Fake Degrees of MPA / MNA's - government run by illiterate blackmailers and con artists!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

According to Dawns News Today ; several MPA's have resigned on the compliant that there degrees are fake. PPP Allah Wasaya, Jamshed Jatt, and Muhammad Ajmal.
Interestingly enough, Sardar Allah Wasaya faked his matriculation degrees. Let’s take a deeper look into just these cases alone.
1. Parliamentarians lie and have been lying about their degrees since the inception of the partition. Only now has this come up since there at least exists a complaint cell that can verify the issues. Intellectual atrophy has begun. A world where the elected had to represent the goodness and welfare is completely violating the sovereignty of the chair that they earnestly fought for.
2. Lack of process. How can people or even parties elected these people for elections without checking their identifications and proper education backgrounds. This is a basic infrastructure flow. All across the world, communities of peace ensure that they people even fathoming of being elected have proper etiquettes. Presidents of many civilized countries and parliamentarians of governments have been sacked simply because of lies, irrespective of the magnitude of the issue.
3. Etiquettes of parliamentarians and leaders. People view leaders as super natural beings that have the diversity and strength to be a better role model to the community. People are in search of greatness and feel the drive to identify and elect them. Governor of New York lost his votes by cheating on his wife. The governor of Illinois was immediately removed upon his civil lies. Imagine a world that values honesty and integrity. In a society where the parliamentarians blatantly lie, this clearly shows that they do not value integrity and honesty.
4. Realpolitik chaos has repeatedly annihilated the very system that was to groom sophistication. The parliamentarians who have resigned come from PPP, PML-Q, and PML-N. all of this shows that there is a uniformity of the state of perplexity that the leadership revolves in. with all the hardliner politicians living in cloud cuckoo land, no one ever checked the degrees of the politicians that they select to represent in their respective areas?

Where are we living in? Who is to blame? Our government elected officers lie stating that they have educational degrees. Illiterate and baboons run the state of governance. These politicians should be hanged and this practice stopped. How can someone simply lie about their degrees? Imagine the damage they can and have been doing to the community. Shame on PPP, PML – all segments of not checking the balance of power and education.


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Fake degree holders must be punished for fraud nothing less. Check this out too:

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