jialas are killing us

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I want a peaceful Pakistan. Similar to the peace that is rudimentary and easily felt in the streets of the USA and Australia. Each day, I long for a day where we can realize how much colossal damage we have done over the years and throw away the anguish and guilt. Our papers are filled with flamboyant arguments between PPP and PML. A headline communicating what was violated and how many have died. But how did this all begin? Who allowed criminal activity into this nation? But what astonishes me the most is that the electricity, gas and life are all short in this country. People who are rich and poor have the same commodity issues. Yet, when these rallies take place, hundreds and thousands flock the streets in solemn commitment to their leaders irrespective of the history.
People ask me why you don’t vote. I guess 3.7 million people here have the same answer. There is no one to vote for. If there was negative marking then yes, I would vote and ensure that the PPP or PML never do get elected. But this is not in my hands. The fate of the country lies with the jilas of both parties. Bodies that have been allowed to plunder the government jobs and take refuge in their power gods. Recently I ventured with seagull communication and spoke to 50 different activists from the PPP and PML-N. These are the people who are seen carrying the banners and shouting slogans. Here are some of the astonishing answers I got from the simple question alone – “Pakistan has no electricity, water or power. And doesn’t seem like we might have it in the near future. We all know the governments that have ruled have done the damage. Why do you still believe in them and not by cot them?”

Amjad – 22- welder – “I believe in Nawaz Sharif since he gave my father a job. And then he was kicked out due to PPP government. I am a poor man. I get money from the party if I participate in their functions and give them vote.”

Saad – 33 – driver – “ I come for the thrill. Free food. Nothing to do. Shout and scream. Not bad. I go to all functions if I know I will be given food. I would rather wait a few hours then work hard to earn the same amount for the day”

Abbas – 19 –“ I stopped studying and did not like education. Benazir Income gets me going. Who else gave me money?”

I clearly realized that we are molesting the souls of our poverty stricken people. We need to give them homes and opportunity. I once gave a report to Asjad Ali Malhi who was the ex federal minister for IT to capitalize on the telecom market. The objective of the presentation was to bring all cell phone industry vendors into Pakistan and ensure that we build the phones in-house. This implies that our people will build each and every component. Manufacturing and the complete assembly line. Imagine what we could have accomplished by giving this nation a magnanimous push into the economies of scale. Hundreds and thousands of people would have been given jobs and people would have loved to become a part of the community. We would have built a world where people have jobs and could secure their futures. People would find time to build play grounds and entertainment zones. Not keep our youth orchestrated in the veneers of doubts and ambiguity. This is not the Pakistan we had thought to build. Yet these young untalented individuals who we interviewed fail to realize that the promises are luke warm and that the world has seen Pakistan fail and fail again due to bad governance.


Maryam said...

yes i agree, it is really sad how they try to advance and create havoc

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