Faces We Have Left Behind

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pakistani Child Dead to Terrorist Attacks
Amputated bodies lying in the rubble
Scared faces massacred in the diminishing lights of defeat
All of these fragmented ligaments had my resemblance
Eyes of my life shattered in the dusty nemesis
My palpating heart ripped open in the apocalyptic reaction of insanity
Camouflaged men self destructing themselves
Burying my loved ones in tears of remorse
What have we done?
Who is this enemy?
I have died too many times
In the once hustling and bustling streets of Peshawar
In the long queues in front of the bank in Rawalpindi
In the mosques of my city
In the parks of Quetta
To the shopping centers of Lahore
They have killed my innocence, soul, integrity, speech, ambition
And now my silence.


Anonymous said...

beautifully written

Anonymous said...

loved the poem , keep it up

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