Without Light Once again

Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of the most remarkable men have read under candle light. And many have become legends in their own rights. And history can name hundreds and thousands of salient scholars and sages who have mastered their arts only through determination of going on irrespective of no electricity. In the annals of history, all prophets and kings were without this common utility. These were all in disheveled timeframes and the world knew of no other knowledge to create massive electrical units.
Imagine the immensity and propensity towards learning when the digital era was light years away. The sole purpose of entertainment was books. Maybe that is the core reason behind the prior year’s having the most luxurious and exhilarating libraries and warehouses of books and knowledge. Libraries were a countries’ main possession and the ultimate harbinger for the next generations to come. Generations were built on quality books. Some of the critics of history even declare that the state of the country can be directly deciphered by the quality of books and the infrastructure of libraries.
We are hundreds of hours out of the candle light eras. Yet the government of Pakistan still has not been able to successfully illuminate our streets, homes, and offices. Without electricity, all elements of life get affected. Operations rooms, manufacturing and industries. Imagine a world where the situation is so dire that the rates of electricity have been raised 18%!!!! And we are still not on the streets. My decisions today are now a meal of to light my house. Where has this led us to? Who are we to blame? The onus cannot be left onto the ruling party alone. Every single ruler neglected the aspect and gave way to more ruthless tactics. Our country is without light. Is it that for the reason so that we can be blinded by the darkness and let go of our dreams?
The minister of power clearly communicated that 2010 would be the start of an electrifying era. Was he referring to the exuberant price hike? People who have made commitments to the masses need to realize that they need to come up to the podium and apologize. We have had too many promises broken and many dreams shattered. Why are we without sight and light? What have we done to deserve this? According to the political circle, our leaders need to reply back. We are anxiously waiting.
I guess the days are outnumbered. We are going to reach a time where people will burn down the homes and the offices of the government institutions. The presidency and prime minister houses need to face outages as well to see how the poor man lives. Imagine that the world has gotten rid of outages by investing in hundreds of different solutions. In Paris alone, garbage is burnt to give them electricity. We might be able to drive and create electricity by our piss and shit as well. This is the only thing in abundance. I am sure we would be glad to donate these items to our leaders for power generation.
People of Pakistan, enough is enough. Light or no light, we are going to build Pakistan. But take a deep breath and realize the damage that has been inflicted on us. Let’s not create these disasters again. Let’s vote these people out.
We need electricity to keep our hospitals going and our manufacturing units pumping. Our people need to realize this. Interestingly enough the politicans have their own factories and yet they pretend that solutions do not exist. The Cheema family who got the provincial ministry for industry has his own leather garments. How does he run it without electricity?


Anonymous said...

it is such a sad state of affairs. do you know that in samnabad we had no electricty?

Rubina Faraz said...

I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. Keep it up.

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