GCU Old Ravians Association Dinner invites Justice Lahore High Court who comes in a Mercedes Benz- our tax money!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

GCU Old Ravians Association Dinner

We gathered around a predominantly fun crowd that had one main theme in common. Their Alma matter had provided them the opportunity to move forward and become the people that they are. Interestingly enough, the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court was invited as the chief guest. Hundreds flocked the main grounds in anticipation of meeting their old class mates and reviving memories of their golden years. The ambiance has drastically changed now. New faces have evolved and the old ones gone with the wind. I guess that is life. There is no substitute to life. No replacing the teachers that brought forth generations of time.
I was appalled to realize how far the institution has gone in terms of supporting and contributing to the corruption and the overall manifestation of inflation. The chief justice came on a Mercedes Benz with a plethora of police guards. Wasn’t the duty of this contingent responsible to save our lives and not this man alone? This Mercedes Benz is a gift from our tax money? Really, even the chief justice of the different states of America does not have these facilities yet our highness believes that it is his duty. Is this the culture and dignity that GC has bestowed upon his students that have grown up to become judges that run off of such high tax money? Does anyone remember the legacies of Hazrat Umar?
Have we forgotten that the judges or qazi’s belonged to the system and had a close relationship with the masses? No trial was greater than a few years. Here cases have lingered on and the people supporting and defending it have all died. This is reality. This is Pakistan.
Oh nations of peace, oh institutions of repute endorse the society with good governance. When would a day come when the entire government officers come into their offices in the local and public transportations?
Another sad state of affairs was the high traffic jams of gulshan-e-ravi. The road is being built again and again. Traffic jams and the police office cars vamoose pass the scenes oblivious to the people stuck in traffic.
Is this not the Pakistan we created? Enough is enough.


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Too blunt!!! BRAVO!

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