What kind of breed are these politicans ?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We kept the president of Pakistan in prison for many years and no final verdict came to closure. Some say that bail was granted and some indicate that the cases were dropped. In some corridors, people emphasize on the slow pace of justice in this part of the world. Irrespective of the outcomes and the results construing, one man was charged and placed in jail. The system had ample time to forlorn and maintains closure. This was not made possible. No one questions this perspective? Why a man is twice tried in his life? What consequences rule out the closure of justice once and for all? This is the same stance by the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is ruling out the verdict by clearly stating that the president testified against the cases and no outcome took place. So why to be placed into the same fate again? Where was the system when he was on trial and in jail. Why are keeping his life in the hands of the same system that will neither reward or penalize? Years spent in jail without meaning and remorse. Is this what we will expect?
The real issue is of morality. This is something we direly lack. They say that the foundation is built by mothers. Well, let’s examine our mothers. Our mothers lie, steal, connive, blatantly negate the truth and bewilder life itself. No one can come against their mothers but what occurs is a part of our daily lives. Every time someone calls and wants to speak to someone in the house and the person is present, we still ay” he or she is not at home”. Well this is the calculated response of our mothers that things are ok if we scrap it as a white lay. Our mothers tell us that fair-play is not profitable. I asked ten mothers who was Ayesha and her relationship with the Prophet and I got different answers. Is this the muslims we are generating?
Imagine the type of mothers that have created the type of ministers that do not resign irrespective of black-and-white evidence. What breed of children is reproducing today? The fruit seller’s measure using pebbles and our police officers take continuous and illegal amount of money to pursue cases. This is a country where billions of dollars have been spent on the refugee camps where the natural disaster took place and yet the devastation still remains. People have not been given their dues. This is a country where the people of Baluchistan still suffer from no availability of gas and they are the producers of it. This is a country that ships their best fruits and leaves behind the rotten and grade 2 elements for us to eat. This is a country where ministers can stop traffic and pass along where ambulances wait. Is this sanity? Is this the elements of our future?
Our mothers have cradled our politicians and leaders. A complete system of buffoons and culprits. Is this the monsters these mothers produce? Where have we failed?
I beg of the mothers today to stop teaching hatred, conspiracies and even jealousy among people. Let us control our future with dignity and pride.


Anonymous said...

these are asassins and will kill us all

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