The highest result of education is tolerance. Pakistan illiteracy fostering intolerance

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pakistan Kappa!!
Why is it that no one speaks up in this country? No one takes the time to consider that we are living in a tragic time and era where the deaf and dumb live together. Helen Keller once stated: “The highest result of education is tolerance.” Which this country has a lack of.
Read the papers and it is will tell you the true story of intolerance. Doctors beating journalists and journalists ransacking hospitals because an old woman died. The son of the Rangers department gets into an argument with the police and the police are locked up in the rangers office. Daily talk shows decipher how senseless are our politicians.
When people and friends visit my home I decorate it to the quality of people visiting it. I ensure that the house is well maintained, ample food on the table and that there is sophistication in the air. I recall of many events at home where I had been busy cleaning and dusting to ensure that the home is spick and span before the arrival of guests. Imagine hours of toiling in the kitchen and in the bathrooms to ensure that people would love being a part of a clean environment. How is this connected to the visit of the Head of Turkey to Pakistan? Simple. Pakistan is the home of the president and Prime Minister. It is their duty to clean the house and ensure that it looks beautiful. The interesting part is that according to the government decorating the streets with pictures is the set trend and the best methodology. I think it ridiculous and insane to place pictures of people who are to visit my home all around. I would rather want the president and prime minister to get the act together and show the due diligence. I mean the man coming from turkey has manicured lawn, orchestrated buildings, magnificent roads diverting into pathways, and infrastructures that are light without any fluctuations.
We show our guests the dirtiest roads of the country and allow him to enjoy Pakistani music. I felt ashamed to know that the president of Turkey was gifted a horse by the Punjab Chief Minister. I mean what was the logic behind it? Who paid for it? I did and you did. If I was asked I would have inquired more to the likes and dislikes of the man. There has to be a tolerance level of taking so much money out of the funds.
The president of turkey had to view the current situation of Pakistan before visiting. We are at war without knowing our enemies and frustrated beyond doubt. Electricity and oil prices have drastically increased and we live with the fear that water will soon evaporate. With such aggressive issues, how can we be busy in entertaining guests and giving them horses? I mean shouldn’t each hour and every second be dedicated to the issues we face?
When would this all end? I wonder why we don’t have Hazrat Ali, Abu Bakr, Usman and Omer as role models. Wasn’t it Hazrat Omer who said “I am responsible for the death of a dog who dies on the river banks due to thirst”. Hazrat Omer was questioned regarding extra sheets that were given to the community. Since he was a tall man he required two sheets. On investigation, his son had given him his share. The Caliph was so pleased to know that he is questioned and people are asking about rights. Our president hides behind the constitution when the Swiss cases get questioned. People beat the WAPDA officers when in fact the ministers of power and electricity need to be questioned.
Irrespective of the governments that change, stance on sugar, oil, petrol and electricity need to be the same. Cheap and readily available. We have gone a long way in our lives and this country has seen three generations. Out of which none challenge the system? No one questions that Nawaz Sharif hardly paid any taxes and we call an ex prime minister as “Shaheed” when in fact he was hanged to death? Our army officers call us “bloody civilians” and the noises we here each day is of generators running our businesses.
Question really is why?


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