NATO Forces shooting down pregnant women in Afghanistan. Pentagon apologizes. Muslims Wake Up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

killing Afghani Pregnant women
Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman said officials of the US-led International force in Afghanistan would “reconcile” the differences among various versions of the “most unfortunate incident” and “correct the record”.
I live just across the border. I love life and have a pregnant wife expecting our second child to this world. I know of many friends who have lost a child during birth and still see the anguish and resentment in their eyes. Taking away motherhood is the greatest sin of all. Incidents like these are completely cataclysmic in nature. Something that goes beyond the veneers of imagination and thought. God wanted it that way when a premature baby dies without reason. And the mother keeps on wondering the fate, face and life of that child. This is the nemesis that comes with the price of being human. But what ruthless category do we call soldiers explicitly killing pregnant women any part of the world. This is the most barbaric scenario that one can even fathom of. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely.”
Imagine being the only soldier in the world that becomes invincible. I mean you have a magnanimous record. Defeated the Russians, Iraqis and now Afghanistan. Have backed wars to defend Israel and other veracious allies. I just watched the movie “Hurt Locker” in which one soldier tells another “you don’t throw the ranch at the afghan people, you just shoot them. That is what you should do.” I shut down the movie. How could I watch such ruthless momentum of force being communicated to the world? I have various American friends and their children look at my bizarre. I guess I resemble the massive people that they see walking aimlessly in the streets of Peshawar. One of my best friend’s son shot me with his toy pistol and asked him mom for the sword of honor. I was appalled. My child kept on asking me why Jamey hit you. Is this the war America wants to propagate? If that is the case, we Muslims, need to realize the extent of the damage done.
Millions of Muslims have died in the last 5 years due the bombardment of bombs and wars in different regions. With such an astonishing record, the American soldiers now realize the semi god experience. Any man who realizes that they can get away with murder, will certainly murder civilizations.
Who really kills innocent pregnant women? YouTube once showed a movie of an American soldier molesting an Iraqi teenage girl. I never found the video again. Once media is governed and controlled, you change the very thought process of man.
I don’t who are where this article will reach. I hope that it reaches the kingdom of S. Arabia and the Muslims in the most farfetched places and realizes that it can now be their daughters that are shot point back range when they are carrying your grand children. Imagine that the enemy will reduce your stance by “correcting the record.”
In the times of Hazrat Omer and Hazrat Ali, events like these would have triggered a revolution. Millions of people would have annihilated the people along with their ambitions to hurt again. Long gone are the days of the caliphs. History has ensured that our memories are washed away by the eraser of western thought. Feb 12, 2010, 5 civilians were killed by American soldiers. Among them two were pregnant. Happened across the Pakistan border in a small town near Gardez, Afghanistan. “We deeply regret the outcome” said brig gen Eric Tremblay. Would this general be accepting the same words if the soldiers of the east annihilated his daughters in such fashion?


Nadeem1414 said... Pakistan when become it was built with the unity so when we will together step up so Pakistan will be strong.

Anonymous said...

All your comments ignore the fact that the U.S. didn't just decide to go to Afghanistan for the fun of it. They went there to get some justice, and kill some people that killed americans.
You seem to want justice too, "In the times of Hazrat Omer and Hazrat Ali, events like these would have triggered a revolution. Millions of people would have annihilated the people along with their ambitions to hurt again. Long gone are the days of the caliphs. History has ensured that our memories are washed away by the eraser of western thought."
Sounds like you want some payback? If only the caliphs were still around you could go and annihilate all the americans.
The difference between the U.S. mistakenly killing muslim civilians, and muslims killing americans, is that the U.S. isn't targeting civilians. They may not be careful enough, which I'm sure everyone regrets - but they are not targeting them.

Saeed Shiekh said...

I must appreciate the comments of Mr. Anonymous on May 5, 2010. He brings up a very important point that needs to be clear. I gave the examples of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Omer. Interestingly, during these times, the muslims had peace and tranquility and justice prevailed. This is the moral of having such great men lead Pakistan. the concept is never to kill and annhilate Americans. Americans are a wonderful nation and I respect them and adore them. Insanity anywhere and killing innocent people anywhere is a crime. Let me share with you the perspective of Hazrat Omer. He once said that if a dog dies of thirst during my caliphate i am responsible. and if you look ath the current leaders of Pakistan, our president has a swiss account fraud case against him. the prime minister wife has waived off billions of rupees. the governor of Punjab is found drunk and banging girls at his corporate residence. These are the elements that need to change. I dont want to start war. the war is against the corruption and immorality in our society. I hope that this clears the issue.

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