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Thursday, March 11, 2010

In times of complete turmoil and cataclysmic reactions of magnitude proportions, one only wonders if tomorrow will be a reality or will one end up in the graves like many others. Each day people survive in hope that peace will one day become a permanent ingredient of life. The war on terrorism is simply unjust. Who has posted this dirty, corrupt and futile image of Pakistan in my eyes? Who has predicted that all we have to perform is tolerance to the west to survive? Who were the leaders that gave us this verdict? In the innocence of our lives, we have forgotten that we exist in the world like many others and we can only survive if we reason with fate and existence.
I don’t know who the Taliban’s are and how they came into existence. I really don’t envisage that our land is going to remain a peaceful identity on this surface. But one everything is in sharks; I remember that we do have heroes.
Recently, model town area was completely blasted to its core. The government building and its vicinity were completely blast and many people lost their lives and property due to this incident. Imagine a world that has gone havoc in an instance and you do not know the real culprits. The blast was heard from miles and windows and panels were broken down. People left their homes anticipating an earth quake. Hundreds of square glass lay scattered among the dust.
Politicians, police agencies are all in havoc. No one knows the real agenda. In times like these, Ghani Glass submits an advertisement in the newspaper stating that they will replace the glass for all schools, colleges and homes affected by the disaster for free! I was completely mystified. Could not believe what I had just read. In a time like this, who could be so kind to give out millions of rupees worth of equipment. Corporations like these need to be given the best emblem of Pakistan performance and pride. The nation salutes you!! We are really indebted to the love and care that you have for this nation. May Allah grant you the goodies of this world and the hereafter?
I am really proud to be in a nation that has Ghani Glass mentality. Where else would one see such moments of philanthropic efforts! For this gigantic move, the nation is thankful and will remember your kindness for years to come. I have told this story to many people and will now be buying your items since you have the heart and tolerance to steer Pakistan out of its turmoil!


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This is my pride, my emblem
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