Vultures Over Pakistan

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vultures Over Pakistan

By Rehmat’s World

“It is essential that we strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans,” – David Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Zionist entity.

“The metamorphosis of tiny Israel from a midget to a giant is in the making. The grand design of Judiac-Zionist expansionist doctrine is to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile,” – John Mitchell Henshaw, The American Mercury magazine, 1968.

Pakistan is unique among the world nations which, like Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, to name a few, were created by the Western colonial powers after the WW I. Pakistan was established as the result of over 40 years of non-violent struggle carried out by the Muslims of Indian sub-continent against the British colonialists.

During the last few months this struggle, over one million Muslim men, women and children were slaughtered by the Hindu and Sikh mobs while tens of thousands of Muslim women were either victims of rapes or abducted and forced to convert to Sikhism by the criminals. Most of these women ended up as prostitutes in Mumbai and other Indian cities.

Hindu racist leaders, to this day, have not accepted the partition of Indian sub-continent. India with the help of USSR, Israel, the US and Afghanistan has waged three major wars on Pakistan and were able to dismember the country into two – Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1971. Since Pakistan achieved the distinction of being the only Muslim country which has joined the ‘Nuclear Club of Nine’ – the India-Israel-US trio has been funding and training the terrorist groups in Pakistan’s two strategic provinces – Balochistan (bordering Afghanistan and Iran) and the Frontier (bordering Afghanistan).

Some of the terrorist groups in Balochistan, such as the ‘Baloch National Movement (BNM)’, were created by KGB during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan – in order to punish Islamabad for its support for the Mujahideen groups fighting the Red Army. After the demise of USSR – the BNM withered out due to lack of funds. Later the group was resurrected by CIA and Mossad. The US Jewish lobby groups have created a PR group called ‘Friends of Balochistan’ – just like they created the ‘Save Darfur’, whose funds were diverted to Israel for building housing projects for Jew settlers on Arab stolen lands.

Peter Chamberlin in an article, titled Shaitan is smiling in Balochistan, wrote:

The so-called “friends,” the leaders of the Baloch separatist movement, want to invite the puppet-masters to invade Pakistan in order to save Balochs from America’s puppets. Neither Pakistan nor the province of Balochistan need friends like these. The American Friends of Balochistan has condemned the Pakistan military offensive against the hapless people of Mekran and urged the U.S. authorities to intervene in the matter.

Balochistan and Pakistan have only one chance for survival–that is, for all the honest moral citizens of all Pakistan to see this thing clearly and come to a common understanding about the dangers they face. Through this common understanding and the shedding of former delusions about the state, national unity of purpose will arise. That is the one thing that is vital in defeating the divide and conquer tactics that are being deployed against you.

The Baloch people have so far been bound by tribal delusions and violent state reprisals. Your leaders have been working against you, misleading you with visions of “Greater Balochistan,” using your history as a weapon, to keep you bound to the past, even while your vision is clearly set upon achieving future freedom from the evil of the state. You have been fighting to free yourselves from the police state, as all freedom-loving Pakistanis should have been doing since the beginning. If only Pakistanis of all faiths, or no faiths, had simply stood together as you all once did in India, to resist the evil of the state (the remnant of the enforcement/control mechanism erected by the British Crown), then none of these strategic mind games would now be possible.

As it is now, all of you, must think of Pakistan, the beautiful life-giving country–NOT seeing the divisions erected between you by Pakistan, the police state. You are all good people, despite everything that you hear which denies this fact. Balochistan, “Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa” and the rest are simply the seven or eight states of Pakistan (like America’s 50 states).

Ideas of “greater” Balochistan or Pakhtunkhwa are just manufactured delusions, brought to you by the master plotters of the CIA. This American war will not produce either of these elusive phantoms (which will require the destruction of Pakistan and Iran), unless you hand victory to the very state terrorists who have been the driving force behind your recent sufferings.

Calls for American intervention in any of these manufactured conflicts, that are now raging in Pakistan, are asking the puppet-masters to save you from its bad puppets.


