War is not for poor Pakistan

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wars have been fought in open grounds and nuclear bombs have devastated nations. Peace has nurtured friendships and tranquility has brought forth smiles on the faces of the generations of tomorrow. Both extremes have kept humanity at a standstill. Anticipating tomorrow, we live for today. And as we dig deeper into history and learn more about the facts of mankind, we could to realize that emotions and misunderstandings have created long standing wounds to cultures, communities and nations. History will educate us of how the world keeps on our toes. People and processes have also changed the very direction of nations. We have lived to read about stories of Stalin, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. We are living in a world where we have witnessed the war on Iraq, bombings in Afghanistan and a war of terrorism in Pakistan that is seamlessly moving on till infinity.
Children of war have had irreversible scars that have outlived them. Ask any old person who witnessed the nuclear explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Google will give you millions of hits of records regarding lost lives in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Images of faces that would be nothing more than a click to the next image. But for us, these images have the faces of our children, parents, sisters and our friends. Images that we have now transferred to the blind winds of dirt and buried them deep within the hearts. The only testament of their existence is their grave clearly stating the innocence that has died in our nation.
Question that has been playing havoc among many in Pakistan is that who created this image of Pakistan. Who wrote in stone this disastrous verdict of the current and future sentiments of Pakistan? My nation questions itself who placed us in this situation? Who gave us this dark future? What have we done? Who sold the spirit and caliber of this nation?
I graduated from one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan and had the pleasure of studying in the west. Coming back to Pakistan, I searched for the friends I had met along the way of my educational career. All the scholars who were lucky to enter medical college are all abroad servicing the top hospitals of America and Canada. The talented mathematicians graduated with MBA’s from Harvard and MIT and now working in the top banks around the world. Only the businessmen who could not have sold their worth are here and keep on wondering how to diversify and leave this nation. I know of many manufacturing giants who have sold and ready running gas stations in Canada. The brain drain of Pakistan has eaten up this nation since its inception. But who allowed this cataclysmic reaction? Why are our scholars assisting the development of others and all we do is wonder who will create this nation?
Recently, the government of Pakistan has levied a 30% additional tax increase to all tax payers for swat. I have paid over 0.5 million rupees. And I am just one among millions who pay legal tax money. But with the inflation and the price increases, I need to come to terms that this is not only unfair but suicide with the nation. What happened to the millions of rupees that the Supreme Court has declared against the corrupt officials? Why has not one been hanged? Why not one single paisa has be given back?
As a nation, we need to comprehend with a full heart the current situation of this land. My daughters asked me what created the sound when Model Town was ripped into shreds. She could not see my tears. I wish she would never see them. I wish she would never tell her children that Pakistan is at war.
I among millions want answers. Who are the Taliban’s? The non state elements? I have never done anything bad to any person, culture or communities to see my nation burn like this? How can you sell your own home? Who wrote this history for us?


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