How Imanae our princess bought us together

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Imanae bought us together

Another silent Saturday and the traffic keep on saturating the empty roads. People hustling back home and a few of us stand together on liberty chow to protest against the brutal attack on our little princess IMane. Friends and family all joined together to distribute pamphlets, papers and even stickers to the masses. We have been extremely successful in our continuous support and gather together. I have met some fascinating people over the course of our silent protest. People from all different walks of life joined together by a common goal. Malpractice has to end. This is the rudimentary disease killing us all. This has affected every single person and will be a catalyst if this is not stopped.
I met Aqeel again and was completely baffled to know that the police department did not take heed and rested the case. Lahore high court demanded for an update and there was none. The newspapers and online editions all covered the same headline. The police sold their hearts and souls and negated their duty. The police department stated the wrong criminal offense and did not present the entire case to the high court. After this unnecessary delay was communicated to the High court, the police team was immediately transferred and another police team has now given the case.
Morality is a lost cause in this country. With such a princess dead, you would expect that the police department who have their own children would cope and fathom what we all are going through. People would realize the impact and the loss of life. It is so heart breaking to know how we have lost hope and desire in this fatal blow. People cannot let dreams of their future die. Yet the police department wrongly accused the doctors hospital, delayed the investigation and then escaped by simple transfer.
Is this the Pakistan we have longed to build? How can we build morality? Justice is such a virtue that is seems to be hidden beneath the veneers of corruption and deceit. I long for the day when the hospital and its administration will be behind bars. Without bail. Without the hope that they will survive. Our princess is no longer with us but we need to keep on fighting. We need more people to volunteer and come to terms that this is a fight for our children. Yours and mine. And Imanae is leading the way. Look at us. Fighting our cause. Lets be motivated and keep our faith. We have a long journey ahead. The tears of our souls will not rust.
Imagine the pain we grow through. The jungle is full of corrupt politicians, police officers and then heaping the dirt is the foul play of people. Yet our dreams and ambitions will stand the test of time. We will win this for Imanae.


Anonymous said...

we were there always to supprt

Anonymous said...

we will always always love you forever

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