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Friday, December 18, 2009

Poverty of Pakistan

Ever wonder at the financial difference in this society?
Our one tank filling is equivalent to the salaries we distribute to our drivers.
Our monthly bread, egg, butter, sugar and rice accumulative are equal to the entire salary that we distribute to our maids and cooks.
Our monthly electricity bill amount is equivalent to the entire family support of 5 living in the most rural areas.
The food that we typically throw away the children of our country search for it in rubble
The school fees of our children could teach 500 students in the rural areas

With such major variances, I wonder when will the revolution begin? The poor are silent. The rich are magnifying their wealth. I wonder how this will last and till what time. We all need to comprehend how this society began. People do not want to hear the truth. I live in a posh neighborhood. And one of the reasons why is that I lived abroad for many years and took that money to construct my home and bought my cars. My neighbor is a customer inspector. His official salary is 23,000 Rs. Yet he drives very expensive cars and entertains lavishly. He smiles when I ask how we garnered such wealth. Another neighbor of mine works in WAPDA as a meter reader. These are the same people that have bicycles and check meters. His son drives a Mercedes. Imagine where the money is coming from. This is not just here but in all neighborhoods. Why are we silent?


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