how to have faith in such a desolate world

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We live our lives in the most dangerous times. This is a country where the assassinations of presidents and ex-prime ministers remain unsolved. This is a country where millions of people sleep without being fed. And only in this country can doctors get away with malpractice. We as a nation really need to think about where we want to have this country in the next 20 years. Do we still want to be in the political moribund state of affairs and always be differentiating between the pros and cons of the PPP versus the PML? Do we have no institution that create and develop are our future leaders? Can our educational edifices produce the think tanks that can muster the strength to facilitate growth and prosperity? Or will we have our prime ministers flown from other parts of the world? This is the height of poverty and deceit that our population is left in the dark and we try to penetrate even with hope and aspire. The writing is really clear.
Is this really the end of the room for all of us?
Currently a political and social uplift is massively required to maintain the sanity of this nation. Hundreds of people have already died aimlessly in the bombardment and thousands have been disbursed into the abyss. Our sick children have died in the hospitals and are elderly run down by drunken bus drivers. This is a nation that fleds a crime scene and a nation whose millionaires have laundered from banks and frauds. Is this what we intended to do with our lives and our future?
There needs to be an end to this. Any comments?


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