Sharif bows down to Taliban - last straw of incompetance

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today, the Sharif family has prostrated in veneration to the Taliban gods. They have openly declared that they are in complete unity against the musharif regime that has convoluted and expanded this war. Interestingly enough, when things got out of hand, the Chief Minister last magic wand was to practically beg for forgiveness.
We have lost over a thousand lives in Punjab alone. Peshawar is a gone case. There, it is a simple blood bath. Insanity prevails. There is a vicious cycle of martyrdom. Beautiful faces are eliminated without question. We always declare people who bomb our lands and eradicate our families as brutal enemies of mankind. But have we gone into the veneers of doubt and really tried to understand the life behind the stage?
I honestly believed that it would not have taken so many faces if the sons and daughters of the chief minister had died. I bet he would have been begging the same day. Sad though that it has taken so long for them to realize that people are beautiful creations of life. We still have the same dirty roads and long lines. Nothing much has changed. And why should it? We have the same bastards running the country. Same faces. Same nucleus of corruption.
Secondly, why is that they can no hand the man who is claimed to be the massive deterrent in our stability? Hang the man or men who are responsible for the lives of such innocent souls. So many deaths and the culprits are unknown? This is the greatest of all massacres. Have we as Muslims forgotten the great saying of the caliph Omar – “even if a dog dies on the river bank due to thirst, I will be responsible”
We have gone a long way in destroying what we love and cherish. The men who are bent on destroying innocent lives should be perish the true culprits. Why is that not the case?


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