Poem for Karachi Martyrs

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Enemies of Peace,
How dare you bombard my people on the most delicate and remarkable days of our faith. Before you bombed the procession, did you even realize that the procession was in the name of the grandson of the greatest man on Earth? This procession was to salute the greatest martyrdom in the history of the world. You have not killed peace; you have deleted it from the annals of Pakistan history. I am a Sunni but love all elements of my beloved Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hussain. To me, today, someone took the initiative and killed my prestige and honor. They have violated my peace. For the martyrs of Karachi, I write this poem

The procession of the grandson of the greatest man on earth
You bombed it and shattered our trust, loyalty and faith
Martyred many in this inhuman act of violence
Burnt down Karachi as if it was just bark
Destroyed our sanctity and our benevolence
Yet you forget
We are martyrs the day we were born
We will march on with our songs, love and understanding
Long after you have died and rusted in the sun
Our children will tell stories of our victory
And your pyrrhic losses
Time will write you as a devil
History will convey your disasters to generations
You will die a million deaths
And hell is your abode


Anonymous said...

beautiful - well done

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