A poem in dedication to the children of our Lands

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I will not let die aimlessly. There is a commitment that we will survive and go beyond our hopes and dreams. This poem is dedicated to the children that left home and never came back. This poem is to salute the ambitious stars of tomorrow that have now been buried in the dirt of political and social fabric of fools.

Suicidal attacks
Scariest dreams lurking in the alleys of hate
Perturbed eyes gazing for a tomorrow
if only today survives....

Dreams scattered in the dust
weapons driving home a message
Death is the univocal music in the air
Can you hear it?

It makes us deaf to our fears and hopes
This is the song ouf our Autumn
A lullaby for my children


Pakistan wins the World Cup

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In a miraculous attempt to keep itself a float, the legendary Pakistan cricket team was able to delve into the annals of history winning the T20-20 final against the unbeatable Sri Lankan team. The team and its victory has gone along way in stabilizing a country that has been jolted by extreme violence, corrupt management and sectarianism.

What people do not know is that the most scenic beauty of the land is now under bombardment and the peace accords are dying along with the children who have lost thier lives to a tragic cause. Pakistan needs to build its strength and determination. We now have a greater victory at hand. We need to win as a country now.
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Lights Off in Our City

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It has been one of those rare moments in the history of all nations when the provisional infrastructure goes into complete darkness. Similar to the mood swings of the polluted politicians. One needs to really comprehend the damage that has been done. Hundreds of patients died due to the non availablity of electricity and many of our future leaders were left without lamps to study under. We are loosing the grip on the social elements and letting go of some of the true and hard core values.
Imagine a world where Pakistan is revered as a harbinger of truth and prosperity and the world believes in the massive infrastructure taking place. We are all awaiting that day. But those days never to be seen on the calenders of our political role models.
I can only imagine what Karachi had to go through during the times of darkness. Here is a poem I have written:

Lights off
am I in a prison?
What is my sin?
I can not even see the goodness in others....

I hear sounds of beating hearts
can't they shut off too?

My uncle died
the operating room had no lights
doctors got the full fees
we live to tell the tale of darkness.......


Another bombing of a mosque in the Northern Areas

Friday, June 5, 2009

Irrespective of the variances in ideology and the hatred that one possesses, damaging and deleting innocent people from the surface of this Earth is not only evil but the most inhuman act that one can fathom. Alongside this, these brutalities have the source being blown up into pieces as well. What hatred and animosity comes from innocent killings? I can so far acknowledge the target aspect of shootings to the degree that you know whom you want to fight with but random acts of terror is a result of a social and moral decay in society. External elements play a pivotal part and ruin the lives of millions of people.
Hope is a wonderful ingredient and a gift of god. But we relentlessly have given it up. We can no longer take this and prostrate to our Lord hoping that this time around we go home and visit our families. This is not the life we need to life. This is not the realm of our goals. We have dreams embarked on our petal roads. Who damaged the streets and broke our windows and doors open? Who took away from my children their hopes and anticipations?
Can we finally say No to this! Can we finally come up with a solution to end all of this? Iwish that the children that we bury were from both sides. Maybe then one can realize the importance of a loved one. A loved one.


This could be any one of our children

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I never forget the smile of my little princess as I wake up each day. I can not live a day without seeing her beautiful smile embarked on her petal lips and her ever demanding notion that her daddy will be there for here irrespective of season, time, life and stage. Yet, these horrifying pictures of families displaced in the northern areas of Pakistan conclude that millions of people across the world have forgotten that these children also have fathers and mothers. Parents who are now helpless. Imagine if that bond that my daughter has in me is broken and I can not repair it. Life and all its glory is gradable. Take away hope and you have nothing left but a nightmare. I would give my life for the dreams of my little princess. Wouldn't you? So, why leave them on this journey? Who is to be blamed? Any one?



We commit to live together

Harmony should never be a seperate life form. Irrespective of the odds that we face, we are on nation and need to thrive on this element alone. We believe that other elements of evil have been trying to eradicate this great nation and that the people are now oblivious to the facts and the nation is now being run by a cultural vacuum. No more pretenses. The mass public requires to be build up.


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The main focus and commitment is to give the internet community a true understanding of the real Pakistan and introduce to them the people who are working hard to create and build Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!

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This is my pride, my emblem

This is my pride, my emblem
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