The Long Journey Home

Friday, August 21, 2009

Somewhere along these lines of life I have realized that there are two different worlds in which I live in. One world is saturated with opportunity and the momentum to ensure your dreams turn into reality. People and processes are deterministic and capitalism takes on a completely new rule. One of my greatest challenges living in the greatest city in the world was to conclude the stocks that I would be choosing at the end of the fiscal year.
Hundreds of miles apart exists the nation that has majority of its population in complete darkness. Imagine a world where electricity and water are as precious as gold and dollar. This is a country that has been kept alive by foreign ingredients. The political conundrum has existed since its inception and has created a cataclysmic reaction which has eaten into the social and moral fabric of the nation.
Though, like my father I am a fervid patriot, yet there are so many question marks lingering on. The Western world has still never been able to set the balance act of cultural variances and still eliminates people on the basis of race, and creed. Even today people get harassed because of their color and origin. Though the President of the United States is half black, this does not eliminate the racial profiling that exists in the Western world.
On the other hand all that is left on the eastern hemisphere is parents and family. How can one leave behind the most precious gems and take on new and challenging roles? How can one really live on knowing that the heartbeats of their parents are gradually deteriorating? I've seen many friends completely shattered by the simple fact that they could not assist their parents in the time of need. If it was the other way around I'm very confident that parents would have made the decisions in favor of the children.
Isn't it funny that mankind is completely amenable to flattery and love and yet this is the most difficult ingredient to give? One of my very good friends came back Pakistan to serve the nation and his parents. Yet, he had to rush within a couple of months since his house was robbed and his father-in-law killed in the streets of Karachi?
I wish that a day comes when safety and morality is valued. Wouldn't you want to live in the world where your belongings are safe and your life intact?


The Price we Pay for Honesty

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Somewhere deep within the realm of our thoughts and idealogies lurks a creativity that knows that what we are planting for this nation are not trees but bushes of despair. We have elected the wrong people and fathomed hope on top of it. There is no electricity and the industries are shut down. Even the truths do not have the tranquility to survive. Where is our superman?


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This is my pride, my emblem
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