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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Poor Pakistani Children without electricity
Nawaz Sharif - He has electricity
Zardari - President House never faces electricity
Without electricity, the entire nation is going into a whimsical whirlpool of disaster and destruction. The entire nation has been crippled into a state of annihilation. Electricity is the heartbeat of all economical momentum and expansion. It provides the essential ingredients to support life and its surroundings. The entire universe revolves around generating and maintaining its electrical supply. In 2010, electricity became easily available even in the most remote places of the world. The rigid snow terrains of Alaska to the brazen sun deserts of Arizona, electricity is easily available to the masses. People in China boast of the cheapest electricity in the world. One can even see glittering cities of china as other places of the world are resting in pitch darkness. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that is still thriving for breath. Its entire economical edifice has been uprooted from its foundations. Millions of jobs have been given away to India and Bangladesh as the spinning mills, IT software houses and hosiery units have all shut down. Imagine a world where the entire economical cycle is shattered and the government is spending millions of bullet proof cars for the justice department. Where is the justice? Where is the dream that Quaid had? Where is the Pakistani community that lies awake at night wondering when the electricity will come on? Awake Pakistan. We are breathing our last!
Hundreds and thousands of social and moral fabric pieces have been diluted because of the non-availability of electricity alone. According to a recent survey by Siegel publications, approximately 10,000 small enterprise corporations have been shut down. This includes small manufactures making pieces for carts, bicycles and car engines. Imagine people who have purchased equipment and industrial tools in the desire to earn an honest living. Without electricity their entire lives have become full stops. Umar who works in a telecom company states “I go home and my two children are breathless. No electricity. My hands shake. I cannot fan my children to sleep for hours at end. What has this country come to!!”
We can debate if this is actually an Indian intervention or that US wants to ensure that we delve into financial quicksand for years to come. Irrespective of the root cause, the political system of the current regime should be smart enough to understand that without cheap electricity the entire nation has gone back about 50 years. With the economy of the world going at such a massive pace, third world countries cannot be still in search of solutions. Without electricity to the consumer and corporate markets, the entire life line of Pakistan has been clogged. The political system is creating another God's acre for the millions of people that want to thrive in this beautiful land.
The issue of electricity would be a meager paper tiger in the eyes of the MPA’s, MNA’s and other officers who have all foreign bank accounts and passports. The dilemma is that we have solutions that are easily available. China is ready to provide us with the massive influx of electricity. We already have an agreement in place with Iran to provide us with a substantial amount of electricity. The greater question is with such a potential base of opportunity in this country, the scientists and engineers should have thought of many other methodologies to generate electricity. In fairness, electricity is being generated by filth in Paris. And in other parts of South America the electricity is being generated by wind turbines. Nuclear reactors are also creating a huge amount of electricity in many other leading countries. The question really is why it is so impossible for Pakistan to come up with a solution. Just a couple of days ago a couple of people died in local hospitals and bucks on because of no availability of electricity. Can you imagine what we are doing to this beautiful race? Government and the political advisers not taken heed of these dire consequences that are facing this nation? Without electricity in the few weeks to come, we will go back another 50 years. We can only beg the political system and elected representatives to ensure that they commit their fulfillment! it is pathetic to know that we don't have an answer from the government regarding the reasons of delay. Wake up Pakistan for the world is enlightened and we are kept in the dark.
Hang the political advisers and the people who were responsible to advance this country into the next millennium. The political system that elected people who were responsible to provide bucks on with electricity into commodities for the next 50 years need to be questioned. We need to be adamant in getting solutions and questions from the current and previous critical systems. Approximately 8 hours a day there is more electricity in the major cities of this country. Can you imagine what happens in the rural areas where there is no check and balance? Schools and colleges are closed because of no availability of electricity. WAKE UP Pakistan!


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