Maybe it might be too late?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have we often thought about where we would end up as a nation? Some of the most drastic events have sparked riots and convuluted nightmares among the masses. Millions have died over the last decade include the ex prime minister of this country. We as a nation must ask ourselves what we are to expect in the future. Are we going to have dreams left? Is this what we all bargained for.

Lets remember the history of how we got created. One man called Muhammad Ali Jinnah took upon this daunting task to carve a nation for us all. A man who was left in darkness and despair. He was not escorted during his ambulance ride to the hospital. His precious sister lost the elections. Is this what the vultures of this land anticipated?

This country has had their share of thugs and looters. Almost all the politicians boasts of their deads and harrassments ideologies. Imagine. I have come to believe that the people who created Pakistan died in its attempt and left it to be burnt by the looters and rapists. If this is not true, what picture do you see when you open your eyes?


how to have faith in such a desolate world

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We live our lives in the most dangerous times. This is a country where the assassinations of presidents and ex-prime ministers remain unsolved. This is a country where millions of people sleep without being fed. And only in this country can doctors get away with malpractice. We as a nation really need to think about where we want to have this country in the next 20 years. Do we still want to be in the political moribund state of affairs and always be differentiating between the pros and cons of the PPP versus the PML? Do we have no institution that create and develop are our future leaders? Can our educational edifices produce the think tanks that can muster the strength to facilitate growth and prosperity? Or will we have our prime ministers flown from other parts of the world? This is the height of poverty and deceit that our population is left in the dark and we try to penetrate even with hope and aspire. The writing is really clear.
Is this really the end of the room for all of us?
Currently a political and social uplift is massively required to maintain the sanity of this nation. Hundreds of people have already died aimlessly in the bombardment and thousands have been disbursed into the abyss. Our sick children have died in the hospitals and are elderly run down by drunken bus drivers. This is a nation that fleds a crime scene and a nation whose millionaires have laundered from banks and frauds. Is this what we intended to do with our lives and our future?
There needs to be an end to this. Any comments?


Crippled, molested and hunger driven children of tomorrow

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Internet never stops at amazing me. It always provides me with statistics and analysis of the most obscure and defeated purposes of life. Just recently, I was image googling for “Pakistani children” on the Web. Horrifying pictures of our beautiful children popped up on every single page that I clicked on. Each picture had moribund eyes and perturbed faces alluring the insanity and devastation that we often forget in our lives. Hundreds of pictures of broken down dreams, ambushed aspirations and convoluted ambitions. If hope had a graveyard these faces would have been tombstones.

Is this what the world sees? Images of our children begging for food outside of American trucks filled with rice and wheat. Crowded rooms of children that have not been fed washed and clothes for days. Innocent hands holding guns and aiming at the skies. Children weeping as they sit patiently in wired camps awaiting their return home. Is this the images that the world sees each day of my future generation? If you do not believe me, the images and the stories are just a click away. Let the pictures entice you with gruesome and malignant thoughts. Sallow complexion of our children demonstrates to you the damage we have done by our beleaguered policies and futile processes.

Though these pictures cannot speak any language or cry out their deaths, they still speak volumes of the deplorable condition of the social and moral fabric instilled in this nation. These images bemoan the tragedies of what lies ahead. According to a recent survey from the UN, more than half of the children of Pakistan are fighting common diseases and malnutrition aftermaths. Why are we all silent? This narcoleptic behavior of the governments, civil and human rights can’t continue. I write because those faces resemble the smile embarked on the petal lips of my daughter. The glow in their eyes formulates a similar romance as I look into the scintillating eyes of my princess. My daughter bathes from water from the same rivulets that pass through our cities and breathes from the same air that remains captivated within the boundaries of Pakistan. How can I let them perish into abyss? How can we have the world describe these lost souls as the future of Pakistan?

I then typed American children and wonderful pictures of love, understanding and smiles take a front stance. Hundreds of pictures of families, schools and joy are all approved pictures on the Google page. Is this America?
Generations of tomorrow will remind us each day of our faults and silence. I am a father of the children of tomorrow. I owe it to my daughter to give her an aspiring and promising Pakistan. So, I write and create a think tank. Kindly do refer to my think tank survey on what do we really do for poor and hunger driven children. The survey is on the bottom right hand corner. Kindly do vote.

