The Pakistan in my dreams is beautiful, The Pakistan you made is dirty, blind and ugly

Monday, April 12, 2010

Islam teaches us the very essence of moral conduct. Our religion predicts and evaluates people on the basis of piety. Money, honor and respect have no significance in the hierarchy of religious greatness. Some of the most notable pious men of our eras who have governed nations gave a clear example of the magnanimous impact that Islam has on the society. Unlike many theoretical practices that deny mankind the essence of life, Islam praises humility and brings out the significance of man in life. Respect of parents, loving of neighbors and taking care of family members are strong messages that have been coming across generations and generations only to further testify the beauty of Islam.
Islam reminds of the times of the caliphates where people like Hazrat Omer used to walk the streets in search of any person in need of time, energy, money or food. Hazrat Omer was so conscious of his duty towards his people that he was easily accessible and open to confrontations regarding his justice system. Islam of those years is only in books today.
Our leaders have changed drastically throughout the years. Disparity of the religious leaders of today and of yesteryears is an abomination of life. The variance is discernable to all. Today, we live in a society where the wife of the prime minister of Pakistan was able to waive off loans. What is she doing as a stakeholder of a business? Anywhere in the world, business partners have a strong understanding of the business and the mechanisms of making money. But what contribution would she have? Maybe able to get the national bank of Pakistan to waive off such hefty amounts?
We live in a society where people have forgotten the difference between right and wrong. Read the newspapers and search the world as you see it. It will blind you with the light of hate, anguish and fruitless efforts that the national leaders have done for this nation. Hundreds and thousands of people are on the streets without electricity. Food is rotting, manufacturing units have shut down and the entire edifice of the environment has become chocked because of the diesel pollution of generators. We have answers. we just don’t want to come up with the solutions.
We are reaching our end. A revolution is beginning. A revolution that has been migrated into action due to the abrasive ideologies of the illiterate legislature running the ministries of this country. A revolution that has been gaining momentum due to the lack of parks, libraries and think tanks. A revolution that requires justice and equality for all. The revolution that is running towards the same basic ingredients that Islam teaches us and were in practice when the caliphate was at full swing.
Today, we are just merely alive. A turgid style of living is prevalent. Imagine a world without food, electricity and safety of life. Is this what we pay our taxes for? The greatest sin is being silent. I wonder and pray for a day when our papers will talk about our achievements and our children will work harder to build more roads, colleges and societies of excellence. Our medical infrastructure will be a role model for others and our generations will be revered in the world.
Till that day, we have to fight the evil off. We need to sit down and ponder over our insanity. Hundreds and thousands of people have hit the streets and burnt tires in retaliation of non-availability of electricity. But that retaliation requires direction. We can’t have streets and roads closed down. We require that the MPA’s, MNA’s and the responsible government bodies being questioned and a legal system that completely hangs the corruption and false commitments. Is this not the Pakistan me and you dream of? So when I open my eyes, who made us dirty, ugly and blind?


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