The government salutes the nation on the eve of Pakistan Day with no electricity

Monday, March 22, 2010

The world was seeing us in darkness. For the last 4 hours, Pakistan was brutally accepting the increasing amount of mosquito bites as the price that we pay for having the US as our close allies in the war against terrorism. Today, without electricity and the ooze of a breeze, my suggestion is that our war should be against corruption and black outs. Imagine what the army and the people would do if our newspapers daily print headlines like the following – “Presidential money laundering activities concluded and amount restored back to the government. With 3.2 billion back in the deposits, the government of Pakistan is the third richest nation in the world now.” And the next day, the world reads “Sharif estates in Saudi Arabia auctioned and Bill Gates purchased all of them claiming that there is no price to history. The last remnants of the family that looted and plundered Pakistan”. Or what about the caption “last ten bureaucrats killed while traveling as sheep across the border”.
Imagine what we could have achieved if these were our headlines. But tonight, as the world reminds us that Pakistan Day is here, the government has given us hours of load shedding. It makes me furious. Just today the headlines of Dawn state that the ambassador of Iran is anxiously waiting to go through the deal. China on the other hand is ready to invest.
In reality, France generates electricity through burning their shit. Pakistan is full of shit and piss. Wonder if the Tarbela dam could have been run on piss. We would have our own piss lakes and ponds. They might smell but what doesn’t in Pakistan?
I am ashamed of the governance running this country today. Imagine bombarding us to the stone ages. A close friend of mine kept on telling me that his intelligence resource concludes that US is looking forward to keeping Pakistan at the brink of disaster. How else could a nation keep on feeding us dollars with interest? If Iran provides us with cheap electricity, this nation will have power to kick start economies of scale. And who would want that? India would be flabbergasted and Israel will only wonder what the nuclear scientists can do?
India controls our waters and our government our systems. It is politically corrupt to the core. How can these bastard politicians run around in their cars and not see the dirt and emptiness in the streets. Have they no shame and no remorse?
The government salutes this nation and plunders them into darkness. 5.6 million People lay awake at night fighting off mosquitoes and other flying insects because PPP or PML made us believe that they our leaders. They are really. Leaders of darkness.
Thank God I can write in the dark!
Wake Up Pakistan. Open your doors. Come out on the streets. Enough is enough.!!


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