The fatal laugh of the NRO

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Complete insanity. The NRO is the agreement that will allow all the corruption and deceit ever done by the current and previous predecessors and wipe the dirt under the carpet. All the illegal activity will be wiped away by a smear of political deterrence leaving behind a history of trial and errors that never went through correction. Imagine a world where criminals sign off on documents that legitimate their wrong.
As a nation, we need to stand up and confront the wrong. It is not acceptable to the nation and its people to let leaders commit drastic variances in the system and have a rule of engagement to vanish their devastations and remarkable mistakes. The impacts of their errors have been drastic in nature. Children have died. Parents have been buried. Hundreds and thousands of people have lost their jobs. Billions of rupees have been transferred into accounts outside of Pakistan. Are we to forgive them? And for what reason? How can scoundrels be let go without a price? Can we leave the corpse to be eaten by the vultures?
As a layman and a social number in the massive and populous network of Pakistan, I can only write and predict that history will not forgive the men and women who agree that washing away the sins will neglect and turning the other side will be the solution. How can we not agree to banish this law? Why is this law even in existence?
What teaching story will this have on the educational masses? Are we communicating that we are fine with corruption and we will always have an offensive analysis and forgiving mindset. A profligate government will not remain on the surface of the world. It will be obliterated into a million pieces. This is the stubborn associated with a race that is silent. Will we not listen to our hearts? Our prodigies are looking at us with the most perturbed and vehemently emotional eyes. And where we stand today. Again, on a cross road. Will we remain silent and let the corrupt walk on? Will we give a rebirth to our convictions and stand committed. Let’s walk.


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