Enough, Enough!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have buried with my bare hands my children
Lost in the graveyard are amputated souls
Living are dreary images of love once forgotten
Lost in the anguish of life are the wounds that have no symptons
Living is the venom that kills us all
Lost in the battles are the soldiers of peace
Living are the generals of death
Lost in the jungle of despair is my tomorrows
Living is the todays of my fears and sins
When will this all end?
Too many buried bodies
Too many paper clips
Too many washed babies annihilated
A million smiles bombarded
A zillion laughter deleted from history
Have we not learnt
That enough is enough
Stop! Whoever you are!
Taliban, Army, US –Stop!
When you kill innocence with such magnitude
It will haunt you in your life
You will see your graves empty
Your hearts thrown out
Lost in your world will be your dreams and future
Living your life will be our children


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This is my pride, my emblem
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