Are parents like me ready to make a difference? Can we parents unite and remind the communities to stop littering on the streets and feed the children that are playing aimlessly in the garbage. Will we be resolute and communicate with fierce and vengeance to the department of child labor, health and social welfare that we need to know the vision and game plan for elevating hunger and remorse. There is a pill available for the migraines of these children and that is love. Care to share a little. I would want someone to throw my daughter a blanket if she was tired, lost, hungry and cold on a winter night and Pakistan. Wouldn’t you?


Psychological Disarray of the 1.7 million Pakistani Dispersed Families

Pakistan has recently witnessed 1.7 million Pakistani people migrate from their homes to camps and even graveyards as the war on terror continues. It is imperative that the world realizes the collateral as well as mental damage ordained upon the masses. Imagine a world where your playgrounds, homes, schools and shops have been demolished and now you have been asked to revisit the past. Within the last 48 hours, the government of Pakistan has announced certain segments of the northern areas as safe grounds and is vigorously moving back the massive influx of humans. The only ailment here is that these refuges are moving back to empty land. Their homes have been damaged and their properties completely destroyed. With no financial backing, we are allowing them to walk home empty.

Irrespective of international differences and irrationalities, a world calamity requires the indulgence and efforts of the communities at large. One needs to grasp and come to terms with the reality that is prevalent in that particular area of the world. Imagine the level of anguish, despair, hatred, and remorse that will be with the families. Millions of families will now walk aimlessly into their villages and cities and realize that the edifices and infrastructures are no longer there. Imagine a world that you and your forefathers have created and now you walk back into these same streets knowing that those buildings and infrastructures are gone. The 1.7 million Pakistanis are unfortunately a part of the uneducated mass and need to come to terms with the why and how the situation.

There is going to be a certain level of backlash associated with the migration to empty homes and desolate places. The world requires participating in revamping the mindsets of these people in creating an atmosphere of hope and tranquility. People need to be given the financial and moral support to rebuild their homes specifically for a war that they never started. I cannot even fathom how I would react if I had to be taken out of my home and brought back to an empty piece of land. Especially when I know that I was never a part of the entire equation. I was just simply going to school or working at meager wages. Was this the hope and aspirations that the world anticipates for Pakistan?

This news requires significant action. Psychological assistance is required along with medical facilities. We cannot create devastation in the minds of these people. Let the world realize that Pakistan has finally paid the price of going into war. We have made 1.7 million homeless and buried 200,000 bodies to capture and foresight an army that has been entangled in the web of political and social history. The question now is how will we build Pakistan without financial support?


How A Father Died

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My father walked to the Punjab Medical Institute. He was a professor at a very prestigious university in Pakistan. They wrongly diagnosed him and gave him the wrong injection. His liver ruptured and that was the last day I had with my father. That day I had met him again after coming home from work. This time he was sleeping and could not hear me. Imagine how my soul felt. Imagine how my world dissipated. These doctors had no remorse. My shouts and screams did not have any effect on the staff at the institute. Now I realize that hundreds of men and women shout at them each day and they have become prone to it. We can only voice our anger. There is no institute or governance where we can show them the pieces of the puzzle and suspend the licenses.

I will publish this book one day. But till that day, I write this story with an empty heart. What can we do? Should we burn the hospitals and shoot the doctors on our own? Should we create the institutes of governance? But how? The ministry of Health is heedless of this story. It has been sent to them multiple of times and still we see our tomorrow being injected with wrong medicines and people dying without a cause.

