Psychological Disarray of the 1.7 million Pakistani Dispersed Families

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pakistan has recently witnessed 1.7 million Pakistani people migrate from their homes to camps and even graveyards as the war on terror continues. It is imperative that the world realizes the collateral as well as mental damage ordained upon the masses. Imagine a world where your playgrounds, homes, schools and shops have been demolished and now you have been asked to revisit the past. Within the last 48 hours, the government of Pakistan has announced certain segments of the northern areas as safe grounds and is vigorously moving back the massive influx of humans. The only ailment here is that these refuges are moving back to empty land. Their homes have been damaged and their properties completely destroyed. With no financial backing, we are allowing them to walk home empty.

Irrespective of international differences and irrationalities, a world calamity requires the indulgence and efforts of the communities at large. One needs to grasp and come to terms with the reality that is prevalent in that particular area of the world. Imagine the level of anguish, despair, hatred, and remorse that will be with the families. Millions of families will now walk aimlessly into their villages and cities and realize that the edifices and infrastructures are no longer there. Imagine a world that you and your forefathers have created and now you walk back into these same streets knowing that those buildings and infrastructures are gone. The 1.7 million Pakistanis are unfortunately a part of the uneducated mass and need to come to terms with the why and how the situation.

There is going to be a certain level of backlash associated with the migration to empty homes and desolate places. The world requires participating in revamping the mindsets of these people in creating an atmosphere of hope and tranquility. People need to be given the financial and moral support to rebuild their homes specifically for a war that they never started. I cannot even fathom how I would react if I had to be taken out of my home and brought back to an empty piece of land. Especially when I know that I was never a part of the entire equation. I was just simply going to school or working at meager wages. Was this the hope and aspirations that the world anticipates for Pakistan?

This news requires significant action. Psychological assistance is required along with medical facilities. We cannot create devastation in the minds of these people. Let the world realize that Pakistan has finally paid the price of going into war. We have made 1.7 million homeless and buried 200,000 bodies to capture and foresight an army that has been entangled in the web of political and social history. The question now is how will we build Pakistan without financial support?


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