2 years of PPP democracy event in Islamabad

Monday, March 29, 2010

 PPP Democracy - 2 Years Event In Islamabad

Very recently the government is marching forward with a presentation representing their 2 years of freedom of speech and the milestones that they have achieved within these two long and tedious years. 2 years of continuous “kappaaey” ideology. The interesting part is that the event is to celebrate and salute the 2 years of elected power. In retrospect, the 2 years have given us ample aspects to pounder on. Namely;
A. Hundreds of innocent lives vanished due to detonation of suicidal bombs
B. Hundreds of livelihood gone and washed away to poorer countries since there is no electricity and the small manufacturers and suppliers could not run their home grown factories on diesel generators
C. Millions of people affected by the atrocities of lawlessness
D. Billions of rupees lost in the reservoirs of gold diggers
E. Remote control bombing and aerial raids over our land
I have never seen Pakistan so weak and shattered. Imminently, the promises and pictures in the event is cloud cuckoo land for the majority of Pakistanis. How can a government not be realistic about the current events? Every ingredient of human commodity has doubled except the price of man. Sugar, bread, flour and fruits. There is nothing that one can attain within the meager amounts that one earns. This is Pakistan at the brink of utmost disaster. There are only flames to show the world that we have lost.


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