Sheikh Rasheed versus Nawaz Shari Rally – Competition of Idiots

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nawaz Sharif - the idiot

I am recklessly appalled by the situation that daunts Pakistan and its economic wellbeing. Both parties were at work convincing the others that they have the ultimate solution for the miseries and the overall all quagmire that persists in the market. They are both wrong. I wonder at the life style of Nawaz Sharif. He is a man who lives in palaces and has the financials to straighten the streets and unravel the dirt from the roads yet he takes away from the public the very emblem of our thoughts and tranquility. We are a nation that has been convoluted by misery, deception and poor leadership.
The entire rally was a concocted futile effort to tell the world that is better than the other. Yet both have devastated the economy and increased the overall deficiencies of life. The astonishment is that the country both knows that these party mongers are corrupt leaders of this nation. The facts are daily printed in the newspapers and people realize that the impact of their so called claims would have been seen in the shape and form of price reductions, safer streets and peaceful environments. Yet, we see the worst taking place.
Looking at the thousands that flanked the streets, I realized that I might be the only person with this claim. Hundreds and thousands of people gathered to vote and show respect to their leaders. The same people who have no electricity, life and jobs. These idiots are here to show tutelage to their masters. I had to visit the area and ask if this was really true.
Ajmal who is 35 years old convincingly told me that he was given two days meal and told to vote for one party. To him in his meager wages to enjoy a free meal meant that his soul could be purchased. Tajamal was promised that his children would get free education. Another candidate got a promise that he will be allocated a bike for his pizza delivery.
Has the world ever wondered as to why only the poor love these idiots? I guess the real reason is that the poor are so financially derailed that their souls and votes can be easily manipulated. Remember the days of elections when Monis Elahi sent out checks to win out votes. Imagine the type of money involved.
My pen will not stop writing. This pen is the hallmark of a generation that will not be silent. It will write and write and keep on promoting peace and communicating the wrong in society. But until the poor realize that these men are thieves and could have built this country up, they would stop believing in their dreams.
I pray that one day people do realize that we need to stop voting for these idiots. Imagine a world where elections take place and no one comes out and votes for PPP or even PML. Imagine a world where our voices become one and tell the world that we can no longer stand and vote for idiots.
We have come too far into this abyss. I have interviewed more than 20 people from both parties and no one showed love for the game. Infact, many abused the politicians. Yet, these same idiots come to vote. The irony is in the poverty and stupidity.


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