Pakistan Army slaughtering their own race

Saturday, April 17, 2010

General Kayani apology
General Pervaiz Kayani publicly apologized to the Kukikhel tribe for slaughtering over 50 innocent bodies during an air rampage against enemies of the state. Hundreds of newspapers around the world applauded how the brave Pakistan army general openly apologized to the community. Many army officers celebrated this event as open dialogue between the tribal area members and the army. In my book, the men whose jobs were to protect us have shot us. This is the reality of the situation. Imagine a world where you believe that your military will protect you from the atrocities of the enemies. A world where the soldiers of your own land eliminate your own existence. My nation and my supporters were completely baffled and perplexed over this grave situation. Just a few weeks ago, NATO forces brutally attached pregnant women in Afghanistan. And now the Pakistan army deceivably massacres an entire tribal area. The chief of army staff declared this an “unfortunate incident”. Here is the poem that can communicate my true feelings of this deplorable situation:

My village turned into an abattoir
My parents slaughtered
Sisters and brothers drenched in the fumes
The river has turned red
My hopes, dreams and future all turned to dust
The bullets piercing my soul
Were of the soldiers of my land
The hands that trigged the bullets
Scattering among the innocent
Were Pakistani hands
A beautiful array of bullets
Turned my village into a graveyard
The soldiers that were to defend my existence
Came to annihilate it
As I bury my parents and family
The general camouflages the incident as “unfortunate”
If this was in the realm of any caliph of Islam
Men, soldiers and generals would have been hanged for such open genocide
If my prophet of Islam had witnessed such insanity
He would have taken me into his shelter
But we live in terrible times
Generals apologizes
Death tolls increase


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