Important news - How the political system has eradicting morality and peace

Monday, June 21, 2010

Zardari Govt. is going to impose 16% VAT (value added Tax-Australian formula) on ppl from July 2010 & 700 to 800 billion Rs is expected to collect ,but economic experts say removal corruption from FBR can save 300-500 billion Rs per year.(21 march jang news)

PPP Govt increased petrol price 5 Rs/litre in MAY due to imf pressure ,rite now govt is considering to reduce the petrol price 5-6 Rs for june 2010 .but question is , who is responsible for increase (mangayi-rising prices) in MAY 2010 due to 5 Rs increase in petrol price ,to reduce petrol price in june wil never bring back old prices, even if we reduce petrol price up to 20 Rs per litre. (great game of hidden powers to unstabe pakistan economi)

Oil price increased by Zardari govt on 1st MAY AS no fluctuation in international market its only due to IMF Pressure.As govt promised to IMF to increase electricity charges to reduce budget deficit in MAY , but govt done this through petrol increase.(Hasb haal 2 MAY)

75% schools in sindh are closed.In one case 500 schools are captured in kharpur by only one Wadara (jageerdar).

106 fake degree Holders are sitting in parliment . (meray mutabik 1 MAY 2010 )

PM Yousaf raza Gallani 55 krore Rs loan was writeoff..he settled this issue by paying just 4.5 krore Rs. Where we ppl go

Labour day :: 1860 labour compaign started by 60k labours for increase in salaries in washington.11 ppl were killed by capitilist firing.SO 1 MAY is celebarated for these labours. And we have hundreds die each day and nothing takes place.


True picture of the Electricity Problem in Pakistan - Thanks to bad governance

Friday, June 18, 2010

Electricity produced in Pakistan is from three main sources.

1). Hydral
2). Thermal (Gas/Steam/Furnace Oil)
3). Nuclear

There are four major power producers in country which include Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

Below is the break-up of the installed capacity of each of these power producers (as of June-2008).


a). WAPDA Hydal
Terbela 3478 MW
Mangla 1000 MW
Ghazi-Brotha 1450 MW
Warsak 243 MW
Chashma 184 MW
Dargai 20 MW
Rasul 22 MW
Shadi-Waal 18 MW
NandiPur 14 MW
Kurram Garhi 4 MW
Renala 1 MW
Chitral 1 MW
Jagran (AK) 30 MW
Total Hydal ==> 6461 MW

b). WAPDA Thermal
Gas Turbine Power Station, Shadra 59 MW
Steam Power Station, Faisalabad 132 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Faisalabad 244 MW
Gas Power Station, Multan 195 MW
Thermal Power Station, Muzaffargarh 1350 MW
Thermal Power Station, Guddu 1655 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Kotri 174 MW
Thermal Power Station, Jamshoro 850 MW
Thermal Power Station, Larkana 150 MW
Thermal Power Station, Quetta 35 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Panjgur 39 MW
Thermal Power Station, Pasni 17 MW
Total Thermal ==> 4811 MW

WAPDA's Total Hydal + Thermal capacity is 11272 MW.

2). Karachi Electric Supply Company
Thermal Power Station, Korengi 316 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, Korengi 80 MW
Gas Turbine Power Station, SITE 100 MW
Thermal Power Station, Bin Qasim 1260 MW
Total (KESC) ==> 1756 MW

3). Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
Hub Power Project 1292 MW
AES Lalpir Ltd, Mahmood Kot MuzaffarGarh 362 MW
AES Pak Gen, Mahmood Kot MuzaffarGarh 365 MW
Altern Energy Ltd, Attock 29 MW
Fauji KabirWala Power Company, Khanewal 157 MW
Gul Ahmad Energy Ltd, Korengi 136 MW
Habibullah Coastal Power Ltd 140 MW
Japan Power Generation, Lahore 120 MW
Koh-e-Noor Energy Ltd, Lahore 131 MW
Liberty Power Limited, Ghotki 232 MW
Rousch Power, Khaniwal 412 MW
Saba Power Company, Sheikhpura 114 MW
Southern Electric Power Company Ltd, Raiwind 135 MW
Tapal Energy Limited, Karachi 126 MW
Uch Power Ltd, Dera Murad Jamali, Nasirabad 586 MW
Attock Gen Ltd, Morgah Rawalpindi 165 MW
Atlas Power, Sheikhpura 225 MW
Engro Energy Ltd, Karachi ----- MW
Kot Addu Power Company Limited (Privitized) 1638 MW

