The price Pakistani masses pay for running the National Assembly

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The entire government infrastructure has gone into deep loss. The running capital is becoming depleted and more and more of the rupee are being bandaged on to the ailment. One of the most common rules and financial models is to suppress the running cost. Many examples and models exist in which governments, organizations, communities and even individuals have exponentially decreased the running costs both in terms of operational and management of expenditures. Drastic measures have to be taken when the expenditures are higher than the revenues.

A very easy and dignified approach to this ailment is to right-off the privileges and perks associated with higher ranking government officials especially the ones that make the electoral government. People can certainly live without extra miles and free phone calls but what the government cannot sustain is dictating their running cost and not coming to terms with the decline in revenue. Textiles and agriculture are both the backbones of this nation. Both have taken on a severe beating over the last two regimes.

The real question is that that why is the government not doing anything? The answer lies in the freedom of expenditures without caps and accountability. Who has given the government the right to run the operations without taking into perspective the true reality surfacing in every nook and corner? Here is just a glimpse of the financial goodies associated with elected national members:

Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (MNA)
Ø Monthly Salary: Rs. 120,000 to 200,000
Ø Misc Expenses per month: Rs. 100,000
Ø Office expenditure per month: Rs. 140,000
Ø Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km up to 6000 km/month): Rs. 48,000
Ø Daily BETA when Assembly in session: Rs. 500
Ø Charge for 1st class (A/C) in train: Free (For any number of
Times all over PAKISTAN). Charge for Business Class in flights: Free
for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)
Ø Rent for Govt. hostel anywhere: Free
Ø Electricity costs at home: Free up to 500 units (national avg. 350 units)
Ø Local phone call charge: Free up to 17,000 calls (national avg. 150)
Ø TOTAL expense for one MNA per year: Rs. 32,000,000
(320 million rupees).
Ø TOTAL expense for 534 MNAS per years:
Rs. 85,440,000,000 (85 billion & 440 million rupees)

And they are elected by THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN, through a democratic process. On their own they would be denied entrance to an exclusive restaurant. Many of these elected members hardly pay taxes and enjoy their freedom of speech. Read an article regarding what the Californian governor is doing to stop the excessive tax payer spending.
Let’s look at the Islamic ideology. Islamic ideology and era concludes that all the great caliphs lived off of their meager salaries and spend a very little amount from the tax payer’s money. In fact, all the people in the community had the right and opportunity to challenge the authority and the cost of keeping the government alive. History dictates that when once a Caliph was pointed out of taking more sheets from the tax payer’s money. He then got his son and he testified that he gave his father his share of the cloth. Throughout the entire Islamic era, the Caliphs were just reaching border line of financial expenses.
This is certainly not the case with the government of Pakistan. Millions of rupees are being spent on excessive expensive that only provide a lavish lifestyle. Image the romance and culture of a third world country.
This is a mockery of our taxpayer’s money and an adamant approach needs to take place to reduce this and come to terms with reality. All useless extravagant of money need to be depleted and make this law enforcers come on local transportation. Forgive them their rights and privileges. Let them walk with the common man. Create a system where they cannot utilize money on such expenses. Without these caps we will see further depletion of our financial resources and will eventually become a top worst ranking country in the nation. Is anyone willing to assist in having closure to this?


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. This just goes to show that the harder we work, the better the lifestyle our politicians have. Correct me if i am wrong but last time i checked, i wanted lifestyle of mine and my family to improve. I do not see that happening.

I have read some of your other articles as well and i appreciate that atleast someone out there is raising the voice. Keep it up friend.

Ayesha Munir said...

I wish that the political system really thinks about revamping the financials. good job in showing us the true picture. Keep up the good work

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