Each day Pakistan will kill its stars of tomorrow. If Pakistan had saved my father, he would have taught another generation. He might have met his grandchildren. Maybe my angel could have met her grandfather instead of staring at his pictures. Maybe I could have had time to say I love you and given him hope and love. Maybe the hundreds of people like me could have had another moment of solace and tranquility. Can I blame my country for the death of my father? I have written a poem for my father

He let go of his breath
His breath that could have catered to so many more beautiful years
Years that could have left indelible imprint on the minds of millions
Years that could have floated thoughts and ideas to generations to come
Years that could have saved lives
But if years were not destined, then months could have been bargained
Months that could have whispered last statements in incomplete books
Months that could have embarked memories that were upcoming
Months that could have allowed you to become a grandfather
Months that could have mystified at least my years to come
Months that could have rewritten history
Even days could have been anticipated as your breaths started fading away
Days that could have witnessed relentless goodbyes
Days that could have allowed travel to the house of god
Days that could have meant so much to so many
Days that could have allowed us time to rewrite your passions
Even in the darkness of the diminishing moments, I prayed for hours
Hours that could have penetrated our promises into reality
Hours that could have answered our questions
Hours that could have provided some more happiness in a deadly and dying world
Or perhaps minutes that could have nurtured our dreams
Completed our hopes
Manifested our emotions
Cemented our life
For only a second, I could have reiterated my life in your blood
And wrote the pages of my life in your veins
And captivated my entire soul in your wounds
And touched every atom of your essence
And kissed every emblem of your body
Only for a few seconds

For my dad July 10, 2007

Article -From one our readers. We have no affiliation with him or any party that submits.


Our prodigies begging for food on the Streets

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I would have placed his name on neon lights and had given him an opportunity to meet the President of Pakistan. Imagine in a world where the financial elements are gruesomely killing the very backbone of people, there is still hope and tranquility. Newspapers and televisions keep on reiterating the fact that Pakistan is a failed state and that there is hardly any good news associated with people. The industrial units are closed and people are hardly moving by.

However, the small little heading behind the gigantic billboard news in the Daily Dawn stated that a brick layer topped his matriculation examination from Multan Board. I could not believe my eyes and my mind took a while to comprehend. A wonder boy found in the most poverty stricken areas of this country. A talent that without the extra prowess of exceptional teachers and educational edifices became a star! Hundreds of good schools are available in Multan yet this under privileged lad became the harbinger for success. All in the city of Sufi saints. is a phenomenal newspaper who takes pride in communicating the achievements of the local masses. It is focusing on the pride and achievements of the local community and spreading the words of success and pride to the entire nation. This paper strives in educating China about the future stars, processes and new activities that can further enhance China. People read it daily and are inspired by the people that have made spectacular achievements. If this boy was born in any poverty stricken area of China, he would have made it to the front headlines. And if he was ever too lucky and born in any slump of States, he would have met the governor of that state and given free education in any university of the world.

An individual can carve dreams into reality and bring forth change for the entire nation. One of the most difficult infrastructures to build is the processes that highlight, segment, and hone talent. Hundreds of the leaders that are driving the American economy our scholarship holders that never had the financial backing to pursue medical, law, and engineers degrees. Yet, once they were finally selected, the government ensured that their dreams reach the pinnacle of stardom. Their world believes that the next president or scientist can be born of any age, creed, status and area. The objective of the nation is to find those individuals and create them into the legendary icons of sagacity.

Our child prodigy might never enter medical school or have enough resources to pursue an engineering degree abroad. His victory might be short left and he will never find his way home. These dreams will die within him. And in his graveyard, we will bury the future of Pakistan. Our own dreams and ambitions will never reach ripeness.

At least one thing would be guaranteed. Our governments will always have enough money to fill the petrol tanks of our senators and have the finances to send our governors to other countries for medical treatments. But our super genius stars that could stabilize the country will still remain on the foot paths awaiting their turn for a job to pay the bills.
Kindly refer to the following article to read more about how man power plays a pivotal part in the economy.


The price Pakistani masses pay for running the National Assembly

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The entire government infrastructure has gone into deep loss. The running capital is becoming depleted and more and more of the rupee are being bandaged on to the ailment. One of the most common rules and financial models is to suppress the running cost. Many examples and models exist in which governments, organizations, communities and even individuals have exponentially decreased the running costs both in terms of operational and management of expenditures. Drastic measures have to be taken when the expenditures are higher than the revenues.

