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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peshawar Bombings
To the world it is another sad incident that occurred in Peshawar. President Obama and the US government states that they are “gravely concerned”. PPP government comments on the brutality. But we have a different picture that no one is ready to acknowledge. I talk about the hundreds and thousands of lives that will be affected by such barbaric acts of violence. The entire social edifice of Pakistan has collapsed. Only in a state of nemesis do innocent bodies rot away in amputated forms and shapes. Only in cataclysmic reactions do people die without reason and rhyme. The hell that the world and bible predicts takes place each day in the streets of Pakistan. The responsibility matrix is completely saturated with corruption and deceit. The police, army, and legislature who is responsible for the well being have gone astray.
According to anthropologists and historical evidences from prior races, times like these go through the litmus test. Nations transgress into the fateful limens where all the measures and resolve of people get tested. In our day and time, the political advisors and parliamentarians have foreign passports and will migrate once colossal damages start building up. The ruthless and underprivileged people will be left in the dark without light and the ambitions to move forward.
Our society had deciphered into thin air. Elements like morality, care, kindness, and temperament are lost and gone. Read any newspaper. You will find papers filled with hideous crimes and volumes of baksheesh incidents. Government officers caught red handed bribing officers to local police authorities violating their own laws.
I find lawlessness not a crime. People and societies will always build reasons to justify their claims. Since the time Adam came to earth, his sons murdered each other. Our DNA perpetrates the crimes we spend years in eliminating while giving our lives to jail. A dishevel state of society is a common attribute to all civilizations. Question lies in the implementation and execution of justice on laws made to save and protect.
We are miles away from a justice system. Each day small and large acts of crime go unnoticed. Value of human life completely disintegrated from social and moral fabric. Veneers of hope and understanding long evaporated. The erratic heartbeat and pulse of Pakistan is fading to a near mortal death. The people responsible for the uplift are cascading more fury, corruption and inflation into the very tiers of life.
Seagull publications recently performed a survey to understand why the basic morality and human values have decayed. Problems are many. Our bellwethers are our images. Our politicians have lied about their education, financial and taxes. Where is the system that hangs people for these idiosyncrasies and diluted inputs?
Wake up Pakistan. Time is now to align our so called forgotten value system. When we realize the value of our generations we will march on the streets forbidding violence and corruption. We will hang the people who are responsible to give us security and safe havens as we walk to school and parks. We can no longer live in Pakistan that has people dying innocently. We can no longer live without the unknowns. Who is the enemy?


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