Total (IPPs) => 6365 MW

4). Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Total (Nuclear) ===> 462 MW

Hydal Electricity generated by WAPDA varies between two extremities i.e. between minimum of 2414 MW and maximum of 6761 MW depending upon the river flow through the whole year.

Total Power Generation Capacity of Pakistan (including all sources) is 19855 MW and the electricity demand (as of today 20-04-2010) is 14500 MW and PEPCO is merely generating 10000 MW.

So it is obvious that these 15-20 hrs power shutdowns in most parts of the country are not because of the lack of generation capacity but only because of IMF / World Bank policies imposed on our nation by Govt. The Power Generation companies are not buying Furnace Oil from PSO by saying they don't have money to do that but we are all paying for Electricity that is generated from Furnace Oil. This is the reason that top refineries like PRL are operating at 40% capacities. IMF / World bank has imposed to reduce budget deficit by importing less crude oil. But due to this fact all our industries are under severe crisis. None of our political party who are in Assembly is ready to speak on it because every one is blessed by US / IMF / World Bank.

Dear Pakistanis,

This is a time to show your social activism your power and strength. It is your silence which is deafening and your couldn't care less attitude which makes the people in power more powerful evasive and secure in their Air conditioned offices.


Please don't stop this e-mail and forward it to as many people as possible.



Electricity now is @11 Rs. per unit, and it will increase after every two months as directed by (American) IMF policies.

Also CHINA offers to Pakistan Electricity for just Rs.300 Monthly Bill and Unlimited Usage of Electricity but our government is not taking the offer seriously. This is because there will be neither kick backs nor any commissions to be pocketed by the strong mafia of politicians and bureaucrats.

These people are there because of your votes. Let them serve you rather than rule you……




Peter Sohn comes to town. CEO of

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Peter Sohn comes to town

Peter Sohn is a gifted and talented individual who has been in the online industry for over 20 years. He has a passion for excellence and has been driving successful business revenues. His belief is to create jobs and to sustain profitability on an international level. He believes that we need to tap into the international market to get the best of the best. He is on a mission traveling across the world and orchestrating the ideas of international market. In fact, he's such an ardent believer of international growth, that he has his company in United States of America outsource work to Australia, India, Egypt and now Pakistan. He recently was on a visit to Islamabad to reinforce the directive of providing international exposure to the young and kick-starting the economy.
I had the pleasure of meeting up with him during a dinner and was amazed that his work allows the young to energize themselves and learn more about search engine optimization and making money online. There is no hard and fast rule. Content Management is the heartbeat of the internet future. People and communities with information would be the true harbingers of growth. It is imperative to give all communities a sustainable model where they can easily garner information and communicate it immediately to the world. His company develops content management for a huge number of customers. He is in search of intelligent individuals who love reading and writing and can contribute exponentially to the content management market.
He has interviewed approximately 50 people from Pakistan who are now working closely with his organization in developing new content for his clients. I would like to congratulate Peter Sohn in taking such steps even in touch markets. International organizations keep away from Pakistan due to the instability. But Peter believes otherwise. “We are all meshed together. We need to learn and communicate to and from everyone. In this international bandwagon, we can’t let some ride and some be left out. That will mean the content management circle is incomplete”
“Plus I find the people of Pakistan that articulate and decisive “he further concludes. On behalf of Pakistan and its citizens I thank Peter for giving jobs to the Pakistani market. I recommend many international and national companies within Pakistan to contact or visit his website and learn how his organization can build your content!


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