NWFP name change to cost treasury Rs8 billion? Legislature in thier senses?

Monday, April 12, 2010

According to the recent update by the government of Pakistan, it will cost them an approximate Rs. 8 billion rupees to simply change the legal documentation. How is that possible really? Are they planning on going back to the creation of Pakistan and changing the documentation since inception? If that is the case, someone really needs to ask the right questions. I am sure that the people of NWFP would love to see the amount of Rs.8 million being used in creating a new infrastructure of roads, homes, hospitals and parks.
The real issue here is of sanity. How could anyone even come up with such a mammoth number for such a minor change of name? If you dig deeper you will see the broken glass of the decency and morality of our parliamentarians. You will liquor on the shelves of our politicians instead of books on morality and social conduct. Insanity prevails. Who in their right minds came up with such a number? What is the pretext?

No one even stood up asking the same questions we are now asking each other? The treasury of a nation is filled up by the amalgamation of taxes and exports. The people of this nation need to wake up and realize where the money is being diverted to.
The name of NWFP does not scare me. It is the thought that we have done nothing to bridge the differences and give them a verdict of their own. Due to the governments cynical policy of inaction, suppression and deceit has caused millions to be left unfelt and unheard.


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