundreds of good schools are available in Multan yet this under privileged lad became the harbinger for success. All in the city of Sufi saints.

Chinadaily.com is a phenomenal newspaper who takes pride in communicating the achievements of the local masses. It is focusing on the pride and achievements of the local community and spreading the words of success and pride to the entire nation. This paper strives in educating China about the future stars, processes and new activities that can further enhance China. People read it daily and are inspired by the people that have made spectacular achievements. If this boy was born in any poverty stricken area of China, he would have made it to the front headlines. And if he was ever too lucky and born in any slump of States, he would have met the governor of that state and given free education in any university of the world.

An individual can carve dreams into reality and bring forth change for the entire nation. One of the most difficult infrastructures to build is the processes that highlight, segment, and hone talent. Hundreds of the leaders that are driving the American economy our scholarship holders that never had the financial backing to pursue medical, law, and engineers degrees. Yet, once they were finally selected, the government ensured that their dreams reach the pinnacle of stardom. Their world believes that the next president or scientist can be born of any age, creed, status and area. The objective of the nation is to find those individuals and create them into the legendary icons of sagacity.

Our child prodigy might never enter medical school or have enough resources to pursue an engineering degree abroad. His victory might be short left and he will never find his way home. These dreams will die within him. And in his graveyard, we will bury the future of Pakistan. Our own dreams and ambitions will never reach ripeness.

At least one thing would be guaranteed. Our governments will always have enough money to fill the petrol tanks of our senators and have the finances to send our governors to other countries for medical treatments. But our super genius stars that could stabilize the country will still remain on the foot paths awaiting their turn for a job to pay the bills.
Kindly refer to the following article to read more about how man power plays a pivotal part in the economy.


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