Lyari Killings and Karachi Clean UP

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lyari Karachi Violence
The newspapers and the politicians never seem to disappoint me. The recent surge of sporadic and seamless killings has again shocked and devastated the ex capital of Pakistan. Over a week of random killings have made Lyari area a very angry and pissed off area. Interestingly enough, the government took a strict stand against the deaths of innocent people and immediately cordoned the statements with an amalgamated venture between PPP and MQM. Irrespective of the glossy glue associated with the patch work, veneers of doubt and ambiguity lie in search of eruption. No one can deny that loss of innocent lives leaves an indelible imprint on society. But the greater aftermath is really the lack of prevention and the nonexistence of counter measurements. Imagine a society that gets used to killings of their own loved ones and do not declare any form of agitation.
Against the norms of Pakistan, the Lyari community was ransacked and people taken hostage. The army went into military mode and captured many volatile and enemies of the state. The reason behind such a powerful stance was to eradicate the area from trouble makers. One minister indicated that this was high time where the land mafia groups were disengaged and culprits finally taken into account. In the early hours of the morning, the army stormed into the area and captured the declared culprits.
Soon after the community came to the streets and progressed towards the Chief Minister's house. Instead of warding off the community and communicating the reason behind the dire reasons of capturing fugitives, the culprits were released. The dawn news clearly indicated how the community won.
Imagine how this all took place. Waste of energies, time and reason. Why would the government want to shun the evil and then release it again against unknown odds? We need to clean the streets and determine how we can make it a more beautiful place. And how we go about doing it? Take the army into our domain and ransack the area. Obtain the culprits and then release then soon after? Pakistan wake up!!!
We live in a society where life can be undone. The rules of engagement do not commit to reason. As a nation, we must realize what these actions allow us to do. We live in a society that is at a brink of disaster. And how we claim our fame is to damage the trust of the community and declare these atrocities as unfair?


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