A very easy and dignified approach to this ailment is to right-off the privileges and perks associated with higher ranking government officials especially the ones that make the electoral government. People can certainly live without extra miles and free phone calls but what the government cannot sustain is dictating their running cost and not coming to terms with the decline in revenue. Textiles and agriculture are both the backbones of this nation. Both have taken on a severe beating over the last two regimes.

The real question is that that why is the government not doing anything? The answer lies in the freedom of expenditures without caps and accountability. Who has given the government the right to run the operations without taking into perspective the true reality surfacing in every nook and corner? Here is just a glimpse of the financial goodies associated with elected national members:

Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (MNA)
Ø Monthly Salary: Rs. 120,000 to 200,000
Ø Misc Expenses per month: Rs. 100,000
Ø Office expenditure per month: Rs. 140,000
Ø Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km up to 6000 km/month): Rs. 48,000
Ø Daily BETA when Assembly in session: Rs. 500
Ø Charge for 1st class (A/C) in train: Free (For any number of
Times all over PAKISTAN). Charge for Business Class in flights: Free
for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)
Ø Rent for Govt. hostel anywhere: Free
Ø Electricity costs at home: Free up to 500 units (national avg. 350 units)
Ø Local phone call charge: Free up to 17,000 calls (national avg. 150)
Ø TOTAL expense for one MNA per year: Rs. 32,000,000
(320 million rupees).
Ø TOTAL expense for 534 MNAS per years:
Rs. 85,440,000,000 (85 billion & 440 million rupees)

And they are elected by THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN, through a democratic process. On their own they would be denied entrance to an exclusive restaurant. Many of these elected members hardly pay taxes and enjoy their freedom of speech. Read an article regarding what the Californian governor is doing to stop the excessive tax payer spending.
Let’s look at the Islamic ideology. Islamic ideology and era concludes that all the great caliphs lived off of their meager salaries and spend a very little amount from the tax payer’s money. In fact, all the people in the community had the right and opportunity to challenge the authority and the cost of keeping the government alive. History dictates that when once a Caliph was pointed out of taking more sheets from the tax payer’s money. He then got his son and he testified that he gave his father his share of the cloth. Throughout the entire Islamic era, the Caliphs were just reaching border line of financial expenses.
This is certainly not the case with the government of Pakistan. Millions of rupees are being spent on excessive expensive that only provide a lavish lifestyle. Image the romance and culture of a third world country.
This is a mockery of our taxpayer’s money and an adamant approach needs to take place to reduce this and come to terms with reality. All useless extravagant of money need to be depleted and make this law enforcers come on local transportation. Forgive them their rights and privileges. Let them walk with the common man. Create a system where they cannot utilize money on such expenses. Without these caps we will see further depletion of our financial resources and will eventually become a top worst ranking country in the nation. Is anyone willing to assist in having closure to this?


Pakistan map keeps on changing

As I was growing up as a child, I had seen so many different shapes and sizes of the Pakistan map that I was always puzzled about the boundaries of this great nation. Some maps had certain areas of Kashmir given to India and in some maps Pakistan was the rightful owner of the northern areas.
This image never left me. The sad part is that many of the government organizations and private sectors have the conflicted map of Pakistan allowing India to take full charge of their territory. Unfortunately, India never had a sporadic and convoluted image about its domain. All their maps are really clear. They own Kashmir.
It is really a sad state of affairs to know and realize that the Pakistani community has done nothing regarding the overall infrastructural image of the great nation. We have allowed maps to be circulated to the world that gives a wrong image of Pakistan. Imagine a distorted image of our own faces in the market. This kind of sabotage leaves a great nation crippled and scared. People start losing faith in their own ideologies and children grow up believing that their own identity can be scrutinized.
I stand up against the images that are on the walls of the UN buildings and other walls that allow Kashmir to belong to India. This territory belongs to Pakistan. Attached is the real picture of our great nation. These are the borders in which we will play, dance, love and eventually die.


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This is my pride, my emblem
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